Healthy skin is beautiful skin and when it comes to finding your inner beauty, less is usually more. For a skin care routine that leaves your face with a radiant glow, go back to the basics. Follow these three simple steps to a healthier you.

Wash with a gentle cleanser. 

First thing in the morning, and last thing at night, you need clean skin. An organic face washis the best choice for a cleanser that won’t harm your skin. Ingredients such as soapwort, tea tree oil, and kaolin cleanse away oils, dirt, and the daily environmental grime that finds its way to your face. Yet they do it without destroying your skin’s natural protective layer, the acid mantle. Organic cleansers preserve the acid mantle and help keep the pH balance of your skin in check.

Use a moisturizer after cleansing.

 It’s even better if you can combine your moisturizer with a sunscreen for protection from harmful UV rays. If you have dry skin, you can opt for a heavier moisturizer. Those of you with oily skin know you need to tread lightly here. A hydrating face spray is a great idea for every day use or quick touchups on the go. With just a spritz or two you can restore your skin’s moisture balance. Remember, drinking plenty of water is also part of keeping your skin hydrated. You can’t expect a warm, healthy glow if your body is a parched desert on the inside.

Treat Your Trouble Areas.

This is where skin care gets personal. Are you prone to breakouts? A dab of salicylic acid or blemish oil on your problem spots can be incorporated into your routine. The best blemish oil will have natural ingredients that calm your skin without harsh chemicals. Look for rosehip oil, lavender, or blue tansy for help with redness and inflammation. A gentle exfoliant can also be used to treat acne breakouts.

For anyone who is feeling the affects of age or too many days spent in the sun, there are a few additional products to consider. Vitamin C or retinoids can be gently dabbed onto the skin for brightening and lightening of age spots. Hyaluronic acid is another possibility to combat fine wrinkles and general dullness.

The key is to try your skin care products one at a time. Give each one two to three weeks to settle in before you introduce another. This way you can tell if the product is in any way adversely affecting you. If that new cleanser is causing redness or tight skin, throw it out! If you try several new products all at once, you won’t know which one is the guilty party.

Don’t forget that healthy skin takes time. After you settle on your new routine, keep it faithfully for three to six months, then reassess. The most common mistake people make in the quest for beautiful, glowing skin is they give up too quickly. So find a skin care store near you and take the first step. Your journey to radiant skin starts now.