Smokey Eye Makeup

It is not a joke to try to apply a good smokey eye makeup without looking either like the eye is too patchy or too overdone. There are however a few ways by which you can master the art of a perfect smokey eye that can work for most events and parties.

5 Tips To The Perfect Smokey Eye

1. Creating the perfect base:

Image: Makeup And Beauty

Remember to always prime the area around your eyes and apply foundation to create an even canvas for you to apply the smokey eye. If you are using a vibrant eye shadow color, then we suggest you first apply a white eyeshadow all over your lid so that the colors stand out.

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2. Never ignore your eyebrows!:


Just smoking up your eyes will not give you the desired result. You have to make sure that you pencil your eyebrows to perfection, and remember to use a pencil that has a brown tinge to it rather than a black one as the black tends to look very artificial.

Always use a highlighter under the outer brow arch after you are done with smoking the eye. This helps the eye makeup pop.

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3. Those critical finishing touches:


Line your eyes, how thin or thick you want it, but it is essential to use eyeliner as it defines and gives shape to the makeup you just applied. It also brings life to your eyes.

Apply eyeliner on the lower lash line if you would like. Also, make sure you dab on some mascara rather liberally.

4. Time appropriate smokey eye:


We would suggest that if you chose to adorn the smokey eye in the daytime, then it should be on a slightly softer side. Preferred colors would be nudes and shades of browns.

If you are looking to smoke up your eye makeup for a party or an evening event, then it is best to work with a palette that has grays, blacks and some vibrant color in it, like purple or blue. You can also add some glitter for a heavy party look.

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5. Minimal makeup when necessary:


Always make sure your face is not heavily made up when you are adorning a smokey eyed look. Keep the makeup and lip color to a lighter color palette, when compared to the eye shadow.

This rule does not apply to people who are required to wear heavy makeup.

With these tips, I’m sure that you won’t be having too much of a trouble with your smokey eye look!