Wooing a lady needs effort and although with women, you always aim for her heart brimming with emotions, you cannot go wrong with a nice present along with it. For she is the one who is there with you in the best way she could and she deserves nothing less than the whole world. If you are having a dilemma what to buy her to make her feel butterflies in her stomach, then this article will definitely help you to take cues from it. Put your own spin on these gifts or just pick and wrap, your lady will adore you for picking out something that she actually likes. Full points to the thoughtfulness, my friend:


Yes, this might sound an age-old idea but pick her favorite scent off the shelf and you will see her beaming with joy not only because no matter what the era is, women are always in love with a good fragrance but also because she will be flattered that you remember such tiny details about her.

2.Silk Pillow Case

She needs her sleep to be ready to conquer the world the next day and to help her sleep soundly, these silk pillowcases are your best bet. The sheen and the touch, she just wouldn’t be able to escape the charm.

3.Handmade Jewelry

Instead of picking gold and diamond, get her a piece of handmade jewellery that pronounces your affection for her effortlessly. Not only these pieces are beautiful but they also tell the tale of fairy tale love that you two have for each other.

4.Weighted Blanket

Words can’t describe the comfort quotient that comes with this blanket. The subtle weight will lull her into sleep like a baby. Restful and good looking and you are making her sleep better. You cannot even think that she won’t love you for this.

5.Sunrise Alarm

An alarm clock that simulates the increasing sunshine at dawn that will wake her naturally with a calm mind rather than the noise that comes off from the phones or blaring alarms that startle her in the sleep. She will use it daily and thank you for taking so intense care of her.

6.Facial Cleansing Brush

It takes a lot of effort to take care of the facial skin from increasing pollutants in the air on a daily basis. Make her skin radiant with happiness and pollutant free when this smooth facial brush will drive away the dirt from every pore of her face. She will love her new glowing skin and will love you even more for choosing such kind of gift for her.

7.Soaps Of Assorted Scents

Give her an experience of the lavish shower with some of the handcrafted soaps carrying distinctive smell that she couldn’t forget. From green tree to tropical orange, this set consists of a number of soaps that will nourish her skin like never before.

8.Head Massager

To lay weary head on the bed after a long and tiring day is nothing less than bliss and what if she can enjoy the surplus comfort with a relaxing automatic head massager. She won’t be able to resist such a relaxing way to calm the mind.

9.A Polaroid Camera

She doesn’t have to wait for days before she can see the captured moments in her hand. With this instant camera, she can click the moments on-the-go ready in a jiffy to fill up the scrapbook. A definite show stealer!

10.An Yearly Planner

Not just a planner but the one with pleasing aesthetics that will make her want to organise her schedule in this. This will definitely help her to make more time for you. Wouldn’t you just love that?

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