Imagine What Life On Mars Would Be Like!

On the 27th of September, 2016, SpaceX Founder, Elon Musk, revealed his plan to begin colonization on MARS, within the next six years. This really tickled my bones and made me quite excited. When you think about it, this could either go extremely well, or it could backfire and go horribly wrong. Then again, let’s take a moment and imagine life on Mars!mars-1

Imagine Life On Mars:

1. Roman God of War

Imagine life on mars

First, let’s take a trip down Mars’ history. This planet was named after the Roman God of WAR! Possibly because of its red color, or is it because, it’s a land of war!? (Gasp!)

Elon Musk stated that he will be sending out people within the next six years. If you are one who is prone to fights, especially with your ‘other half’, I strongly recommend you stay here on Earth. A war zone is probably not the best thing for you.

2. Hi-Fi But, No Wi-Fi

Imagine life on mars

Yes, we have all become so reliant on the internet (I mean, you are reading this on the internet!) So, can you imagine life on mars without any internet! (Mental breakdown and chaos in the back ground)

Yes, living on Mars might be all ‘awesome’ and ‘spectacular’ but, well, we’ve got wi-fi down here!

3. Dry All Day and All Night

Imagine life on mars

No, I’m not talking about the climate being dry; I’m talking about you having to dry those clothes all day and all night!

Remember that Mars is a planet that is further from the sun, when compared to us. That’s another 225 million kms approximately, for the light to travel before it reaches you!

I don’t know much about calculations but, that does seem like an awful big gap between us and mars. So, imagine your winters here on Earth, when your clothes just refuse to dry; and now, imagine life on mars!

I strongly suggest asking Elon Musk to put up some really good clothing racks before you leave from here. Especially since there’s no electricity to help dry your clothes; about 5 or 6 clothing racks for each household should do.

4. Romantic Night Under the Stars and MOONS

Imagine life on mars

Ah! What a beautiful day!…..Wait, WHAT!? It’s your anniversary and you totally forgot! Oh no! You’re on Mars! There are no gift shops or flowers garden here! What do you do!?

Stop stressing out so much! Just set up a nice cozy dinner for two under the gorgeous stars and MOONS!

That’s right – two moons! That sure isn’t something your girl would have back here! What more could she ask for, right?

5. RO/UV Filters – SOLD OUT

Imagine life on mars

On September 28, 2015, NASA confirmed the presence of water on Mars. But, here’s the thing – it’s all salt water! So, while you pack your bags, make sure to leave some place for your precious RO/UV filter. We all know exactly how important it is for our bodies to have at least 8 glasses of water a day!

6. Wave Bye-Bye

Imagine life on mars

Don’t worry if you suddenly begin to start missing those who have left to live on Mars. There are certain times when Mars is visible at night with the naked eye!

So perhaps you should take the night off from work and spend some time to wave bye-bye to all your loved ones on Mars (Not that they can see you).

Imagine life on mars

Although this article has been written on a lighter note (I was not being serious about anything!), Elon Musk is indeed planning colonization on Mars. And despite all I did say before, I certainly am excited to see science take a step onto the next level! Aren’t you?

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