Best Quality Professional Makeup Brush Sets for Under $30!

Finding the best inexpensive makeup brush sets on various online stores can be quite tough. However, it is important to remember that not all cheap makeup brushes are good quality makeup sets. Makeup fascinates women because it simply amplifies their natural beauty and brings a positive change in their self-image. However, the art of great makeup application starts out with correct makeup tools- makeup brushes of superior make. Therefore, to make a difficult job of hunting for cheap makeup brushes set a little easier, we bring you a list of 8 good and inexpensive cosmetic brush kits for under $30.

Our assorted list of cheap makeup brush sets

1. Susenstone 20 Pcs Makeup Brush Set – $5.40


Inexpensive Makeup Brush Set Inexpensive Makeup Brush Set

If you are looking for cosmetic brushes for makeup that are light on your pocket, then this is the good makeup brush kit to go for by Susenstone. Not all are proficient in the art of makeup. So, to begin with your journey of enhancing your beauty, this cheap makeup brushes set is a must have. These 20 different makeup brushes made of goat hair, is ideal for professional use or personal use.

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2. KOLIGHT 20 Pcs Pro Makeup Set – $8.88


Inexpensive Makeup Brush Set Inexpensive Makeup Brush Set

KOLIGHT’s professional makeup brushes are reasonably priced and render an expert makeup touch. It is a superior collection of 20 varied and fine brushes  made of high quality Nylon hair that cover basics of everyday makeup application. The only downside is the slight rancid smell of new makeup brushes. However, you can easily remove this by any makeup brush cleaner solution. The good part of this makeup brushes set is, it has a powder brush that holds powder effectively, minimizing waste. It also includes the perfect foundation brush with a good grip.

3. BS-MALL Premium Makeup Brush Set – $10.99


Inexpensive Makeup Brush Set Inexpensive Makeup Brush Set

BS-MALL premium makeup brush set comes with high quality and silky soft brushes for makeup that impart a rich experience. If you are an ardent lover of eye makeup and blending means the most to you, then these premium and perfect eye shadow brushes are exactly what you need. The high density bristles made of synthetic fibre makeup brushes are hard fixed and hence do not shed that easy. Apart from eye makeup brushes, the set also contains the perfect foundation brush, small angled contour brush, round makeup brush for face powder, tapered concealer brush, etc.

4. Unimeix Professional 12 Pcs Makeup Cosmetics Brush Set – $12.99


Inexpensive Makeup Brush Set Inexpensive Makeup Brush Set

This 12 piece professional makeup brush kit is designed for portability, as it comes with a protective Roll-up Rose flower pattern bag or case to easily carry the brushes. Besides, the bigger cosmetic brushes are separately covered. The inexpensive makeup brushes made of synthetic fibre, aluminium furrel and wood handle are ideal for liquids, powders or creams to create a great makeup application. It has unique brush for everyday makeup essentials such as liquid foundation brush, contour brush, fluff brush, large and small eye shadow brush, angle brow brush, fan makeup brush, sponge applicator brush, eyelash brush, eyebrow comb brush, blusher brush, lip brush, etc. These cute makeup brushes are perfect for both professional use and personal.

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5. Comenzar Oval Makeup Brushes Set of 10 – $15.99


Inexpensive Makeup Brush Set Inexpensive Makeup Brush Set

This cheap oval makeup brush set from Comenzar is easy to use and is the perfect thing needed to get started with makeup. The pretty makeup brushes are affordable and handy for daily use. The only downside of this face brush set is that it comes with little or no instructions and hence little research on its usage is advisable. It also has no makeup brush holder or bag; so be careful to store in a good case. The oval brush handles are flexible with fine grip. The other desirable thing about these cool makeup brushes is that they grab just the right amount of product, saving your precious makeup.

6. DRQ Professional Makeup Brush Set – $16.99


Inexpensive Makeup Brush Set Inexpensive Makeup Brush Set

This 32 piece good quality studio cosmetic brush set has the potential to make every girl’s beauty dream a reality. The DRQ pro makeup kit contains super professional facial brushes with ultra fine bristles of synthetic hair for longer durability. It comes with an admirable top makeup brush bag to protect and carry all the brushes with ease. It has a full coverage face brush, face blender brush, flat makeup brush for foundation, concealer brush, wedge brush, sponge eye smudge brush, eye shadow brush, eyeliner brush, sector brush, eyebrow comb, cream shadow brush, concealer blending brush, etc. that too at an affordable price.

7. e.l.f. Cosmetics 12 Pcs Set – $24.99


Inexpensive Makeup Brush Set Inexpensive Makeup Brush Set

This 12 piece cosmetic brush set is a nice buy for a great price. Besides, this authentic makeup kit brand is trusted by many. The cheap set consists of the perfect quality brushes that are ergonomically designed for anytime makeup application. The good part is all the soft elf makeup brushes come with detailed instructions for effortless natural beauty enhancement. With each cosmetic brush handle carrying name/use and description printed clear plastic wrap, it is easy to use even for beginners. The makeup collection consists of the perfect foundation brush for both liquid and powder base, blending brush, total face brush, eyelash and brow wand, concealer brush, eye makeup brush set, lip defining brush, etc.

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8. Andre Lorent PRO Makeup Brush Set with Designer Case – $29.95


Inexpensive Makeup Brush Set Inexpensive Makeup Brush Set

This PRO makeup brush set has 5 sinfully soft and elegant multipurpose makeup brushes of good quality for both eye makeup and face. Andre Lorent’s non-shedding vegan brushes are made with LuxeFiber (ultra-quality synthetic fibre) Technology for better makeup application and ultimate flawless finishing. The bristles are tightly packed and hence do not fall out. Thus, it stands out as a top choice of professional makeup artists. This pro-quality cosmetic brush set consists of foundation brush, blush brush, eye-shadow brush, eye-Liner brush and a lip brush- all in a gorgeous and stylish case.

Get flawless look with every application and reveal your own personal style with good quality and cheap makeup brushes sets. Looking fab is just this easy!