3 Steps To Choosing A Lipstick For Different Skin Tones!

Lipstick For Different Skin Tones

Models might announce that neon lipsticks are in trend, however, this doesn’t mean that it will look good on everyone with different skin complexions. Most popular magazines usually suggest lipsticks for a single skin tone and its readers start using those lipsticks without realizing whether or not it will compliment them. It is a known fact that different colors compliment different complexions. Hence, this article will help girls choose the best lipstick for different skin tones.

Most women have a huge collection of lipsticks in their beauty bag. Some of those lipsticks are regularly worn, but rest remains untouched. This usually happens because most lipstick colors don’t compliment them. You may have liked a lipstick’s color in the store or on Kim Kardashian’s face, however, after returning home and trying it, it didn’t work the way you imagined. It usually happens because the lipstick shade doesn’t suit your skin complexion. You need to buy the lipstick colors which enhances your beauty.

How To Pick A Lipstick

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Have you ordered an amazing lipstick online, only to get a color that doesn’t compliment your skin tone? The trick to getting the perfect lipstick for different skin tones is at the tips of your finger. Most women try the lipstick on the back of their hand before getting them. However, they forget about the color difference between their lips and their hand. Your lips softness and color are similar to your fingertips, so try your lipstick on your fingertips.

So, instead of applying the shades on the back of your hand, apply on your fingertips. Then, place them around your face to make a choice.

Note: Your natural lip color must be one or two shades lighter than your ideal lip color.


Skin Tones And Undertones

lipstick for different skin tones
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You must be aware of your skin complexion and undertone. The skin tone are popularly divided into four categories – fair skin, wheatish skin, dusky skin and dark skin. Everyone’s skin has undertones. The undertone is divided into two parts – warm undertone and cool undertone.

Check out if the veins in your wrist are blue, yellow, pink or green. If it’s green or yellow, then you have a warm undertone and if it’s blue or pink, then you have a cool undertone.

How To Choose A Lipstick For Different Skin Tones

Find out which lipstick color compliments which skin complexion and undertone with these 3 steps!

1. Identify Your Undertone

lipstick for different skin tones
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Being aware of your undertone will help you find out which lipstick colors will look best on you. Look at the veins on your arms. If they appear blue, white, and gray, you’ve got cool undertone. If your veins look green, then it’s a warmer undertone. In some rare cases, it might appear both green and blue as they possess neutral undertone. These people are fortunate as they can wear any color.

Still unsure? Try wearing gold and silver earrings. Ignore your personal choice. Find out which looks better by asking others. If it’s silver then you have a cool undertone, if it’s gold then you have a warm undertone, and in case both looks equally good, then it’s neutral.

2. Colors That Compliment Your Undertone

lipstick for different skin tones
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Search for colors that compliment your undertone when ordering a lipstick. For warm undertones, stick with warm colors like red, orange and brown; and for cool undertones, look for colors with pink, blue or purple tones in them.

Whatever your skin tone and undertone, stay away from grayish, ashy or too pale looking lipstick. You can apply these colors only when you want to look sick and unhealthy. These lipstick colors are universally weird.

3. Pick Lipstick Colors Based On Your Skin Tone

To make the process simple for you, even if you are unsure about your undertone, you can always stick with colors that compliment your skin tone.

Lipstick For Olive/Wheatish Skin Tones

lipstick for different skin tones
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Olive skin tones are usually neutral. Women with this complexion can, fortunately, use almost any shade. They can use any color from brown to peach. Hence, it’s hard for them to go wrong. Take a look at your dress to choose your lipstick color. But, avoid nudes as it will make you appear pale.

Most pink, orange, and red colors will compliment you. For a dress with warmer colors, you should stick with warmer, bright lipstick.

Women with warm undertones should choose from bronze, chocolate, cinnamon and copper colors. Women with cool undertones should confidently pick pink, cranberry, and red shades which will perfectly complement their skin complexion. However, they should stay away from tomato red.

Lipstick For Fair Skin Tones

lipstick for different skin tones
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Dark colors don’t really complement your skin complexion. However, the medium dark color will make you appear gorgeous. Apricot and coral colors will appear stunning on fair skin complexion. But, brown and orange colors will just ruin your complete look.

The awesome thing about having fair skin is that you can always play with bold red and deep shades and look extremely fabulous. However, you should always avoid lipstick with yellow or too light undertones as it can make you appear washed out.

Women with warm undertones should confidently get peach and coral colors which will make their lips appear absolutely stunning. Women with cool undertones should search for mauve and mocha lipstick colors.


Lipstick For Dusky Skin Tones

lipstick for different skin tones
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You can get a stunning look by applying brown and berry colors. However, you should avoid bright orange and pinkish red colors at all costs.

Women with warm undertones will look great with fine brown and berry color lipstick. Women with cool undertones should search for brick red, reddish brown and caramel colors.

Lipstick For Darker Skin Tones

lipstick for different skin tones
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Girls can confidently use brown, purple and red lipstick on dark skin tones. However, always avoid orange color as it can make you look weird. Further, you should also avoid too light or pale lipstick colors. Only apply these colors if you want a retro feel or a statement bright lips. Deep colors appear more naturally stunning.

Women with warm undertones and dark skin should search for red, honey, copper, walnut, and bronze lipstick colors. Women with cool undertones can search for deep plums, berries, ruby red and wine colors to look stunning.

But, keep in mind that you are the only one who can select the best lipstick for different skin tones. Choose the best one for yourself to look stunning. If you like deep red lipstick and it makes you feel good, obviously you should wear it.

Must-know Tips

lipstick for different skin tones

Now, that you are aware of the lipstick for different skin tones and which will be best for you, here are some tips to help you further beautify your pout:

  • Use same color lip liner of good quality to make sure lipstick doesn’t stain the area around lips.
  • If you have impulsively bought tons of good quality lipstick which don’t compliment you, then don’t throw them away. Try to mix and match, you might like it.
  • Apply translucent powder on your lipstick to make sure that it lasts all day.
  • Make and ‘O’ with your mouth and place your finger in between it, to remove any lipstick that might transfer onto your teeth.

3 Steps To Choosing A Lipstick For Different Skin Tones