Glitter Makeup: Trend Alert!

While last year was dominated by extravagant nail art styles and using different embellishments to enhance the nail beauty, 2016 has seen a surge of using OTT shimmer and glitter dust on the face – glitter makeup trend! Glitter is being used as an independent pigment in the form of an eyeshadow or a lip color instead of the traditional colored pigments.

While we love how the trend is catching on like wildfire, there are a few cardinal rules that need to be followed while opting for glitter makeup so that you do not miss the mark and end up looking like a makeup faux-pas.

Tips To Know Before Applying Glitter Makeup

These are the things you have to keep in mind before you proceed on to applying glitter makeup:

1. Less is More!


Of course, many will argue that there is no such thing as too much shine but, trust us when we tell you that there is a limitation to how much glitter you can pack on while applying makeup. Since it is not pigmented and has the texture of powder, applying more than one layer of the product will give you some serious fall-outs on the face, especially if you are choosing a glitter eye-shadow. As it is such a statement product, one layer of glitter will actually suffice.

2. Be Picky!


Even if it is a Saturday night and you intend to stand out in the crowd, packing on glitter everywhere possible is never a good idea. Limit the use of glitter in your makeup to one part of the face like the eyes or lips or the nails but NEVER together. You want to look stunning, not like a Barbie doll dipped in shimmer!

3. Know When!


No business meeting demands that you wear a glitter lip color in the boardroom. Adorn glitter makeup when the occasion is right. Even for something as muted as a Sunday brunch date, a simple glitter based eyeliner can make your eyes pop and complete your fun, playful look.

4. Coordination is the Key!


Wear your glitter makeup in a way that it either compliments the outfit or acts as a perfect contrast. A red hot glitter lip color would look killer with a black cocktail dress; just like how a bottle green glitter eye shadow would look amazing with a golden or a deep magenta outfit. Play with colors and coordinate your glitter makeup to shine along with your chosen outfit.

5. Brush Up On Your Glitter Makeup 101


Applying glitter makeup is the trickiest feat to achieve. It needs to be applied once and that one layer of product will pretty much be it as you cannot do touch-ups and apply glitter on the existing product repeatedly.

Glitter Makeup – How to

Step 1 – Base Color Coat


In both the cases of the lips and the eyes, you need to apply a base color before you proceed to pack the glitter on top so as to make the color pop. Also, in the case of the glitter falling out, the base color will help you in covering up the makeup mishap.

Step 2 – Glitter Primer


Use a consistent and reliable glitter primer on top of the pigment/base color where you want to apply glitter. This will hold the product a little longer.

Step 3 – Application


Using a slightly wet applicator brush, dab the brush in the pigment once and slowly apply the product on the primer. Make sure you do this slowly and steadily as you have only one chance of application with glitter. You can also wet the applicator brush with some makeup setting spray for the product to stay longer.

Step 4 – Clean Up


Sure, there will be pigments that will fall-out during application on your face so make sure you first complete the glitter part of the makeup, clean up the fall-outs and then proceed on to the remaining parts.

And Voila!

Best Glitter Makeup Products To Buy

Now that you are well equipped in the art of applying glitter makeup, you can start stocking on some essentials. Shop some great glitter based makeup products here:

1. NYX Glitter Primer


2. NYX Face and Body Glitter


3. Nyx Pigments


4. MAC Glitter Brilliants 3D Brass Gold

Image: Fran Loves

Glitter Makeup Glitter Makeup

5. NYX Glitter Cream Palette 01 Paradise

Image: Sleek Hair

Glitter Makeup Glitter Makeup

6. J.cat Beauty Mineral Base Loose Powder Sparkling/glitter Eye Shadow Pigment


Glitter Makeup Glitter Makeup

Take a look at this Glitter Makeup tutorial!