Get Natural Fair Skin With These Natural Products

Natural Fair Skin

It is very important in today’s world for people, especially women to feel beautiful and comfortable in their own skin. We are trying to break color barriers by promoting that all skin colors are equally beautiful. However, it is important to remember that unless you are comfortable and confident with your skin, no one else will feel confident about you. This is why we have put together various natural products that you can use to obtain natural fair skin.

While beauty treatments and salon appointments can give you temporary glowing skin, there are some tried and tested methods through which you can get fair skin. This is without having to expose your skin to harmful chemicals and resorting to artificial whitening.

15 Ways To Get Naturally Fairer Skin

1. Lemon

Natural Fair Skin
Image: David Wolfe

Using lemon to scrub your skin will help you a great deal in lightening your skin tone. It is a great bleaching agent and has properties that help correct the discoloration of the skin. Lemon also brings about a glow in your skin. It is one of the best ways to get lighter skin tone.

2. Potato

Natural Fair Skin
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If you are patient enough and do not mind slow procedures, then using the juice of potato to apply all over your face and neck will get you a lighter skin tone.

3. Tomato

Natural Fair Skin
Image: Serious Seats

If you want to remove that pesky tan, then a tomato is your best friend. Take a ripe tomato and apply its pulp all over your skin. The scrubbing will remove the tan, whiten your skin and also give you a blushed pink glow.

4. Honey and Lemon

Natural Fair Skin
Image: Lifestyle Expert

We have already reiterated to you the importance of lemon for skin lightening. You can add equal quantities of honey with lemon juice and apply it on your skin for natural fair skin.

5. Cucumber and Lemon

Natural Fair Skin
Image: Simplest Things

Not all skin types can withstand natural remedies that are mentioned here. If you have oily skin, it is important to make sure your skin gets lighter and does not get even oilier. To this end, mix crushed cucumber and lemon juice mixture on your skin. It will hydrate your skin and give it a light and healthy glow.

6. Honey and Cucumber

Natural Fair Skin
Image: Phillip Stearns

Similarly, for people with dry skin, the mixture of honey and cucumber juice is perfect to get natural fair skin.

7. Cinnamon

Natural Fair Skin
Image: Outside Magazine

Cinnamon is great for the body and well as your skin. Take a pinch of fine cinnamon powder and mix in half a teaspoon of honey. Apply this mixture of your hands, face and neck and wash it off after proper scrubbing.

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8. Curd

Natural Fair Skin
Image: Magical Makeovers

Curd is a food product that has skin lightening properties. If you apply and scrub rich curd on your skin, before you shower, it will gradually lighten your skin.

9. Coconut Water

Natural Fair Skin
Image: Med Scoop Daily

Apart from lightening the skin tone, there are age scars and other marks on our body that we would love to see fade. For that, the best option would be to rub pure undiluted coconut water on them. Your scars will lighten and fade over time.

10. Turmeric

Natural Fair Skin
Image: Green Earth Medicine

Turmeric mixed with a little amount of milk is a great skin lightening agent. You can alternatively use olive oil instead of milk to get natural fair skin.

11. Lemon, Milk and Almond Oil

Natural Fair Skin
Image: Word Reference | Hillman’s Milk | Health – How Stuff Works

Mix a spoonful of lemon juice, milk powder, and some almond oil, and apply it as a mask all over your face and neck. Remove after 15 minutes and you will have naturally fairer skin. It also removes all the impurities from your facial pores.

12. Banana and Milk

Natural Fair Skin
Image: EcoWallpapers | Realfood Realfitness

If you want instant lighter skin, then mash a couple of ripe bananas and mix them in milk. Apply if on your skin regularly for great results!


13. Milk and Honey

Natural Fair Skin
Image: Wellbeing Support

Applying a mixture of raw unboiled milk and honey on your skin will not only help you get a lightened skin tone but it will also give you a glow.

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14. Tomato, Curd and Oatmeal

Natural Fair Skin
Image: India Bright

Another great scrub for your skin comes from your kitchen! Make a mixture of tomato, curd, and oatmeal and let it sit on your skin for some time. Your skin tone will lighten within days.

15. Eat Healthy

Natural Fair Skin
Image: Healthy Diet Advisor

Eat healthily and avoid a lot of oily food on days your skin feels particularly bad.

There you go!

Natural Remedies For Healthy Skin