12 Acrylic Nail Designs To Die For!

Acrylic Nail Designs

Nail art is a spectacular form of art that more and more women are using to express themselves and stand out of the crowd. Though French nails and single toned nails will always be a classic, enhancing your nails with some embellishments, stickers or designs can give a much more chic and fun look, as beautiful nails are always so attractive. Acrylic nail designs are a rage these days and with a good reason. Acrylic nails are artificial nails enhanced in place of natural nails.

New Nail Art Designs

Get ready to be inspired by some pretty acrylic nails and the most popular acrylic nail designs.

1. Black and Gold Acrylic Nails

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Black and gold nail art are for those lovely girls who are always searching for pretty nail designs that exude exuberance and richness of looks. The combination of black and gold is really attractive and there are different creative nail art designs one can experiment with when using these two awesome shades. The golden glitter acrylic nail designs on a black base have been flaunted by many celebrities and on the ramp, as it looks so sassy and oozes ounce of class. Plain black acrylic nails are a huge trend too and give a very goth and sophisticated look.

2. Red Acrylic Nails

Red is such a classic color when it comes to nail art which makes it one of the most common in colored acrylic nails. It oozes sheer elegance and in any of its shade from dark red to bright red. It makes such a pretty base for nail polish art especially during festivities such as weddings and Christmas time. Red glitter acrylic nails give a very bold and luscious vibe and are very desirable as long acrylic nail designs.

3. Pink Acrylic Nails

Pink is a perfect shade for cute summer acrylic nails. It is feminine and can be a base for a number of cool nail designs. Hot pinks, barbie pinks to baby pinks, any shade of this sweet color looks appealing. A number of sparkly acrylic nails are available in pink and make such gorgeous acrylic nails.

4. Gray Acrylic Nails

Gray is an underrated color and is a must have shade for fall and winter. It looks great as matte acrylic nails and gives a very understated and classy look. Nail art rhinestones can be used on a gray base to give a more glamorous look to your nails or you can opt for simple nail designs by keeping it monotoned.

5. Blue Acrylic Nails

Blue is such a royal color and is a great shade for beautiful acrylic nails. They look better as gel acrylic nails than matte, as blue always looks good with a tinge of a glossy sheen to it. Several cute fake nail designs can be experimented with a blue base to make it look all the more fascinating. Navy blue acrylic nails and turquoise acrylic nails are some great options if you do not want to opt for the conventional royal or sky blue.

6. White Acrylic Nails

Mono-toned plain acrylic nails with a white base is a huge trend these days. White acrylic nails make a great base because they draw special attention to the designs made over them. Marble nail art is one of the best acrylic nail design to be made on a white background. You can also use a spectrum of colors to make various acrylic nails flower designs on the white base which make perfect spring acrylic nails.

7. Silver Acrylic Nails

Silver acrylic nails are so glamorous and unique. You could opt for all white acrylic nails or any other single toned acrylic nails and add some glittering silver sparkles using acrylic nail powder. These nails will surely stand out and grab the attention of your onlookers. If you wish to go minimal you can opt for silver colored nail tips or use silver for various acrylic nail tip designs.

8. French Acrylic Nails

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French manicure nail art will never die out of trend. They are easy acrylic nail designs but yet look so classy and neat. French tip acrylic nails are the most common and popular nail acrylic designs. They can be decorated with the use of nail art accessories such as rhinestones, nail art pens, and stickers to make it look more alluring.

9. 3D Acrylic Nails

3d acrylic nail art designs are one of a kind and are sure to grab some attention. 3d nail art supplies are easily available in the market and are quite easy to use. The powder used for this kind of art is a polymer powder which is used as a monomer liquid to create designs, and when this design comes in contact with air it solidifies.

10. Almond Acrylic Nails

Almond acrylic nails were definitely one of the most popular acrylic nail designs 2016. The almond nail is a beautiful shape and there are so many different options for this shade and all of them look great. Any solid acrylic nail paint design in this shape is attractive. You can take it to the next level by mixing it up with abstract designs, sparkles or 3d crystals.

