2019 is yet another year for the Melbourne Cup Carnival and every magazine, photographer and analysts will be on the lookout for the best fashion that will be on display. The fashion will range from progressive to contemporary to enormously fun. 

Consequently, you will still capture the attention of your onlookers, whether in an elegant style, eccentric, edgy, or experimental. If you are in the Members Enclosure, you will have to stick to the strong tradition of dressing smartly and appropriately. 

This means that you will have to adhere to the true racing style. Before you even wonder who will win the Melbourne Cup, you need to understand the dress regulations expected on the field.


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Gentlemen are expected to wear a suit of tailored slacks, sports coat or blazer, a tie, and shoes. You may give your suit a different twist like breaking a few parts. Therefore, you have the freedom to combine some colours and patterns as long as you stick to the 2019 Melbourne Cup men’s dress code. 

Real men put their hands in their jacket pockets to show off the nonchalant of the looks. Choosing the right jacket or blazers for the event should be easy. Jackets and blazers will be a cornerstone among other clothing at the 2019 Melbourne racing cup. 

Therefore, enthusiasts should be able to choose from the different styles available, either single or double-breasted,2-button, or 3-button. You can opt for chino trousers if you so wish but make sure to roll the bottom of your pants down. 

You should also be careful with your choice of a shirt; remember your outfit looks good with your jacket, so your shirt should not ruin your look when you take your jacket off for a dance.


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Ladies dress to impress, and this year’s Melbourne Cup dress code for ladies gives them the leeway to be as creative as possible. They only have to ensure that they keep the dignity of the Members Enclosure. You can have a pop of old-world charm and rock effortlessly in fresh and feminine dresses like the georgette dress or the lace midi dress.

 These are pieces that will most definitely turn heads. Many fashionistas will probably go for a bright colour combo like what the winner of the FOTF on Melbourne Cup Day- Jordan Beard did.

 Ladies are expected to add a twist to the ordinary code. As a result, you should see more dresses with puff sleeves or beautiful brown outfits, reminiscent of “Pretty Woman” on the field. If you are a lover of modern dresses, then incorporating with bubble skirts will be a smart move.

Your Melbourne Cup attire will be incomplete without a fascinator or a hat. There are various options to pull together this year’s Melbourne Cup dress code for ladies. Consider a hat that can be hand moulded to give a personalised look. 

Classic cut hats will be on display this year as they will allow you to play with the outfit of choice. Some of the outfits to avoid this year include sort playsuits or jumpsuits or any other garment that shows the midriff and shorts.

Children Under 12

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Children under 12 years will dress up in anything neat as long as it keeps up with the standards of the dresses expected from gentlemen and ladies. Boys are required to wear tailored pants and a collared shirt to fit in the Members’ Reserve.

The Bottom Line

So even as you do your research on the Melbourne Cup winners odds, you should also consider winning on the runway. This year’s dress code is somewhat flexible hence making a fashion statement will be a walk in the park.


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