Blunt lipo was launched after lengthy studies in Israel, a manufacturing country that has proven its effectiveness in reducing body fat. With the emergence of this innovation, many dermatologists have become interested in specializing in this area, as the area of ​​aesthetics and weight loss is increasingly on the rise due to the high demand of people seeking procedures of this size to get rid of uncomfortable facts that do not.

For this, lipo without surgery using a laser lipo machine is aimed at people who are at the ideal weight but cannot get rid of these excesses.

Is lipo without surgery possible?

This idea of ​​associating liposuction with surgery was left behind with the emergence of blunt liposuction. Women and men who are afraid of surgery can perform this procedure without the risks attached to it, and with a faster recovery than surgery. This procedure is performed with special appliances such as Ultracontour and Ultrashape. Although no cuts are made, experts say the results are equivalent and satisfactory.

How it works?

The procedure is performed based on focused ultrasound, which means that ultrasonic waves act directly on skin fat cells found in the subcutaneous layer. During the process, the cells are ruptured without interfering or injuring blood vessels, nerves or tissues. After that, the fat that was present in the cells moves to the liver, which is the organ responsible for metabolizing it, being released in the form of feces and urine.

The procedure is mainly used on the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, waist and arms. Importantly, the procedure is not aimed at weight loss, but to polish the body, making it even leaner. As amazing as blunt lipo is, you can’t do it all the time and every time an unwanted fat appears. Therefore, avoid having successive sessions, giving a time interval between them so as not to overload the liver.

Lipo benefits

The main benefit inherent to blunt lipo is the absence of pain on the part of the patient, besides not having to be sedated with anesthesia, which reduces the risks associated with the procedure. Also, with lipo without surgery there is no danger of getting any brand of surgery and, as already mentioned, recovery is much faster than the surgical procedure. Another benefit, of course, is the elimination of fat, which can be 300 to 500 milliliters of subcutaneous fat, which changes about 2 to 4 cm depending on where the procedure was performed.

The recommended treatment for complete fat removal without overloading the liver is three sessions with three-week intervals for each session, each session lasting an average of one hour. The results are already noticeable at first. It is indicated that the patient performs a prior evaluation to find out if there is any restriction or impediment for the procedure to be performed.

Lipo care

Although this method is much safer than the traditional method, there are certain precautions that should be taken. As much as the procedure itself is very safe and the result very satisfactory, there are certain people who cannot undergo blunt lipo due to their physical condition and possible contraindications. Some tests to evaluate the state of the liver are required, as it needs to be healthy to be able to metabolize fat. People with liver disease, pacemaker, cardiac defibrillator, and pregnant women cannot perform the procedure.

To perform the method, the ideal is to change the eating habits a few weeks before, reducing the intake of carbohydrates and fats, maintaining a balanced and healthy diet. The practice of physical exercises is indicated, as well as walking, driving away from a sedentary lifestyle and maintaining the health of the body. Another procedure that blends well with blunt lipo is lymphatic drainage, which is used to remove fat residues from fat cells.

Broadly speaking, here are the key points of Lipo care:

  1. Make tests to assess the condition of your body, including in the liver;2. A lipo cannot be performed without surgery with liver diseases, with pacemakers and pregnant women;

    3. Moderate intake of carbohydrates and fats, preferring balanced nutrition.

    4. The aerobic exercise-walking practice is suggested;

    5. Make the lymphatic drainage to remove the waste fat from the fat cells as in an intralipotherapy.

Conclusion about lipo without surgery

It is practiced with special devices that do not make an incision but emit ultrasound that acts directly on the fatty cells of the skin. The waves break the cells without injuring blood vessels, tissues or nerves. It takes place in 3 sessions of 3 weeks of an interval between each.

Among the benefits of lipo without surgery is that it is a painless treatment, which also does not need any type of anesthesia. However, it is necessary that all necessary previous studies be performed, especially the conditions of the patient’s liver.

Apart from previous studies, it is mandatory to have a balanced diet, moderating the intake of carbohydrates and fats. Practicing aerobic exercises is also recommended. Under no circumstances should this treatment be performed in pregnant women or in people with liver-related diseases, with pacemakers or defibrillators.

Among other alternatives for the search for fat reduction can classify mechanical lymphatic drainage, which according to the device used presses differently treated areas, other surgeries such as bichectomy if the fat is located on the face; chiro massage, based on rapid and specialized movements to improve the skin, the circulatory and nervous system; or the capacitive radiofrequency, which improves the texture and tension of the skin along with homemade moisturizing treatments. All of them fit the budget and needs of the patient.