Close up portrait of attractive middle age woman smiling against gray background

Some people age so slowly and beautifully that you may ask yourself whether they had been living in the mythical Shangri-La the whole time. Is there any secret of looking young?

People like to experiment and keep up with the latest fashion trends in their twenties. But being in the thirties and forties means it is the time to settle down, look back, and catch-up. This is the time to suffer the consequences of all those late nights and early mornings. But you know what, it’s never too late to reverse time.

We all love to have a pore-less complexion, shiny strands, and less crow’s feet as we age. And you can have all these even at your forties. But there is no magical serum or cream that can roll the wheel of time backward. What you can do is to follow some tried and tested beauty standards.

Beauty Tips to Look Younger

There are tons of ways to look more youthful. What even better is some of them take only a few minutes. You can follow these tips to turn your aging complexion into a much younger self.

Jazz up your looks.

What’s the purpose of beautifying yourself? Making an impression—either to yourself or to others. Changing the looks should be a part of your beauty ritual. And it could come in the form of experimenting with makeup colors or hair lengths.

Choose makeup colors, especially for the eyes and lips, that brighten your natural complexion. Also, new hairdos with various lengths and cuts will keep your look fresh.

Wardrobe renovation is also necessary to toss out the old looks and embrace new ones. Those unflattering old clothes are doing no good to your transition phase. There is no need to be a fashion fiend. Keep it simple. Start with basic daily clothes like shirts, jackets, and jeans. Make them a little trendier, and that’s it.

Pair up the newly conjured look with some extra details like vibrant headbands, charm bracelets, and other fun accessories.

Never forget to moisturize.

Looking younger warrants giving your skin the proper attention. Ever wonder what is the secret behind the graceful aging of French men and women? They know how to indulge the skin with the right treatment.

Does it mean spending thousands for lavish cosmetic products? No. Just use a moisturizer. Apply it daily on your whole body to make the skin look plump and youthful. Use quality products from websites like when you are looking to add makeup to your daily routine.

Treat your skin with Retinol.

Retinol is a type of vitamin A that is available in cream and serum forms. The ingredient actively helps to stimulate and boost collagen in your body and peeling away dead skin cells.

The benefits are manifold as regular use of Retinol keeps pores to a minimum, reduces wrinkles, and fades mottled spots. It also makes the skin glow by improving the tone and color.

Despite being a medicinal product, Retinol is an over-the-counter product. Be careful not to overuse it, though. A few drops of serum or a pea-sized amount of cream is enough for your entire face.

Do regular facials.

Keeping your skin healthy is vital to look young. Your face is the most important of all body parts, so keep it youthful with regular facial treatments. Doing it once in a week will keep the skin refreshed and glowing.

If you don’t have the time or money to do facials every week, find a face mask that suits your skin. Using the right one will remove dead skin cells, smoothen the complexion, and brighten the tone. In fact, any good skincare practice should include a face mask routine.

Protect your skin.

Giving attention to your skin is necessary, but you will also need to protect it when no one is looking. Sunburn can damage your skin cells and cause premature aging.

Wherever you go, use hats and sunglasses all the time. Keep sunscreen on hand because sunburn can happen even on cloudy days.

Stay away from stress.

Because stress heralds wrinkles and wrinkles make you look more aged than you are. To relax both your body and mind, you can go to the spa for relaxed massages or take a bubble bath at home. Yoga and meditation also work well in relieving tension. Also, get rid of bad habits like staying up late at night and drinking alcohol.