Looking for a pre-marriage HIV test? Or is it unprotected sex that is concerning you day and night making you feel as if you have caught an HIV infection? HIV/AIDS is a life-threatening disease and one should consider getting assessed early for better management of a disease. HIV/AIDS has progressed from being a life-threatening disease to a chronic medically manageable disease.

Yes4me provides comprehensive care to the patient addressing all aspects of the disease without disclosing any of your information. Yes4me understands a patient suffering, and help them throughout the long course of the disease, assist them with the financial costs associated with the treatment, help them fight the psychological burden and the stigma associated with HIV.

Yes4me offers one of the best HIV treatments in Chennai, where an individual can get their test done without any hiccups. It provides easy, quick, reliable and fast processing services to its patients with the advantage of choosing their own time, date, and place for free sample collection.

Why choose Yes4me HIV testing? How does it work?

If you wish to undergo an HIV test, you just need to login to our website or app and fill up a set of a questionnaire regarding your health and sexual life. Yes4me ensures to keep all your information confidential.

The expert counselors will evaluate your answers thoroughly and evaluate the risk levels of being prone to HIV. Based on their understanding they will categorize the risk levels as high, medium and low.

If a patient needs more clarification regarding their risk levels, they can directly reach out to our counselors and can clarify all their doubts. Depending upon the risk levels a patient may undergo an HIV testing by choosing from the various packages available at yes4me. One can also choose a nearby hospital or clinic to undergo an HIV test or can order a free home sample collection available all over the city.

The samples collected are assessed on highly accredited sophisticated instruments and it usually takes about 2- 3 hours to assess those samples. After the samples are assessed the reports are sent to the patient on their respective e-mail ID.

After you receive your reports, Yes4Me counselors will contact you for post-test counseling only if you provide consent for it. The counselors will then guide you on various aspects of your life and help you cope with your condition where you can live a healthier and happy life for a prolonged period

HIV Test cost in Chennai

At Yes4me, no patient is denied care for the inability to afford treatment. All services are available at highly subsidized rates.Yes4me makes every possible effort to keep the costs of tests and treatment to the patients at a minimum and the treatment is always directed towards reaching the lowest common denominator. It offers free home collection of samples and pre-post HIV/AIDS counseling is also made available to everyone through our counseling center.

What are the various types of tests that are conducted to know that a person is HIV positive?

There are various types of tests that can check your blood or body fluids to see if you’re infected with HIV. However, most of these tests can’t detect HIV right away. This can be due to your body not containing enough viruses to be detected or if it’s making antibodies to fight the disease. It may take 3-6 months to show that you are HIV positive once you are infected with the virus. Some of the tests that can help you know whether you are infected with HIV are:

  • Antibody Screening Tests
  • Antibody/Antigen Combination Tests
  • RNA Test
  • In-Home Test Kits
  • Results and Follow-up Tests