11. Stiletto Acrylic Nails

Stiletto nails are a gift and a curse. They look fierce but also have the potential to take out one or both of your eyes if you’re not careful. They are pointed acrylic nails that can easily be obtained on long nails by giving them a good file. While almond nails are pointed too they are a little wide on the sides as compared to stiletto nails.

12. Oval Acrylic Nails

The oval shape of nails is gorgeous as it combines the qualities of a square, rounded and almond shapes in a way that their imperfections are squared off. This shape gives the ideal feminine look to your nails and looks good as short acrylic nails too. It is elegant and strong and yet so effortless.

Difference Between Gel Nails And Acrylic Nails

Gel nails are false nails that tend to provide a more glossy and dewy appearance while acrylic nails are more sturdy and durable and also less expensive. There are so many amazing colors, acrylic nail patterns, and acrylic manicure designs to choose from, that it is just an explosion of creativity. Also, acrylic makes the perfect surface to paint colors and designs on.

Get These Nails At Home

If you’re tired of spending a fortune at the salon, you can get these fancy acrylic nails at the comfort of your home. Several nail art videos with nail art ideas on how to do acrylic nails and simple nail art designs for beginners with the latest acrylic nail designs are just a click away. Nail art step by step videos on how to remove acrylic nails is also available.

Acrylic Nail Products

Here are some basic nail art tools you’ll need in order to accomplish your DIY nail art mission and try out different nail art techniques

1. Nail Art Stickers

 Nail art decals and stickers come with a strong adhesive backing. You should apply them on dry nail polish and seal them with a fast dry topcoat. They come in a variety of designs from flowers to cartoons and are great and easy cute nail designs.

2. Nail Art Stencils

Stencils for nail art are available for single use or they can be reusable, depending on the quality. They are available in various shapes for all nail sizes and make some amazing nail art. They make one stroke nail art so much easier to do all by yourself.

3.  Nail Art Machine

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A nail art printer is a machine which literally inks nail designs onto finger nails like office printers ink letters to the paper. They are fast, more detailed and have a large array of latest acrylic nail designs than any human nail tech. It is much easier to use and can also be used for nail art for kids.

4. Nail Art Pens

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A nail art pen is a basic nail art equipment that makes nail art at home extremely easy and fun. You can express yourself with endless design possibilities as the fine tips of the pen makes it effortless to draw any design.

5. Nail Art Stamping

Konad nail art stamping is a new nail-imprinting kit that lets you put designs by stamping pre-designed images on your nails in minutes. It helps you to achieve delicate details that are difficult to achieve using hand painting. It’s so easy to use that you can do it all by yourself in just minutes at home. It is an ideal and fun way for nail art for beginners since it’s neat and trouble-free.

6. Acrylic Nail Brush

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Brushes for acrylic nails use soft hair bristles in different shapes and sizes. It is important to use a proper brush in order to pull down the acrylic nail liquid from the cuticle to the free edge.

7. Acrylic Nail Drill

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Nail drills are fast action heroes, they can save a lot of time it takes to file a full set of sculpted nails. It is advisable to get this procedure of electrical filing done from a nail technician instead of trying it yourself.

8.  Acrylic Nail Glue

Nail glue is one of the necessary acrylic nail tools since it is used to stick the acrylic nail extensions to the cuticle, and also stick the acrylic nail accessories to the artificial nails in order to obtain a variety of latest acrylic nail designs.

9. Acrylic Nail Remover

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Though acrylic nail removal is best done at a salon, you can very well do it at home with the use of a remover. The remover is rich in acetone solution which removes the false nails without causing any damage to your natural nails.

10. Acrylic Nail Liquid

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Acrylic nail liquid is an adhesive acrylic liquid that does not require a primer. It creates beautiful, crystal clear acrylic nails when used with acrylic powder for nails. Some manufacturers add dye to the liquid to obtain colored acrylic nails or any other desired effects.

Acrylic Nail Kit

12 Acrylic Nail Designs To Die For!

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A kit containing various acrylic nail supplies such as nail art pens, nail art brushes, and acrylic nail colors are easily available in the market and at various online shopping sites. Also, cheap acrylic nail supplies and cheap acrylic nails can be found if you do not wish to spend a heavy budget and yet have beautiful false nails. Both gel acrylic nails and matte acrylic nails are found but the matte ones are in more demand.


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