12 Easy Wedding Nail Designs for the Perfect Bride

Jewelry and rings are two things that go with each other a long way back. People use these things as a tool to symbolize their love and compassion for their loved ones. If you’ve also been preparing for your wedding or engagement lately, you have probably gone through a lot of different popular designs and websites that sell those.

Engagement Rings

When it specifically comes to engagement rings, people usually have to stick with somewhat older designs, but there are always new designs in the market that you can try. Reading some effective online articles like this can help you easily find out about the new hot trends in the jewelry and engagement ring market.

Giving or receiving an engagement from your significant other is once-in-a-lifetime experience, and you want this unique experience to be the most memorable one too. While you can select one of the most famous designs available both online and in the stores, fixing an appointment with your jeweler to finalize the design is your best bet.

Here are some of the unique and trending wedding ring designs that have hit the market lately.

People Like Asymmetrical Designs

While a normally designed ring might look like a perfect thing to gift. Investing in a slightly different design and the asymmetrical ring is not the wrong option too. In fact, many people these days are ordering this type of rings to make their engagement gift stand out of the rest.

These asymmetrical rings are perfect to go with any type of diamond cut, but shapes like heart and round cut diamonds are in more demand.

Uniquely Cut Diamonds

People these days love to experiment around with the shape of diamonds, so, they’ve started ordering the rings fitted with  uniquely cut diamonds.

Due to the changing demands of the younger peoples many new and unique diamond cuts have been introduced in the market. You too can either buy from one of these shapes, or simply choose the old-school cuts to add a classic touch to your engagement.

Differently Colored Diamonds

A rise in the production and demand of lab diamonds has made the international diamond expand its wings and diamonds are now well within the reach of middle class people. Due to these artificial methods of creating diamonds, it has become easier to find diamonds in many more colors.

While some people choose their main stone to be of a different color, while some just get them installed in the place of accent stones to enhance the overall look of your engagement. These types of differently colored rings set the bride and groom apart from rest of the people around them.

The Legendary Three Stone Rings

The three stone rings are one of the most beautiful type of diamond rings. A three stone ring contains three differently sized diamonds fitted into the same ring. In most of the jeweler trends, there is a large diamond in the middle of the finger, and then there are two smaller diamonds controlling that bigger diamond.