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There are roughly sixty muscles in your neck and face area that control your facial expressions. These muscles require as much attention as any other muscle group in the body, but they are often underdeveloped. Many Australian fitness experts stress the importance of well-toned facial muscles, as they are the key to looking younger and healthier. This is why they have to be worked out on a daily basis.

1. Warming up

Before you start with any of the main exercises, you need to warm your face up. Your facial muscles are no different than any other muscle group in your body. They need a bit of a warm-up to loosen up before they can function at peak performance.

The warm-up routine isn’t all that complicated. All you have to do is blow raspberries with your mouth. It’s as simple as that. Make sure that you use your cheeks as well as your lips for this exercise. Create a huge ripple and let your whole mouth vibrate while you’re blowing raspberries.

The focus here is on the lips. They’re a core muscle for your face and relaxing them will pave the way for relaxing the entire muscle group. You can do this warm-up routine thrice a day or whenever you feel like it.

2. Slimming your neck

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The muscles of the neck are an often underestimated, but very important element that affects facial muscles. These muscles are crucial for facial expressions and mimicry. Working them out gives the face a more youthful look and helps remove double chins.

One exercise has you executing a couple of poses with your neck and lips. To do it right, you need to relax your shoulders and keep them down. Look up and point your chin towards the ceiling of the room until you feel like your neck is sufficiently stretched. Pout your lips and make a ‘duck face’ and hold this pose for about five seconds. When the time is up, stick your tongue out as if you were a child mocking someone. Keep this pose for another second and then go back to pouting your lips. Repeat this cycle three times.

Keep your neck extended and stretched out during the whole exercise. It does wonders for neck muscles and facial expressions. If you feel like the exercise is tiring you out, that means it’s doing its job. Doing this exercise once or twice per day should be enough.

3. Firm cheeks and tighter skin

Saggy cheeks aren’t considered attractive unless you’re a bulldog. People go to great lengths to make their saggy cheeks firmer, and facial exercises are a great way to do this.

The best way to deal with saggy cheeks is to use your mouth to pull and stretch them to one side. Try to pucker up your lips while aiming them towards something to the side. It’s like making a sideways kissy-face. You should feel the opposite cheek tightening more with every pull to the side. Keep the pose for a solid ten seconds before switching to the other side.

With this exercise, you get the benefit of a good workout and stretch at the same time. Both your cheek skin and muscles benefit from this. Three to five times per day is the recommended amount of times you should do the exercise.

4. Tongue presses

This exercise is pretty easy, but it might make you feel a bit silly for doing it.

Push your tongue up against the roof of your mouth. Make sure that it’s pushed all the way to your teeth, and then try to press the entire length of your tongue up there. This will add tension and close the entire roof of your mouth. Hold this position and try to make an “mhm” sounding noise. While you’re humming along, your mouth will vibrate and it’s going to relax a lot of your muscles.

The exercise keeps your chin tight while also periodically relaxing it at the same time. Make sure that you really emphasize the vibration when you hum. It’s going to reduce the sag under your chin and make it look younger and tighter.

5. Fighting eye wrinkles

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Eye wrinkles are pretty difficult to deal with. They are a very clear sign of aging and getting rid of them is crucial if you want to look your best. Luckily, there is a pretty simple exercise that does just that.

Before you start the exercise, make sure that your shoulders are relaxed and pulled back slightly, as if you were trying your best to keep your back straight. Point your chin downwards and make it touch your chest. Make an oval shape with your mouth and try to look upwards. Make sure you keep your chin and shoulders in the same position while looking up. This should make you feel like you’re stretching the skin underneath your eyes. Hold this for three seconds and then rest.

Do it again, but this time tuck your upper lip in your mouth. Pretend that you’re trying to say “ahh” during this part of the exercise. This should give the skin around your eyes a complete stretch and workout. Doing this exercise once per day is more than enough to reach satisfying results.

6. Smooth that beautiful smile

There’s no better view in the world than a gorgeous smile. Even though smiles never stop being beautiful, they can always be made to look even better with some exercises. You use a lot of muscles in your face to execute a smile, which means that keeping them tight and ready will make for an even more perfect smile.

Making use of all these muscles is the key to moulding your ideal smile. The muscles in your face can get tensed up when you don’t use them a lot throughout the day. Relaxing them from the inside of your mouth can relieve tension and make your smile look more natural and less forced.

Use your tongue to thoroughly massage the inside of your cheeks and lips. Start with the very top of your lips under the nose. Make your way around the labial line surrounding your mouth and keep making slow circles around it. This is going to completely relax your lips and mouth, paving the way for a calm and relaxed smile. Do five or six circles clockwise and anticlockwise before moving on to the cheeks. Make slow movements all-around your buccal area and stretch the muscles as far as your tongue will allow you. After you’re done, you should feel like your mouth just finished a yoga session.

For reaching the ideal smile, you should do this exercise just once per day.

7. Getting rid of wrinkled brows

Wrinkles are one of the most dreaded signs of aging. A majority of young Australian men and women say that wrinkles are the least desirable part of getting older. They are pretty difficult to get rid of once they appear, but there are lots of methods available to help clear them out.

Exercising facial muscles is one of the simplest ways to help eliminate wrinkles. Sit on a chair with your back straight and shoulders held back. Take a really deep breath and hold it for a few seconds. While exhaling, try your best to make a “lion face” by opening your eyes wide and sticking your tongue out and downwards. Hold the position for ten seconds and then relax.

Exercise only has a minimal effect on wrinkle lines, which is why you should combine it with some other methods. Rubbing olive oil on your forehead and around the eyes after the workout should help moisturize the skin and let it straighten out.

At some point, even these methods don’t help against wrinkling. This is why a lot of young Australians find themselves looking for a cosmetic surgeon in Canberra to take care of their wrinkles in a more proactive way. When combined with exercises, a bit of light facial surgery can make wrinkles a thing of the past.

8. Jawline strength

Your jaw muscles aren’t just useful for chewing and talking, they’re also an essential part of your face musculature. In fact, they’re very firmly connected to your chin and how it looks. This is why a couple of exercises with your jaw will keep your chin looking tight and firm.

Place your elbows on the table in front of you and press your fists below your chin. Try to open your mouth while at the same time trying to push it down towards the table. Your jaw will be fighting against your fists and creating tension. This exertion will tone the muscles underneath your chin.

Not only will you have a nice-looking chin, but you’ll also keep your jaw muscles strong and healthy. Hold the pose for around ten seconds and repeat it three times per day.


Working out your facial muscles should become a daily fitness routine for anyone that wants to keep their youthful looks. A couple of workouts here and there are more than enough to keep the muscles toned and tight. As long as you stick to some of these examples, you’re sure to see great results in the health of your skin and the quality of your smiles.