Reasons to Use Fidget Spinners - Types, Tricks and Challenges

The Fidget Spinners

Everyone has one and those who don’t have already ordered one or desperately want one. But, it turns out that the fidget spinners that is used by both kids and adults are about much more than just being ‘the toy of the year’, it is even more than just the fidget spinner challenges, collections, and spin tops games. The real reason behind it is that it is a solution for anxiety, and ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder).

What is a Fidget Spinner?

Reasons to Use Fidget Spinners - Types, Tricks and Challenges

The fidget spinner or finger spinner is a light spinning toy that is created by using a mechanical bearing in the center and a flat piece around. This allows the light spinner toy to rotate freely with little to no effort.

Various other variations of the fidget spinners have come out since then, with people even 3D printing their own designs of fidget spinners.

How to Use a Fidget Spinner

There is no right and wrong way to use a fidget spinner. Use it the way you feel the most comfortable. Whether it is using a flick of your ring finger, index finger, or even your other hand to spin it, as long as it spins, you are doing it right!

Who Invented the Fidget Spinner?

This fidget spinner toy was initially designed by Catherine Hettinger on her visit to Palestine in the 1990’s. She used it as a method to calm down agitated children who were pelting rocks at the officials. She then filed a patent design in 1993, but sadly, was unable to sell her fidget spinners to any toy companies, following which her patent expired in 2005.

Fidget Spinner vs. a Wooden Spinning Top Toy with String

The reason why fidget spinners have gained much popularity when compared to your basic toy tops with string is that the fidget spinner is much easier to spin as it does not require balance. Thus, it can spin for a greater amount of time, minutes together, unlike toy spinning tops which tend to stop spinning after 5 – 10 seconds.

Health Benefits of Fidget Spinners

There are many claims made, however, not all these claims have been proven and are still under research. Here are some of the health benefits of the fidget spinner:

1. Anxiety

Reasons to Use Fidget Spinners - Types, Tricks and Challenges

The fidget spinner is said to help with anxiety by distracting the mind and also calming it down. This works by not directly working on your nervous system but, rather by allowing your body to let go of any buildup by allowing you to fidget, when anxiety would normally make you pick at your skin, self-harm, or shake/ tremble for no reason.


Reasons to Use Fidget Spinners - Types, Tricks and Challenges

A  person suffering from ADHD often finds it easier to concentrate if either their hand or some part of their body is already occupied. The fidget spinner or finger spinner, allows the person to do just this as it requires little to no effort to spin.

3. Fidget Interaction

Reasons to Use Fidget Spinners - Types, Tricks and Challenges

The main purpose of the fidget spinners is to keep an extremely fidgety person distracted at all times. You might find some people who cannot sit still, or who often shake one leg while seated; these finger spinners are designed to keep them distracted so that they do not pick up any nasty behaviors, which could even affect one’s work ethics and behavior.

4. Autism

Reasons to Use Fidget Spinners - Types, Tricks and Challenges

It is a known fact that many autistic patients can become aggressive and even violent at times. The fidget spinner is one way of calming the patient down, as it works as a good distraction technique.

5. Stress Relief

Reasons to Use Fidget Spinners - Types, Tricks and Challenges

When fidget spinners initially rose to fame, they were mostly used in office spaces. This is because many people found that the spinner provided great stress relief during their five-minute breaks when compared to just taking a breather. It also helped the employee’s mind remain active during their breaks.

6. Smokers

Reasons to Use Fidget Spinners - Types, Tricks and Challenges

Much like a person with anxiety, a smoker looking to quit smoking might find some relief in the fidget spinners.

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7. Nail Biters

Reasons to Use Fidget Spinners - Types, Tricks and Challenges

Since this keeps your fingers or some part of the body occupied, the fidget spinner can help curb bad habits like biting nails, tapping your foot, etc.

Side Effects of the Fidget Spinners

While there are many benefits of fidget spinners, there are also many side-effects of the wrong use of finger spinners.

