Why is it that some people get to walk around with fabulous hair while others really struggle? Is it all in the genes? Is it just luck? In fact, there are tricks you can use to get beautiful looking hair pretty much no matter what you start out with. These are some of the best.

Wash your hair less often

Wait a minute – did you read that right? Yes, you did. Society – influenced, of course, by hair care product manufacturers – has persuaded us that letting your hair go for more than a day without a wash is dirty, but unless you have extremely greasy hair, that’s unlikely to be true. In fact, the optimum frequency of hair washing generally varies from two to four days, depending on hair type. Washing too often dries out your hair and deprives it of the nutrients in its natural oils, which are important to its long-term health. It leaves hair more vulnerable to breaking or developing split ends. Relaxing your washing schedule can lead to hair feeling softer and looking more beautiful within as little as two weeks.

Dry your hair with care

Blow drying your hair every time it’s been washed exposes it to a lot of stress over time, contributing to brittleness and breaking. Whenever practicable, it’s better to let it dry naturally. When toweling, pat and gently squeeze your hair rather than rubbing it. Use a lightweight wrap to absorb excess moisture and help it dry more quickly. If you want to keep long hair neat and out of the way while it dries, consider braiding it – if your hair is straight, this will give it a natural-looking wave after the braid is undone. Remember that hair is more fragile when wet and don’t be tempted to brush or comb it until the drying process is complete.

Protect your hair from environmental stressors

Hair deserves to be cared for just like skin. When you’re going to be outside in the sun a lot, cover it with a hat or scarf or use a UV-protective spray. Do your best to shield it from traffic fumes and other urban pollutants. Avoid smoking, which is a direct cause of chemical stress. At night, use low friction pillowcases – silk is ideal – to decrease stress caused by matting and tangling. If you’re using heated styling tools, apply a heat-protective spray first in order to reduce the damage done, and try to keep that kind of styling to a minimum. A healthy diet will also help, with a good balance of nutrients helping to give your hair all that’s needed to fortify its inbuilt protective mechanisms, and drinking plenty of water will protect it from dehydration just as it protects your skin.

Boost fine hair with Viabrance

If you’re a regular reader of style magazines, you’ve probably already heard about Viabrance – it’s such a revolutionary treatment for fine and thinning hair that it’s got everybody talking. Composed of a topical solution which improves the health and efficiency of hair follicles, a serum which triggers hair regrowth and special gummies which deliver targeted nutrition to the scalp, it strengthens weak hair strands and can even prompt new hair growth. Unlike some other products that restore hair, it’s safe for women to use, and building all three products into your regular hair care routine boosts strength, volume, and shine like nothing else.

Brush regularly

It’s a simple thing but it’s surprising how often we forget to do it – just brushing your hair regularly can keep it in much better health. Brushing does far more than just get rid of tangles and should ideally be done several times a day. Always start at the tips so that you can gently work out any tangles that are present without pulling out hair. Once your hair is tangle free, brush down from the roots to the tips in sweeping strokes. This will carry the nutritious and protective oils produced by your scalp right along each strand so that they can do their job properly. In the process you’ll strip out pollutants and other damaging chemicals in a natural way, clarifying your hair and enhancing its natural shine.

Looking after your hair in these simple but highly effective ways can help to restore its natural beauty. That’s all most stunning looking hair is – the same stuff we’re all born with, just protected from the damage associated with modern lifestyles, and really well looked after. Show your hair some love and it will glow.