Have you heard about laser dentistry? It has taken the dentistry world by storm owing to its alluring features and the myriads of benefits it offers. Laser dentistry is an effective and precise means of performing different dental procedures. Its potential to augment the dental procedures depends on the ability of the dentist in controlling the power output along with the time of the exposure especially on the tissue. No matter it is the tooth structure or the gum thereby enabling treatment of specific areas of focus devoid of causing any damage to the surrounding tissues. In case of an anxious patient, it is always best to consult a highly experienced dentist who can make them feel at ease, perform the procedure with precision and reduce the recovery time and pain.

The Plentiful Benefits

Take a look at some of the top benefits of laser dentistry that has made it a highly sought after dental procedure,

  • Regenerate tissues
  • Heal wounds faster
  • It will not need stitches or sutures
  • Some methods do not require anesthesia
  • It will reduce the damage in the surrounding tissues
  • It will result in minimal bleeding as the light beam of high energy will help in clotting
  • It will minimize bacterial infection as the beams of high energy will assist in sterilizing the treatment area

Dental Lasers- The Different Types

The FDA has approved different soft and hard tissue lasers for dental treatments both in case of children and adults alike. As it boasts of some unique absorption features, dentists use it for performing some specific dental procedures.

  • Soft Tissue Lasers- It has a wavelength which is immensely absorbable by hemoglobin and water thereby making it useful in case of soft tissue management. The most widely used soft tissue lasers comprise of diode lasers and Neodymium YAG. Dentists use it as an element of periodontal treatment along with having the ability to kill bacteria and activating the tissue re-growth. The carbon-dioxide laser will help in minimizing damage to the surrounding tissues as well as removing tissues faster compared to fiber optic methods. The soft tissue lasers generally penetrate the soft tissue and at the same time seal the nerve endings and blood vessels. Here lies the key reason why the majority feel no pain after using the laser. Besides it also helps in healing tissues faster. No wonder most dental practices are making the most of it especially in the gingival sculpting process.


  • Hard Tissue Lasers- It has a wavelength which is absorbable highly by hydroxyapatite (the calcium phosphate salt that is present in teeth and bone) and also water thereby making it capable to cut through the structure of the tooth. The most widely used hard tissue layers comprise of Erbium chromium YSGG and Erbium YAG. Its primary use is cutting into teeth and bone with utmost precision. These lasers often are used in shaping or prepping teeth in case of composite bonding, removing tooth structure of small amounts and repairing dental fillings that are worn down. To know more get in touch with renowned dentist Dr. Gerry Curatola..

Gum Procedure (Soft Tissue)

  • Crown Lengthening- The truth is dental laser can help in reshaping bone with hard tissue laser and gum tissue in case of soft tissue laser for a healthy tooth structure. Known as crown lengthening, this reshaping offers a strong foundation in case of placement of the restorations.
  • Frenula (Muscle Attachment) – Laser frenectomy is the best treatment for kids that are tongue-tied and babies who are incapable of breastfeeding owing to restricted tongue movement. It can also help in eliminating speech impediments.
  • Gummy Smile- In fact, dental lasers can help in reshaping gum tissues as well for healthy tooth structure along with augmenting the gummy smile’s appearance.
  • Epulis (Soft Tissue Folds) – Dental lasers are also used for a suture-free and painless soft tissue fold removal resulting from ill-fitting dentures.

Tooth Procedures (Hard Tissue)

  • Cavity Detector- The soft tissue dental laser is used for early cavity detection by offering the by-products reading resulting from tooth decay.
  • Tooth Preparation/Dental Fillings- The hard tissue dental laser will help in eliminating the requirement of local anesthesia as well as the turbine dental drill. The lasers utilized in the dental filling techniques can kill bacteria present in a cavity resulting in enhanced tooth restorations for the long-term. But it is not ideal for crown, onlay or amalgam filling replacement.
  • Tooth Sensitivity- Dentists use the dental lasers for sealing tubules that are responsible both for cold and hot tooth sensitivity.

More Applications

  • Viewing Gum Tissue and Tooth- The process called Optical Coherence Tomography undoubtedly is a safe means of seeing gums and inside tooth in real time.
  • Cold Sores- The dental lasers of low intensity will help in reducing pain related to cold sores and minimize the time to heal.
  • Benign Tumors- Dentists use this process for suture-free and painless benign tumor removal from the lips, sides of cheeks, palate, and gums.
  • Nerve Regeneration– The process called photobiomodulation can be utilized for regenerating scars, blood vessels, and damaged nerves.
  • Sleep Apnea- If sleep apnea happens due to an overgrowth of tissue in the throat, laser assisted uvula palatoplasty, or uvuloplasty can be done for reshaping the throat and relieving the correlating breathing issues related to sleep apnea.
  • Temporomandibular Joint Treatment– The dental lasers can also find use for promptly reducing inflammation and pain of temporomandibular jaw point.
  • Teeth Whitening- Soft tissue dental laser of low density can be useful for speeding up bleaching techniques related to teeth whitening.

The dental procedures will soon be done more effectively, quickly and comfortably owing to the increasing recognition of laser dentistry all over. It is widely used in different medical procedures for ages. A good number of dental clinics are using dental lasers with the technology continuing to augment and its expenditure decreasing. If you wish to reap the perks of laser dentistry get in touch with the best dentist in your area.