5 Fashion Outfits for Your White Dress Party

As the weather warms up and the sun decides to make more of an appearance, our outfits are going to have to make the summer transition. However, the items that are considered to be trendy are changing all the time. At the moment, it seems to be morphing into a bright, vibrant era of loose skirts and high wasted bikini bottoms. If you enjoy fashion, then keeping up with the ever-changing trends will be something you are used to, however, some people find it hard to keep up, whereas others just don’t know what to go for. If you are interested, or feel unsure and overwhelmed by the amount of fashion that exists, but want to have a stylish summer, then today we will be having a look at the summer fashion of 2019, so far. 

Attractive Animal Print

All kinds of animal print have made a comeback this summer. The modern twist that has been thrown into some of the animal print outfits are bright colors, rather than the standard and more natural color we are used to. Bright, bold animal print is extremely eye-catching and stylish amongst younger adults, and is sure to be fake, cruelty free fur/skin. Your main outfit doesn’t have to be animal print to fit in; just having the print on your shoes, a small bag, or even an accessory is enough to make any outfit stylish. 

Butt-Squeezing Bike Shorts

A trend known as athleisure has proven to be very popular this year. Working bike shorts into this style means they can be used for things like running about, going to brunch, completing chores, going to the gym, or they can just be a comfortable item of clothing to relax in. Accompanying this kind of style with some luxury Balenciaga sneakers from reputable retailer SSENSE, would really complement this outfit and make it stand out with that little bit extra. 

Fabulous Feathers

There are many garments that can be found fluffed up with feathers. These feathers tend to line one area of the clothing material, giving it a little bit extra to look at. These fashionable feather linings can be seen on the bottom of tops, dresses and even jeans. They can also be seen on shoes and accessories like earrings and necklaces. They tend to be quite discrete, but there is a range of bright alternatives for those who like to stand out from the crowd. 

Fashionable Fishnets

Fishnet tights are what come to mind to many people who think about this style, however, there have been many alterations that have put this trend onto a whole new level. Not only do the tights still exist and look good if you are after a sexy look, but fishnet garments have landed on the scene. These items are perfect for a beach or pool look due to their loose fit and gappy consistency. If it was going to be worn in another area, then a solid one piece would need to be worn underneath. 

Funky Fringes

When it comes to fringes, we are talking about a clothing lining not a hairstyle. A number of skirts and dresses that have been fringe-lined have become a popular choice this year. This definitive western characteristic has been worked into modern and everyday clothing and is popular amongst top designers. 

Naughty Neons

At the moment, color within many outfits is becoming brighter. Nowadays, you can see many items of clothing in a variety of neon colors, which really makes you stand out from the crowd. These must-have colors can be seen splashed over all items of clothing, a variety of shoes, accessories and even jewelry. 

Tempting Tie-Dye

A few years ago, tie-dye became a very popular style, with people purchasing or even creating their own tie-dye garments. Well, this year they have made a comeback. This psychedelic print comes splashed on many different items. Tops and t-shirts tend to be the items most people go for, however, dresses and all-in-one trouser suits, as well as swimwear, can be found covered in this funky design in a range of bright and beautiful colors. 

Shoulder Show

Off-the-shoulder outfits are making an appearance this year. They are a lovely style to go for because on one side you are a covered, modest person, whereas the other side where the shoulder is on show is cheeky and sexy. These tops really do stand out and can be worn on almost any occasion. Due to the reasonably modest size, they can be seen as smart and sensible, but the other side can make it suitable for a cocktail date or a shop around the city. The off-the-shoulder look is supposed to be an ideal outfit when going for a date. 

Hopefully now you feel more prepared for the summer to come. With so many trends hitting the streets alongside the sun this year, you definitely have plenty of different up-to-date styles to choose from. So, get out there and get trendy this summer of 2019.