5 Steps To Bid Adieu To Frizzy Hair!

The Nightmare Of Frizzy Hair

Monsoon is a nightmare for those conscious about your hair and, if you live anywhere near the sea, then we understand your pain of frizzy hair being your constant companion. With the summer being horrible to your hair, and the monsoon making a swooping entry immediately after that, taking care of your precious hair can be quite a task.

Even after we have set our hair, there will be those pesky little flyaway hairs that will peek out of your hairdo and make that whole look nothing short of redundant. Not everyone can afford the can of a high fashion hairspray. So, here we have a bunch of tips for you to use, to make sure you do not have to face that problem again.

5 Tips To Control That Frizzy Hair

1. Ditch the Brush

Frizzy Hair
Image: Women Fitness

Here’s the thing, no matter how great your hair feels after brushing it, your brush does make you grow in volume, making it more frizzy than it already is.

Comb through your hair gently and patiently and ditch the brush. You will notice a visible difference.

2. Deep Conditioning and Hair Masks

Frizzy Hair
Image: ABC News

Conditioners are ever so important for hair care and maintenance, so make sure you always use a quality conditioner after you shampoo your hair. Also, add hair masks and serums to your hair care routine for extra nourishment. It will help pacify your hair, making it tamer than usual.

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3. Throw the Towel Away

Frizzy Hair
Image: Shop-Excite

Towel drying your hair is a bad idea! Rubbing the scalp vigorously robs your hair of its natural nutrients and makes it dry and lifeless. This, in turn, gives way to more untamed hair. Wrap your hair in a soft t-shirt and let dry.

4. Avoid Excessive Styling

Frizzy Hair
Image: Hair Styles For Women

We know that straightening the hair is a much quicker way of looking glamorous. Especially when compared to having to tend your hair into a hairdo that will take a lot of time. But, heat and chemicals will eventually ruin your hair, making it dull and limp. We bet you knew that, but ignorance is not an option if you want to tame frizzy hair.

5. Baby Lotion and Lip Balm

Frizzy Hair
Image: Cosmopolitan

So let’s be practical here. You are in a hurry and you are all decked up and catch a glimpse of yourself as you are flying out the door. And OMG! You notice those pesky flyaway hairs poking out of the hairstyle in every direction. You don’t have time for a do-over and do not have a hair styling cream or spray handy. What do you do?

Your best friends are a handy lip balm or a baby lotion. Take a little amount of either product on your fingers and wipe them gently on the hair that is out, they will set themselves down and then you are good to go!

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