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Who does not love tattoos! The best part about wearing a tattoo is the fact that it is always about something you love or are a crazy about. Here’s an idea! What if you used your favorite book series/movie series as inspiration for the tattoo, in the most innovative way possible? I agree that the thought of getting an elaborate tattoo can be frightful for some but, a small souvenir of a franchise that you absolutely love, in the form of a tattoo won’t hurt you so much. So, we have conjured up a list of 10 Harry Potter tattoos for you to show off with pride!

Harry Potter Tattoos

1. Pair of Round Glasses and the Lightning Bolt

Harry Potter Tattoos
Image: Etsy

Harry’s round glasses with a bolt shaped scar right on top! This is the perfect epitome of being a Potterhead. It is both classic and simple!

2. Harry Potter Tattoos The Golden Snitch

Harry Potter Tattoos
Image: Pinterest

The little fluttering gold ball tattooed on your forearm will look like you are just about to take on off for the next Quidditch game as a seeker.

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3. Harry Potter Tattoos Mischief Managed

Harry Potter Tattoos
Image: The Tattoo Hut

The memorable words that wipe out the marauder’s map etched on the side of your index finger will look great. Another great idea would be for you to get “Mischief Managed” tattooed, while your best friend gets “I solemnly swear that I am up to no good”. This is the perfect friendship tattoo!

4. Harry Potter Tattoos  “Always”

Harry Potter Tattoos
Image: thoughtfultattoos

Those eternal words of love that were spoken by Snape, for Lily, will be every Potterhead’s favorite memory. Perhaps you can do it in honor of both Harry Potter and your significant other!

5. Harry Potter Tattoos Your Favorite Spell

Harry Potter Tattoos

Pick your favorite spell out of the spell book and have it tattooed on your wrist. Whether it is ‘Wingardium Leviosa’ or the spell Harry uses the most – ‘Expelliarmus.’

6. Harry Potter Tattoos Quidditch

Harry Potter Tattoos

A quidditch tattoo would just be legendary. Given that the Firebolt was Potter’s one of the most favored possessions, and that it was gifted to him by his godfather Sirius Black, it sure will be worthwhile having a tattoo of it.

7. Harry Potter Tattoos Just the Scar

Harry Potter Tattoos
Image: Tattoospedia

Go minimal! Get Harry’s scar tattooed on you as an homage to the potter world. No mark is more famous in the wizarding world than the scar itself.

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8. The Sorting Hat

Harry Potter Tattoos
Image: Instagram @hogwartstattoo

The Hat that saved the day and sorted the potter boy to the house we love. This raggedy old wizard hat would definitely make for a fine tattoo. Perhaps you could also tattoo the house symbols on your arm to signify which house you belong to!

9. Harry Potter Tattoos The Dark Mark

Harry Potter Tattoos

We don’t mean to be dark but, You-know-who is sort of a celebrity too. Getting The Dark Lord’s mark tattooed would sure be pretty bad-ass especially is you are more inclined to be on the dark side.

10. Harry Potter Tattoos Get creative!

Harry Potter Tattoos
Image: inspiringtattoos

Agreed you are a muggle but you can get your juices flowing and come up with a witty one-liner that glorifies the Potterhead in you. We have some ideas for you like ‘Don’t let the Muggles get you down’ or ‘Potterhead for life’. You could even get the Buckbeak the Hippogriff or pretty Hedwig tattooed on your arm!

Get your wizard on with this fun Harry Potter Tattoos!