9 Easiest Hairstyles To Achieve In 5 Minutes


Headbands are probably the oldest items in every woman’s hair accessory kit. We have used them since we have been kids and we are still making use of them. With headbands, you can take control of your hair and achieve a great hairstyle in a matter of seconds.

Brush your hair and use a headband to hold the strands over the temples of your hair. Voila, it is done. You can go further to add a touch of hair spray once you are done.

You can opt to leave the ends of your hair loose, secure it with a large elastic or get that chic look with a large barrette in a low ponytail.


2.Braided Bun


This quick and easy hairstyle works great for medium hair length and is only difficult on the eyes.  To achieve this hairstyle, start by parting your hair through the middle then braid both sides of your hair. You can pick whatever braid you want; low braids French raids, the choice is all yours. Once you have done that hold the ends together and twist into a bun at the nape of your neck. Ensure that you use a hair elsatic to secure the bun at the base.

9 Easiest Hairstyles To Achieve In 5 Minutes

3.Braided/Twisted Front

Braided hairstyles are great for work. If your bangs are not forthcoming at any day this is one neat trick you should try out: French braid your hair from one side of your temple to the other and use a hairpin to secure the end near the ear on the other side. Finally, use some hairspray to hold your hair in place as this is a style that flays sideways easily.

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4.Scarf braid

The scarf-braid is a hairstyle that can be often seen on runways. However, don’t let the image of a model trotting the runway while donning this hairstyle deter you from trying it out as it is quite easy to pull it off.

To achieve this hairstyle, use one end of a silk scarf to secure a low ponytail then split the ponytail into two separate sections, a section on each side of the remaining tail of the scarf then braid it all until you reach the bottom. When there is just about an inch or two of the scarf left to tie it around the remainder of the hair. You may want to leave the braid hanging loose or you may decide to twist the scarf braid and secure it in a low bun, the choice is all yours.


5.Easy Sweep With Hair Pins


This is another easy and beautiful hairstyle that packs a dose of glamour, with this hairstyle you can get a chic look in a matter of minutes.

To achieve this hairstyle, simply sweep part of your hair behind your ear and use hair pins to secure the section. You can upgrade this look by using two pins which you can execute in parallel fashion or “X” runway ready shape.

9 Easiest Hairstyles To Achieve In 5 Minutes

6.Quick Temple Twist

Dealing with a stray hair that seems not willing to stay put today? Then the quick temple twist is probably a great option for you.

It is quick and easy to do.

To nail this look, grab a section of hair around the temple and twist the hair around your fingers before finally securing it with a hairpin or barrette. You should then twist the rest of your hair into a messy bun. You can also try a half-up hairstyle by taking equal sections of hair from both sides and securing them behind the crown of your head. This hairstyle is great for days you don’t have the time to deal with hair falling off your face.

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7.Knotted Ponytail

Girls with length know how to pull hair into a ponytail and a bun in seconds flat, so combining the two moves will give you a whole new angle on your favourite go-to hair moves. Pull hair into a ponytail, then twist the base a couple of times as if you’re going to twist it into a bun. Pull the ends through the middle of the bun and secure it for a knotted ponytail with a twirled base with loose, free-flowing ends. Done and done.


8.Wavy Half-Up Style


You can give your curls and waves a quick fresh look in a matter of minutes with the wavy-half up style.

To achieve this look gather the top sections of your hair and pull it around and over the crown then use a hair accessory to secure it.

9 Easiest Hairstyles To Achieve In 5 Minutes

It is really that simple.

9.Halo Braid

The halo braid is great for almost everyone and it works for natural hair almost flawlessly.

To execute this hairstyle, detangle your hair and braid on one side of the hair continuously all around the head. Finally, secure the end inside a larger braid with a hairpin.

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