Lemon Is A Super Food But Do You Know Why?

Lemon – The Super Food

One of the oldest tricks in the books for curing every possible infection, stomach upset or a common cold is to gulp down a glass of warm lemon water. Because it has a plethora of medicinal qualities and is an amazing source of various nutrients and minerals, it is a great food for everyone to have!  Here is why lemon is a super food!

8 Reasons Why Lemon is a Super Food:

1. Aids in Weight Loss

lemon is a super food
Image: Botanica Wellness

Lemon in Warm water is the sure shot, 100% aid to guaranteed weight loss. When consumed first thing in the morning, lemon water can do wonders for your metabolism and help you lose weight around your problem areas.

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2. Acts as a Natural Cleanser

lemon is a super food
Image: Great Life And More

A glass of diluted lemon water is the perfect way to wash out your inner system. A lot of people go on juice diets and cleansing treatments while they do not understand that 3-4 glasses of lemon water would help them to do just that. It is both cost effective and extremely safe.

3. Builds Immunity: Vitamin C

lemon is a super food
Image: Huffington Post

Lemon is rich in many minerals and nutrients. It is a very rich particularly in Vitamin C, which directly helps the body build and solidify its immune system. A strong immunity will give you protection against a plethora of infections and diseases that you might otherwise succumb to very easily.

4. Reduces Skin Pigmentation and Darkening

lemon is a super food
Image: Siri Care

Lemon is also a dermatologists’ best kept secret! While most skin conditions are to be treated with great care and caution, some of them can be cured by merely with raw lemon. Lemon corrects skin pigmentation and helps clean darkened parts of your body while also cleaning it thoroughly. Also, you can cure large pores

5. Fights Toxins

lemon is a super food
Image: Annika’s Reflexology

As we mentioned earlier, drinking lemon water will help you burn fat and build immunity. Its anti-bacterial properties will also fight harmful toxins that might infest your body.

6. Maintains pH Levels

lemon is a super food
Image: LifeHack

Lemon negates the acidic effect that certain products may have on your body and tries to create a pH balance.

7. Loves Your Eyes

lemon is a super food
Image: Jfw

Lemon loves your eyes too. Drinking lemon water will ensure you have healthy eyes and protect you from any future eye infections. This is why lemon is a super food.

8. Fights Nausea

lemon is a super food
Image: Around The Plate

Lemon is a great go-to product whenever you may feel slightly nauseated or light-headed. It is a perfect carry-along on long car journeys if you tend to get car-sick.

Lemon can be a multi-faceted food product with a lot of amazing medicinal qualities but you must be careful not to eat it or drink the lemon juice directly. Doing so will cause damage to the enamel of your teeth, so it is advisable to dilute the lemon juice and then relish it.