  • Although many people have claimed to have experienced the good effects of fidget spinners, these claims are yet to be proven in public.
  • The important thing to keep in mind is that fidget spinners are created for a fidget. So, if you are not a fidget and do not have the habit, nor are you suffering from any of the above cases, then we do not recommend that you use a fidget spinner as the fidget spinners are highly addictive. It even has the capacity to turn a non-fidget into a fidget!
  • Although the fidget spinner is said to be able to improve one’s attention, the purpose is broken when a child’s whole attention is grasped by the device rather than their education studies. It is for this reason that the fidget spinners have been banned in various schools.

Different Types of Fidget Spinners

There are so many types of fidget spinners erupting in the market every single day. Since we cannot possibly name every single fidget spinner in the market, we have chosen some common and most bought fidget spinners on Amazon. These spinners are:

1. Plastic Fidget Spinner

Reasons to Use Fidget Spinners - Types, Tricks and Challenges

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The plastic fidget spinners are popular for being lightweight and great for tricks. However, they are not as durable as metal fidget spinners as they can break easily. They are also slower than other finger spinners as the bearings used are bigger. These spinners are available in various colours like fidget spinners in pink, blue, black, rose gold,white, purple, red, green, orange, camo, galaxy, etc.

2. Metal Fidget Spinner

Reasons to Use Fidget Spinners - Types, Tricks and Challenges

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Considered to be the best fidget spinner option for long-term use, the metal rainbow fidget spinners have gained much more popularity for regular users (people using it for health benefits). However, the speed may differ once again depending on what bearing is used and what element is used to make the fidget spinner (aluminum, titanium, brass, copper, etc).

3. Spoke Numbers

Reasons to Use Fidget Spinners - Types, Tricks and Challenges

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The original fidget spinner contained three prongs but, these days various designs are coming out using variations from 2 prongs to 12 prongs. You can buy this gold fidget spinner on Amazon. Other verions of 2 sided spinners include funky variotions like the batman, pokemon and dragon fidget spinners.

4. Circle Spinner

Reasons to Use Fidget Spinners - Types, Tricks and Challenges

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Another designs variation includes the prongs being joined at the end to form a circle. Although this design is not as popular, it is still very well used.

Insane Fidget Spinner Inventions

1. Light Up Fidget Spinner

Reasons to Use Fidget Spinners - Types, Tricks and Challenges

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Even if you are not a fan of fidget spinners, this finger spinner design is sure to change your mind. After all, who can resist a good light up spinner toy that has so many benefits to it?

2. Bluetooth Fidget Spinners

Imagine being able to track your speed, spins, and combos. This will obviously help you if you’re attempting to create a record or challenge your friend.

3. Speaker Fidget Spinner

Reasons to Use Fidget Spinners - Types, Tricks and Challenges

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The speaker fidget spinner is connected to your phone via Bluetooth and can play music for you while you spin it. This fidget spinner has LED lights that flash while you spin.

4. Lip Gloss Spinner

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This insane take on the fidget spinner, called the GlamSpin, includes little cases that contain lipgloss. All that spinning might just leave you with dry lips, or something like that!

5. Diamond Fidget Spinners

Why opt for simple $1 fidget spinners when you can spend approximately $10,000 to get a spinner with real diamonds inserted into it!

6. 3D Printed Glow in the Dark Finger Spinner

Reasons to Use Fidget Spinners - Types, Tricks and Challenges

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Although the spinner does not move as fast as your general fidget spinners, the product is uncomparable, considering that it is basically a DIY project that can glow in the dark!

7. iPhone Fidget Spinner

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YouTubers are now progressing to drilling holes into old iPhones to create fidget spinners. This is by far one of the most insane hacks. After all, would you rather spend $5 on a fidget spinner, or spend WAY more just to make fancy iPhone fidget spinners?

How to Make A Fidget Spinner

This Instagramer will show you how to make a simple and easy fidget spinner for free using three ingredients:

    • Bearing for the Center
    • Gallium Metal
    • Molding Clay

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How to Clean Fidget Spinners

Certain wear and tear on your spinner are to be expected when using fidget spinners. In fact, you will find that the spinner begins to slow down with increased use. This is to be expected as it is a mechanically engineered object.

