Get Your Spook On This Halloween!

What’s that you said? You’re throwing a Halloween party and you have no idea how to? Well you’ve come to the right place! Here are a few ways to make sure that you’re Halloween party is glamorous success and is unforgettable. So get creative and get spooky with these Halloween party ideas for kids!

Halloween Party Ideas For Kids!

1. Pumpkin is a MUST

halloween party ideas for kids

Like all traditional Halloween party ideas for kids, make sure you have a carved pumpkin at your doorstep! You can make it Simple or scary, or do it my way – Carve it out with scary pointed teeth and top it off with some red paint running out of its mouth with a black top hat. The pumpkin is a MUST have at all Halloween parties!

You can also try making this DIY ‘Oozing Pumpkin’ to gross your invitees out some more! Sick, isn’t it!?

2. Candy-Land

halloween party ideas for kids

If you’re planning on going the simple, classic way with your Halloween party ideas for kids then don’t forget to get down and into the candy!

  • Imagine a layered candy cake, with snickers, chocolate, marshmallows and peanut butter, what could go wrong?
  • Go out and get yourself some glasses/jars and balloons. Dip them in the traditional candy-corn colors – white, yellow and orange.

3. Simple Party Planner

halloween party ideas for kids

If you are planning on going casual this Halloween, here are a few DIY Halloween Party ideas.

  • First, buy some Chinese lanterns and color them orange, with scary faces and decorate the whole hall with these few Halloween party must haves.
  • Buy some Burlap and twine and make a simple sign to hang over your door saying ‘Happy Halloween.’

Perfect amount of spook for a kids party!

4. Scaredy-Cat, Pee-In-Your-Pants Party Planner

halloween party ideas for kids

If you’re planning on going all out of your way to make it the scariest bash, then here is the perfect set of DIY Halloween party ideas for kids to follow!

  • Start by decorating the windows of your house with scary demon cut outs and place them strategically behind your curtains, with a light behind the cutout, to throw out the shapes. This is sure to create a spooky look from the outside of your house.
  • Get some out branches and paint them black and throw them near your gate, creating a path to your door.
  • At the door have a sign carved in wood saying ‘Beware!’ with claw markings on it, and for extra effects make sure your door squeaks.
  • For the main hall have dull lighting with candles everywhere, (try black candles) preferably in red candle stands.
  • Try placing ‘blood’ prints everywhere you can; chairs, curtains, floor, tables, anywhere you can possibly imagine.

5. Spooky Snack Table

halloween party ideas for kids

Remember that now would be the perfect time to bring out some old bed sheets with red ink splattered all over it, as a table runner.

  • Have test tubes with wine/red juice in them served at the table – ‘blood shots’
  • Also try making your own version of deviled eyes with red coloring on them, and olives in the center. This will give the appearance of eye-balls! Gross!!
  • Don’t forget your worm filled spaghetti, eyeball cake pops and gummy worms with red jelly!

6. Never Too Much Decoration!

halloween party ideas for kids

  • You can also bring out some glow in the dark bulbs and lanterns to help light up the place!
  • And to add a special punch to your bash, throw on some knee high socks with some pointed toe shoes onto your table legs, with a black cloth over it – Spooky Witch Table!
  • You could also have a few random scary stories on display for your guest to read and get even more spooked out.

A few other must haves for the perfect DIY Halloween party are – a downright crazy scary costume, some spooky music and a group of people who are ready to party all night long! Go get your spook on!

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