5 Fashion Outfits for Your White Dress Party

We constantly hear how black is the go to color for dresses when you want to look elegant and flawless. But black isn’t the only color that brings out the full potential of a stunning getup. What really matters isn’t the color— it’s the dress itself and how well it flows with your figure.

Sure, black can be the best choice when in doubt of an outfit idea but what happens if you are invited to a color themed party and that color just so happens to be other than black? That’s where you have to get real crafty with putting together the perfect dress that you plan to wear on your WHITE dress party.

If you have never gone or heard of a white dress party then hear us out first on what it’s all about. Basically, it is an event where everybody has to dress in white clothes. There is no specific time when such parties are held—they can be held at morning, night or even throughout each season.

If you noticed above that we placed the emphasis on the word ’white’ before, that is because this is one of those colors that is less likely to be worn at a party as compared to how much other colors can be worn. This may be because you could end up with lipstick smudges, beverage spills and all kinds of food stains as well, that could leave an embarrassing mark on the dress. Sometimes there are marks that can’t even be washed off which makes sense why people don’t really wear white dresses.

However, those who stop wearing white colored dresses completely just because of this reason are missing out on getting an opportunity to slay in a white dress- when, of course, it is worn in the correct style.

The color white seems so simple yet it is one of the most elegant forms of dresses that you can find at your disposal. Since white dress parties can be held all year round, this gives you an opportunity to get more creative with the types of white dress you can collect within your wardrobe and have a chance to wear them on any occasions.

If you have been invited to a white dress party and you need to find some stunning outfits that would be perfect for this event, read on and get to know some of our suggested 5 fashion outfits for your white dress party.

Trousers and Draped Coat

Wear white in style by draping a white jacket or coat on your shoulders while slaying the look with waist high trousers and a white top. You can keep the top either sleeveless or long sleeves depending on the weather conditions. And as for the material of the top, it doesn’t have to be anything specific. It can be chosen according to what you feel is comfortable with you.

If you feel the draped coat on the shoulder can easily slip and fall, than you can even go ahead and wear it normally—it won’t put a dent on how stylish you aim to look.

Beach Party Outfit

If the white dress party just so happens to be at a beach, then this outfit will be a perfect choice for you to wear. Opt for an all-white two piece look that involves a pant with a split from the knee up to the thighs and work it together with a cute top. Short dresses for women are appropriate to wear at beaches because of the weather.

5 Fashion Outfits for Your White Dress PartyYou can further touch up on the look by wearing some jewelry or any other accessories. This look will give off that stylish yet relaxed chic look, regardless of what season it may be, and is also great for a beach party getup.

Bralette Crop Top

Wearing a bralette crop top can certainly get others to drop their jaws the moment they lay their eyes on you. But what’s really awesome about this crop top is that it works well with any bottom part of the dress that you match it up with.

Some of the examples include wearing this top with a pencil skirt or wearing it with a trouser, both of them all in white. It would look so stunning for a summer or night out party even without glimmering it up with jewelry.

White Jumpsuits

If you are looking for comfortable one piece of dressing to wear at a dress party, than a jumpsuit would be your perfect choice for the occasion. These are really popular dress outfits for parties and can be worn in any season.

You can get the jumpsuit with a high neck top or even a strapless top—then fix it up with a tailored trouser that flows perfectly against the length of your legs. It’s a stunning outfit that really brings about that stylish and chic look.

Dress with Statement Accessories

It’s a white dress party so naturally everyone will be wearing a white dress. But there is no rule that your accessories have to be white as well. You can mix colorful accessories to stand out on your white dress.

Fortunately, white can adjust really well with other colors so you can get lucky with this choice of outfit. Dress yourself in a unique fashion style by wearing an amazing white dress and highlight the look with some statement shoes and bags of different colors. You can leave a more lasting impression by choosing a striking color for the accessories or have a bag with a special and different shape.