One way to make sure that your spinner retains its ultimate spin is to keep it clean. This will also help with the hygiene of your fidget spinners, as that ought to be your main priority.

The best way to clean fidget spinners is to soak it in some warm water, soap and a few drops of lemon juice. Do this for about 10-15 minutes and then dry it completely, giving it an occasional spin while doing so, to make sure that it spins properly.

How to Get a Better Spin

Using lubricants is one way to achieve a faster spin on your fidget spinners. Although, keeping hygiene and allergic reactions in mind, use a water-based solution. Always check the solution on your skin first for any irritation before using it on your spinner.

Also, keep in mind that using a lubricant can increase risks of face allergies like acne, especially for those people who have the habit of touching their face often. This occurs as the lubricant is transferred onto your fingers and then your face.

Fidget Spinner App

In case you can’t actually afford to buy a fidget spinner, you can always download one of the spinner apps online. While there are many companies that you can choose from, the fiidget spinner game app ‘Fidget Spinner’ by Words Mobile, currently contains the most number of downloads with over 10 million downloads.

This app does not offer stress relief like the real fidget spinners do, however it is pretty cool if you want to challenge yourself or your friends – see who can reach the highest score first.

It also gives you a wide choice of spinners to choose from with awesome neon effects.

Popular Fidget Spinner Tricks

If you prefer experimenting with fidget spinners then these fidget spinner tricks will probably impress you!

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Do you think you can handle being able to switch from one hand to the other? How about flipping it over and under your legs, or behind the back? Watch as this Instagramer takes on the fidget spinner in ways that are beyond your imagination!

Fidget Spinners Challenges to Try with your Friends

There are quite a few fidget spinners challenges which are going viral online. Here are a few challenges that you can try with your friends. Maybe, you can include these fidget spinners challenge into a party game or just something to try when you are hanging out with your friends.

1. Pin The Fidget Spinner

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You’ve probably heard of the game pin the donkey’s tail but what is this challenge all about? It involves a really fast spinner and a pen/pencil. The aim of the challenge is to be able to insert the pen/pencilinto one of the spokes, while the fidget spinner is spinning!

2. Catch the Fidget Spinners if You Can

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This challenge involves two people. Much like the game where you throw eggs at each other and try to catch them without breaking them, the fidget spinners challenge involves throwing a spinning fidget spinner at another person and them catching it without disrupptiing the spin.

3. The Spinning Tower

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This fidget spinners challenge entails loads of fidget spinners for starters. The aim is to create the highest spinning tower.

Alternatives To Fidget Spinners

Certain other fidget toys are rising in popularity alongside the fidget spinner, which claim to be able to provide the same benefits as the finger spinners. Here are a few of those products:

1. The Fidget Cube

Reasons to Use Fidget Spinners - Types, Tricks and Challenges

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The fidget cube consists of various switches, buttons, discs and other sensory tools which aim at keeping one busy and occupied. You can think of this as an adult version of a baby toy – you know the type I’m talking about. Although this is less distracting to other people than a fidget toy spinner, as it isn’t flashy, it can still be distracting as it is a little noisy.

2. Stress Balls

Reasons to Use Fidget Spinners - Types, Tricks and Challenges

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Other than the fidget spinners, the stress ball is the least distracting to other people and not noisy like the cube. We have all seen a stress ball, or at least those million tutorials online showing how to make a gel-filled stress ball. It basically works as something you can squish and squash on the go. However, it isn’t really something that you can put in your pocket, unless you want a huge bulge in your pant!

3. Worry Stones

Reasons to Use Fidget Spinners - Types, Tricks and Challenges

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This stone is flat like your fidget spinners, however, not as distracting and not ‘fidgety’ enough. It is a flat pebble, with an indentation for your thumb. It works by holding it in between your thumb and index finger and rubbing your thumb on the stone.

4. Flippy Fidget Toy

Reasons to Use Fidget Spinners - Types, Tricks and Challenges

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This Flippy chain toy has so many different ways to flip and twist it, it is sure to keep you occupied for a long time. Much like the fidget spinners you will need only one hand for this device and can be used without much thought.

Fidget Spinners


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