DIY Tips To Use Orange Peels

Orange pulp is delicious and extremely healthy but, one bit of its peel will make you extremely disgusted! Of what possible use could this disgusting, bitter product be? Well, you will be surprised! Here are 5 DIY tips to use orange peels!

DIY Orange Peel Uses

1. Citrus and Vinegar Cleaner


Imagine making the perfect all-purpose cleaner with just two ingredients! Easy and cheap I say!

How to

  • Add Orange Peels to a jar.
  • Fill the jar with vinegar.
  • Allow it to infuse for two weeks.
  • Strain it and it’s ready to use!

* If it is too strong you can always dilute it with a little water.

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2. Orange Essential Oil

DIY tips to use orange peels

Orange essential oil is great for many things like decreasing wrinkles, easing anxiety and improving complexions. Imagine being able to make this miracle product within the comforts of your own house!

Using these DIY tips to use orange peels to make Orange essential oil at home, you will be saving your money and will still be enjoying the fruit long after it has dried away!

How to

  • Let the orange peels dry completely by cutting them small and leaving them in the sun for two days.
  • Grind the peels until they are coarse. Do not over grind them as you may lose some oil.
  • Place the ground peels in a jar and put aside.
  • Take a bottle of vodka and warm the alcohol by placing the bottle in a bowl of hot water.
  • When the vodka is warm (not hot), empty the alcohol into the jar with the orange peels.
  • Screw the lid on tight and shake it well. Do this over a period of two or three days, many times a day.
  • The longer you keep it in the jar and the more you shake it, the more oil you will get.
  • Strain the peel and alcohol mix into a bowl, using a coffee filter, and let it sit for two or three days. Remember to cover the bowl with a dish towel, being careful that it doesn’t drop into the liquid.
  • Once the alcohol has evaporated, you will be left with Orange essential oil!

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3. Air Freshener

This is possibly the easiest DIY tips to use orange peels, and is also the most well-known!

How to – Method 1

DIY tips to use orange peels

  • Simply place the orange peels in a dish filled with water.
  • Add ½ a teaspoon of cinnamon powder to it.
  • Allow it to boil. As it boils the aroma of the orange peels and cinnamon will fill your house, leaving it smelling fresh!

Method 2


  • Cut the peel in the shape of a mini-bowl and pull it out along with its stem.
  • Fill the orange peel with olive oil and simply light the stem!

4. Candied Orange

DIY tips to use orange peels

Despite orange peels being bitter and frankly disgusting, candied orange peels are actually quite yummy and refreshing! Use these DIY tips to use orange peels, for when you are feeling low or even squeamish.

How to

  • Store them in an air-tight container, lined with sugar!
  • Take the peels out and coat them in sugar.
  • Place the peels in the dissolved sugar and let it cook on low heat, until the peels turn transparent.
  • Taking 3 cups of sugar and 1 cup of water boil them together until the sugar is completely dissolved.
  • Drain the water and place the peel aside for now.
  • Cut the peel into 1/4th strips and using cold water, bring them to boil for a few minutes.

5. Orange and Coconut Body Butter

DIY tips to use orange peels

You will not believe the wonders that Orange and Coconut body butter can do for your skin. It’s perfect for softening hard and dry skin!

How to

  • Melt 1 cup of oil in a pan and when it’s clear throw in some fresh orange peels.
  • Cook it on low heat for 10 minutes, stirring it occasionally.
  • Remove the orange peels from the oil and store the oil in a jar.
  • Allow it to cool.
  • You can store it at room temperature or in the fridge for a more solid texture!

6. Orange Peel For Skin

DIY tips to use orange peels
Image: Home Made Masks

Using Orange Peel on your skin can help whiten it gradually. It is also great for those with dry skin or acne.

How to

  • Take a little milk and some dried orange peel.
  • Make it into a paste.
  • Apply on your skin for 15-20 mins and then wash off.
  • It can be used daily!

Orange Peel Uses