Make Your Bridal Mehandi More Darker

Having a drop-dead stunning Mehandi on hands before the wedding ceremony is something that every bride-to-be covets for. We all are quite conversant with Mehandi ritual and its significance for the bride at weddings. Mehandi not only insinuates the bride’s love for her groom and his family but also it is considered to bring the good omen in the life of the newlywed couple.

Maintaining a beautifully produced Mehandi design is as daunting as creating it. You can hire the top Mehndi artist in Delhi to have the best of Mehandi designs on your hands but protecting your Mehandi from getting spoiled is a task that only you have to look after. A Mehandi artist can only give you tips to make your Mehandi look darker and splendid.

After doing rigorous research, we have jotted down some do’s & don’ts that will help you to keep up the Mehandi lush darker and make it look thumping at your special day.

Do’s to Follow Before, While, & After Applying The Mehandi

  1. Do wash your hands and feet properly with anti-bacterial soap before applying the Mehandi. It will sway away all the minute dust particles and germs from the skin and make it ready to have Mehandi.
  2. It is recommended to sleep well and eat something before you sit down to have Mehandi on hands.
  3. Ask your Mehandi artist do they need anything like a newspaper, water, or some old piece of cloth before starting to apply Mehandi? If yes, collect the entire requisite first and then sit down comfortably for the Mehandi application.
  4. The best of the Mehandi comes out when the Henna paste used is of prime quality. Nowadays, a majority of the Mehandi artist use artificial Henna for applying Mehandi. Not only artificial Henna doesn’t produce darker Mehandi but also it is quite nasty for the skin. Artificial Henna consists of noxious substances which can cause a black mark on the skin, and sometimes even skin cancer. Ask Mehandi artist to use only natural Henna paste.
  5. Sit in the room which has proper lights and where there is a modicum of hustle.
  6. Always wear something before you sit down for having Mehandi on hands and feet. Tight clothes cause itchiness and may propel you to make movement during Mehandi application.
  7. To get the best out of Mehandi for your wedding day, it is advised to apply Mehandi 24 to 48 hours before the wedding function.
  8. As per the opinion of expert Mehndi artists, a bride should keep Mehandi for at least 7 to 8 hours after application, if she wants a darker and gorgeous Mehandi.
  9. After drying the Mehandi, dap the mixture of lemon juice and sugar on cotton and apply it gently over whole Mehandi design. Doing this will render the gleaming look to your Mehandi design.

Don’ts to Follow Before, While, & After Applying the Mehandi

  1. Don’t sit under the intense sunlight while applying the Mehandi.
  2. Don’t drink too much water or don’t eat in excess right before having the Mehandi. If you do so, you may have to go washroom multiple times to get fresh and this will surely disturb the momentum and focus of Mehandi artist.
  3. Don’t make too many movements while applying the Mehandi. It can ruin your dream of having a coveted Mehandi design on hands.
  4. Never ever use a blower to dry the Mehandi.
  5. Don’t overuse the solution of lemon juice and sugar to give a shine to the Mehandi design.
  6. Don’t remove the dry Mehandi with soap and water. Using soap and water can cause mayhem in the design part along with removing the dry Mehandi.A good mehndi artist will always tell you all the do’s and don’ts before applying mehndi on your hands or legs. So hire a best mehndi artist from which is a largest online wedding market of India.