Have you reached the point that you just want to say no to any more waxing, shaving, and using depilatories to get rid of unwanted body hair? There is no more effective method for removing unwanted body and facial hair than laser hair removal at Ideal Image. Many Ideal Image clients, however, have to overcome some misunderstandings about how laser hair removal works to feel comfortable with the process.

Here are six common laser hair removal myths debunked.

Common Laser Hair Removal Myth #1: Laser Hair Removal Hurts. 

The truth is, laser hair removal isn’t completely pain-free. Customer testimonials, however, generally say that the pain of laser hair removal is comparable to being snapped with a rubber band. Even this pain, however, can be reduced by the application of numbing cream before the procedure. Once the laser has done its work on each hair follicle, you will be happy to know the pain stops.

Common Laser Hair Removal Myth #2: Laser Hair Removal Isn’t Safe

Laser is FDA-approved for hair removal. The FDA has approved lasers for “permanent hair reduction” since 1997. FDA-approved laser hair removal has been used millions of times over the last 25 years without any serious injuries, although different lasers may be required for different hair types.

Common Laser Hair Removal Myth #3: Laser Won’t Work on My Hair Type

This is a good place to describe how laser hair removal works. Laser works on a principle called selective photothermolysis. What’s that?

Laser is intensely focused light of a single wavelength. Not every object responds to every wavelength of light. The same way some people have black hair and some people have blond hair and some people have red hair, and so on, and each color of hair reflects a limited range of wavelengths of light, different skin tones respond to different frequencies of laser light.

Your Ideal Image technician will choose the wavelength of laser light to which the pigments in your skin will respond. The Ideal Image technician points the laser at a hair follicle, and the laser light heats the hair follicle pigment corresponding to that frequency of light, and nothing else.

The tiny packets of pigment in a hair follicle heat up and cause the hair follicle to stop functioning. That hair falls out and is not replaced.

Laser hair removal works best on black, brown, dirty blond, and reddish-blond hair. It doesn’t work as well with strawberry blond, light blond, and white hair, because the laser doesn’t heat those pigments as well. 

There is also the issue of “zapping” dark skin surrounding dark hair. It used to be true that people who have beautiful brown and black skin tones couldn’t be treated with lasers for safe hair removal. New Nd: YAG lasers, however, make laser hair removal possible even when the surrounding skin is dark.

Common Laser Hair Removal Myth #5: You Just Need One Laser Hair Removal Treatment

Some Ideal Image laser hair removal clients will get amazing results after just one treatment. If you are unusually hairy, however, it can take up to 10 treatments to get the extensive hair removal that most Ideal Image clients are looking for.

It’s just a matter of matching your treatments to your hair’s natural growth cycle. Some of your facial hair and body hair will be in the telogen, or inactive phase, when you come in for your laser hair removal treatment. Some will have recently fallen out as part of its natural growth and renewal process. Your Ideal Image technician cannot treat what cannot be seen. When you come back for follow-up treatment, however, some hairs that weren’t visible for your first session will be easy to find and remove. It can take several sessions to get all the hair you want to remove.

Common Laser Hair Removal Myth #6: Laser Hair Removal Costs a Fortune

Ideal Image offers a variety of discounts and financing options to make laser hair removal affordable for everyone. There is always a way to get the treatment you want at Ideal Image.