Temperature too high, use on wet hair or no protective care, mistakes made when using a straightener are many and can damage your hair. Whether you use your hair straightener daily or exceptionally, the use of a straightener should be done by taking a few precautions to avoid irreversible damage to his hair.

Mistakes Not to be Made with Hair Straighteners

  1. Choose a hair straightener that does not damage the hair

Opt for a hair straightener with heat regulator, allowing you to adapt the temperature to the nature of your hair. The heat of the iron must not exceed 200 degrees, beyond, the hair fiber is damaged. Remember the American Tori Locklear who during her first hairdo had burned part of her hair. The wick heated to a great degree remained stuck on the curling iron.  Choosing the right hair straightener is most the important step. If you make mistake here, you will never fix it until you change the straightener. Here most important thing is know the buyers trend that what exactly people are buying now days from the market. Keep that in your mind while buying choosing hair straightener.

  1. Wait until the hair is dry

Even if you are late in the morning, it is better to take the time to dry your hair before going to the iron level, under penalty of literally burning your hair and dehydrate the hair fiber.

  1. Take the time to untangle your hair

The desire to buy time is sometimes stronger than that of brushing one’s hair before grabbing one’s straightener. However, the passage of the straightener on knots will dry the hair fiber and cause breakage of the hair twisted to the next passage of the brush. So you need to careful while using different hair extensions, because this may impact the performance of hair straighteners.

  1. Do not put the iron temperature to the maximum

Pushing the temperature of your iron beyond 180 degrees to save time will take you into a vicious circle. You will dry your hair which will become even more difficult to smooth and will tend to refine to break the passage of iron.

  1. Work with wick

Separate your hair into several parts and select one by one the locks of your mane. The material will be less important and will require only one pass of the hair straightener on the locks. If the process seems tedious, you will finally gain time and get a better result than by straightening your hair blind.

  1. Apply a thermo-protective treatment

This is a basic rule of hair straightening, especially if you use your straightener daily. It will act as a barrier to protect the hair from heat and facilitate styling by disciplining the hair and simplifying the glide of the device.

  1. Moisturize Your Hair

Once the smoothing is complete, do not forget to moisturize your hair to prevent drying of the hair fiber in the long term. In addition, the application of a moisturizing hair mask once or twice a week will help you keep your hair healthy and silky.

  1. Clean your Straightener

To avoid build-up of hair products on appliance plates that may cause uneven heating and make hair greasy , it is recommended to wash the straightener once a week on average.

Best Hair Straighteners You Must Consider

  • Remington Keratin Therapy S8590 Straightener

The Remington Keratin Therapy S8590 straightener is a high quality, effective straightener while protecting your hair. Compared to a conventional straightener, it provides 57% more protection thanks to a coating “Advanced Keratin Ceramic” and high protection sensors that allow to continuously adjusting the temperature of the straightener according to the humidity of your hair.

It is very pleasant to use, with its digital screen; can adapt to all your desires, with its adjustable temperature from 160 ° C to 230 ° C; and you can carry it everywhere with its heat-resistant pouch. The little extra: it is ready in just 15 seconds and has a turbo function, ideal if you are in a hurry!

  • KIPOZI Hair Straightener Professional Hair Straightener

The Kipozi professional straightener is a very complete product and certainly one of the best straighteners on the market. Indeed, it allows an ultra-precise hairstyle thanks to floating plates (4.5 cm wide and round edges ideal for the undulations) which will marry perfectly your hair throughout smoothing without friction.

Its titanium coating allows optimal heat diffusion, which protects your hair and gives a soft and shiny result. The temperature is adjustable from 80 ° C to 230 ° C, making it suitable for all types of hair; and the straightener will turn off automatically if it is not used for a certain time, for safety reasons. You can use it on dry or slightly wet hair. Little extra: the power cord is quite long (2.50 meters), which allows it to be handled easily.

  • MadameParis – Professional Hair Straightener ANA

The professional straightener ANA of Madame Paris is one of the professional straighteners that have the best value for money. Indeed, this straightener 2 in 1 offers a quality worthy of a hair salon, which can both smooth or waving your hair. It is suitable for all types of hair and its tourmaline nano ceramic plates guarantee the good health of your hair.

But the real plus of this product is its innovative PTC heating technology, which allows it to be both efficient and fast! Little more: it is sold with many accessories: a comb, a mirror, a silicone tip, a protective glove, crocodile clips, elastics, and a storage pouch.

  • GHD Straightener Gold Classic Styler

The GHD Gold Classic Styler is one of the best straighteners with ceramic plates. Lightweight, fast to heat (it heats up in 30 seconds), has a universal voltage (110 V and 220 V) and a storage pocket; it is ideal to carry everywhere with you. The result obtained with this iron is worthy of a hairdresser.

Your hair is protected by a thermoregulation feature (around 175 ° C – 185 ° C), and you stay safe thanks to its automatic sleep mode. The cord is long (2.7 meters), which allows you to handle it easily. You can read more about the range of GHD straighteners here.