23 Ways To Get Rid Of Hair Fall Problems!

Hair Fall Disaster!

All of us at some point in our lives fall victim to the evil way, that is hair fall and sometimes, for many people, it reaches a level where you just cannot cure it no matter what you do. There are of course a lot of factors that affect it, but the fact remains that it is not as easy to control hair fall problems, as it is to fall victim of it.

We see a lot of hair falling every day, all around us we see strands of our hair lying fallen and wasted. It pains us so much to look at those fallen strands, but there’s nothing that we could really do about it because we don’t really know much about what needs to be done.

But what if we did know how to control hair fall problems?? Well, that’s exactly what I’m here for!


Home Remedies To Control Hair Fall Problems

1. Apply Oil Regularly

Hair Fall Problems
Image: The Hearty Soul

Yes, application of oil on a regular basis is indeed important for the good maintenance of your hair. I have personally observed a lesser percentage of hair fall when I have oiled my hair regularly. If you cannot apply it daily, at least make sure that you are able to apply it once in two days.

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2. Don’t Tie Your Hair Tight that Cause Hair Fall

Hair Fall Problems
Image: Mochini

Yes, pulling your hair tight and also in the same position causes you a lot of hair fall due to the tension built up in that position.

3. Use Natural Juices for Hair Regrowth

Hair Fall Problems
Image: Our Yuppie Life

Try using natural juices by rubbing them on your scalp, like onion juice, garlic juice etc. let it stay overnight and wash it off the following morning.

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4. Meditate : Fast Hair Growth & Stop Hair Loss

Hair Fall Problems
Image: The Art Of Unity

Stress is one of the biggest factors to have been proved to affect the amount of hair fall one suffers. Thus, meditation would lead to relieve some of your stress, thereby reducing your hair fall as a result.

5. Green Tea : Cure for Hair Loss

Hair Fall Problems
Image: Quirky Byte

This might sound slightly weird, but it is absolutely true that green tea is also very helpful with reducing hair fall.

  • Boil a cup of water with 2 green tea bags immersed in it.
  • Let it cool and then rinse your hair with this water.
  • Allow it to sit for some time and then rinse your hair with normal water.

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6. Use Fenugreek for Hair Growth

Hair Fall Problems

Fenugreek or methi seeds are also very much effective in reducing hair fall problems. Soak methi seeds overnight and make them into a paste the following morning. Apply it to your hair and let it stay on for an hour before washing it off.

7. Use Reetha or Soap Nuts For Washing Hair

Hair Fall Problems
Image: Stay At Home Mum

For eons, our ancestors have used soapnuts to wash their hair. Our grandmothers and mothers continue to wash their hair with these soap nuts and it is this that leaves their hair invincible and wonderful. That is more than clear that soapnuts are healthy for our hair, so start using soapnuts to wash your hair instead of shampoos.

8. Scalp Massage for Hair Loss

Hair Fall Problems
Image: Porta Del Mar

Regular sessions of massage to the scalp at hair spas would be a good idea since they relieve all the tension that has been so far built up there and help give an easy growth to the hair.

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9.  Use Amla for Hair Fall Control

Hair Fall Problems
Image: Very Berry Handmade

Since times unknown, people have been using it as the best solution for hair fall. All you have to do is- grind amla into a fine paste and add lemon juice to it. After mixing it thoroughly, apply it to your scalp and let it stay for an hour before washing it off.

10. Coconut Milk

Hair Fall Problems
Image: Serious Eats

Just like coconut oil, coconut milk is also very much helpful for the growth of hair along with stopping hair fall. You can use readily available coconut milk or can grind a coconut to extract the milk from its paste. Apply this milk to your scalp and to the ends of your hair and then wash it off after an hour.

11. Neem

Hair Fall Problems
Image: Way2usefullinfo

We all know that neem is antibacterial, antiviral, anti-fungal, anti-diabetic, antiseptic and sedative in nature. What we may not or do not know is that neem is a good hair fall reduction agent too. Boil water with neem leaves in and wash your hair at least once a week with this water.

12. Coriander

Hair Fall Problems
Image: Super Organics

We know that coriander leaves bring good taste and flavor to food; but not only that, they help a great deal in also hair growth and prevention pf hair fall. Make a thick paste of coriander and apply it to your scalp. Let it stay for an hour before washing it off.

13. Curry Leaves

Hair Fall Problems

The same procedure as stated in the case of coriander is to be followed with curry leaves too. And on a personal note, curry leaves do help a lot in reducing air fall. Do not forget to eat curry leaves whenever you get the chance too, as that can also help.

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14. Potatoes

Hair Fall Problems
Image: Relish Me

Interestingly, potatoes too have shown results in the case of reducing hair fall. Put pieces of cut potato into a grinder and make a fine paste of it. You can add a little water if the paste is too thick. Then, take this paste into a cloth and extract potato juice from it. Apply this to your scalp and wash it off after 30 minutes.

15. Honey-Olive Oil-Cinnamon

Hair Fall Problems
Image: Health Impact News

Mix these ingredients in fine proportions and then apply them to your scalp. Let it stay for forty-five minutes before you wash it off.

16. Avoid Towel Drying

Hair Fall Problems
Image: Wiki How

The fabric of the towel you use might cause friction while rubbing it against your hair and this can result in major hair fall. You can always use an old t-shirt whose fabric is softer than that of the towel you use, this causes less friction and thereby reduces hair fall.

17. Flaxseed

Hair Fall Problems
Image: Grist

There are three ways to use flaxseed for hair fall treatment.

First- you can consume a glass of finely ground flaxseed mixed with water every morning.

Second- you can include flaxseed in your daily food or salads.

Third- you can apply fine ground flaxseed paste to your scalp and wash it off after an hour of application.

18. Water

Hair Fall Problems
Image: Inhabitat

Drinking about 5 liters of water every day reduces hair fall problems and allows new follicles to grow out in the place of fallen ones. Water is known to reduce the heat in the body and indirectly influences stress levels, thereby reducing the loss of hair.

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19. Homeopathy

Hair Fall Problems
Image: Caleidoscope

It is the best medicine, even when compared to English medicine and Ayurveda, for treating hair fall. Homeopathy has for years been known to cure almost any problem and it is the same with hair fall problems too. Yes, it is a long course, but it has far more satisfying results than any other medicine.

20. Spinach

Hair Fall Problems
Image: Rosanna Davidson Nutrition

We all know that spinach is rich in iron. And most often, deficiency of iron in the body leads to hair fall. In such cases, consumption of spinach or the application of its paste to the scalp helps reduce hair fall.

21. Egg

Hair Fall Problems
Image: Huffington Post

Well, this is hardly unknown remedy after all. All you got to do is apply the egg white to your hair and wash it off after 30 minutes.

22. Walnuts

Hair Fall Problems
Image: Omega Walnuts

These are especially helpful when there’s hair fall problems in your genetics. Just the consumption of them is enough to boost hair growth and reduction of hair fall.

23. Yogurt

Hair Fall Problems
Image: Doggy Bakery

Even curd could be used in the place of yogurt for the treatment of hair fall. You could apply it to your scalp or consume it or mix it with any other hair mask that you apply.