Don’t Flop On Your Flip-Flops

The wearing of flip-flops is never a thing in the past. Along with the evolution of fashion comes also the evolution of these flip-flops. There are even custom flip-flops wherein you can customize it to whatever design you want or complement it with a specific theme for a certain occasion. These flip-flops have indeed come a long way from just being your footwear in a nail salon after a pedicure session and serving as a lazy shoe of beach boardwalks.

Recently, flip-flops have been making abuzz because prominent fashion icons and celebrities are seen wearing their own style of flip-flops. One ensemble included a Yves Saint Laurent vintage shirt, a Celine skirt, Louis Vuitton sunglasses, and a Dior tote bag, all of these were matched by a pair of Havaianas, a Brazilian-made-flip-flops.

Because flip-flops are not really the number choice when it comes to footwear, the following are some of the things that you might want to consider when it comes to choosing a pair of flip-flops:

On do’s –

  • Shop for a flip-flop which has a high-quality. These flip-flops are mostly made out of soft leather. The leather material mitigates the risk for blisters and other types of skin irritation.
  • Make sure you gently bent the flip-flops from end to end; this is so that you can ensure that the flip-flop bends at the ball of your foot. Shoes of any type should never fold in half.
  • See to it that your toes don’t hang off the edge of the flip-flop. The last thing you want is wearing a flip-flop that is too small for you. Also, you have to see to it that your ankle rests comfortably on the sole.
  • You should wear a flip-flop that is sturdy when you are walking around a public pool, or at the beach, or in a hotel room, or in locker room areas. This is because when you walk barefoot in these areas, your foot soles might be at risk to have plantar warts or athlete’s foot.

On don’ts –

  • You should not wear the same pair of flip-flops year after year. You have to inspect older pairs because if it seems that is already degraded, then it might be time for you to go get a new pair.
  • If you are having irritation between toes, please make sure that you treat them the soonest possible. These irritations must not be ignored because it might lead to blisters and worse to infections. As an alternative, you should alternate the footwear that you are using so that your feet will not be overly irritated.
  • You should refrain from wearing flip-flops when you are doing yard work. You must wear shoes which can protect your feet if you are doing outdoor activities.
  • You should never play sports while wearing flip-flops. There are appropriate footwear for every type of sports and if you push on wearing flip-flops it might end you up with a twisted foot or a twisted ankle.

Since most who use flip-flops are women, the succeeding paragraphs are going to be a discussion on the types of flip-flops that women should wear. These are in the realm of light foam footbeds, molded or contoured footbeds, foot-molding footbeds, and novelty footbeds.

For the light foam footbeds, these are usually found on cheap, bargain sandals. This type is also the least supportive and stable choice. More often, the purchase of this type is a product of impulse buying or that the person has no other choice to choose from. This type, in general, is not really recommended because even though they are cheap, the risk of having foot problems is high which could eventually lead you to spend more money on treatment. While it is good to buy cheap items, sometimes, the quality does not come with the price. This type of flip-flops wear down and blows out much faster than others which have higher qualities.

For the foot-molding footbeds, this type of flip-flops has footbeds with EVA; this is a foam or rubber compound that remembers the shape of our foot as time goes by. A lot of people find this type of footbed extremely comfortable. Because when your foot sinks into the footbed with just a little bit, and as you break your feet in, the footbed eventually becomes an accurate mold of your foot. Unlike the previous type, EVA footbeds afford some shock absorption and support. This type however is not fit for long walks or a whole day excursion.

For the novelty footbeds, this is the type which focuses more on initial comfort than overall performance. This is because the wearer really feels so comfortable when they slip this flip-flop on. However, even though they are comfortable as they could get, the user must also consider the quality because some brands under this type do not offer the full package.

For the contoured footbeds, this type parallels to additional support, stability, and a healthier foot.  This type is made with materials like EVA, PU and leather which is difficult to bend in half down the middle. But, they do bend in the forefoot, wherein the foot obviously curves. There are brands that have an anatomical mold of the bottom of a typical foot adding more support to your feet as you wear them. Some have intense arch support because of the orthotics that is incorporated into the footbed. And because of these complexities, contoured flip-flips are more expensive than the others. The designs that are incorporated are more advanced and calculated.

So when it comes to choosing what type of flip-flops you prefer, you must also take into consideration the level of comfort that you prefer and the type of material that makes up the flip-flops. You must also be able to make sure that you choose the correct fit, which is not too short and not too big that you might stumble on it in the course of wearing the flip-flops. There are a dozen of brands for you to choose from, each of which catering to your specific needs.