Different styles different looks the more fashionable you are! 1

Do you have a statement style or like to mix them all up? What is your preferred manner of dressing up to own the looks? From what is trending on Instagram to your classic picks, regardless of what your choices are, we have got you all covered. 

First up there is the most popular one since recent times. Thanks to celebs and influencers, street style has amassed a lot of followers. It emerges from what a person believes style is, for them, incorporating their own sense of fashion. The “street” approach to style and fashion is often based on individualism, rather than focusing solely on current fashion trends. For every person, the idea of being fashionable is different, and today the ramp is not the only place where fashion is taken seriously.

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Another one that has been gaining fame is the luxe style. These kinds of outfits have the power to elevate your look and style you and make your attire from zero to hundred, really quick. Something special coming up? An evening out? A grand event. You can safely stick to these. Luxe dressing is chic and bit edgy, so wear it when you are in a mood to dress up. Being fashion worthy and Instagram approved is easy, go with boho luxe outfits or glam luxe attires, there is magic in all of them. 

Different styles different looks the more fashionable you are! 2

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Let us stick to the norms, and this is when we go with the basic style. You are sure to bookmark these attires, because you know they come most handy during rush hours and when you when you are unsure how to make your ensemble look put together. As the name suggests, this style includes all the “can’t do without” clothing items. Layering and accessorizing are key, when it comes to dressing up. We always bank on our wardrobe staples, and they all fall under this genre of clothing. 

Different styles different looks the more fashionable you are! 3

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And at last but not the least, we dig a style that is modern but yet modest. It is absolutely the Hijab style. The category where the west meets the middle east to create a beautiful assemblage of outfits. An elegant mix of two worlds, because fashion should never be limited to just one zone. Whatever your personal style, there’s something for you – these versatile looks are called classic for a reason. Global fashion has embraced the Arabic style, and it is now seen on fashion runways for some of the world’s biggest names in the industry.

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Different styles different looks the more fashionable you are! 4

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Which is your favorite style to own the looks for your favorite Own the looks Instagram looks? It is quite simple, know what you like, and dress the way you feel is right. Ultimately, it is all going to make you look urbane and debonair.