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Makeup Brushes Guide For Beginners

The cosmetics and fashion industry is a magical whirlpool. If you are new to it, you may be charmed on the outside but the sheer volume of products will drown you. This is the very case with makeup brushes and applicators. This is why it’s essential that we follow a Makeup Brushes Guide for Beginners.

What with the market flooded with a sea of makeup brushes that are deemed ‘essential’ and ‘must-haves’ for every woman, it takes a woman to be a Zillionaire to be able to afford all that. Seriously, who needs fifty brushes for one makeup session?

If you are just as frazzled as everyone is, do not worry, we have got your back. We have for you a specially edited list of Makeup Brushes Guide for Beginners that you need with you at all times. Especially when you are new to makeup and starting to get the hang of it, a basic makeup brush kit is all you will need.

Presenting to you, Makeup Brushes 101! All the makeup brushes you need in your kit. Nothing more, nothing less.

Makeup Brushes Guide

1. Foundation Brush

Makeup Brushes Guide for Beginners
Image: Keoneulaes

A foundation brush is a dense kabuki brush which is flat on top which facilitates equal distribution of the product. Apart from being hygienic, using a foundation brush to blend your foundation base onto your face and neck will ensure proper even coverage that gives you an airbrushed look.

2. Powder Brush

Makeup Brushes Guide for Beginners
Image: Sedonalace

Setting the foundation in place is the next step while applying makeup, and using the loose powder brush is just the product you need next. A fluffy powder brush lets you apply loose tinted powder all over your foundation to set it in place.

3. Contour Brush

Image: Nars

A slightly angled dense brush is perfect for contouring the face and giving it the angled, chiseled look that you need. The angle of the brush will help you create a perfect shadow with the product and prevents over bronzing of the face.

4. Blush Brush

Makeup Brushes Guide for Beginners

Adding that much needed pink to your cheeks is oh-so-necessary when you are doing makeup. A smaller fluffy brush will do the job for you. Applying blush on your cheeks will be a swift job with the help of a blush brush and it even adds so much more to your smile!

5. Highlighter Brush

Makeup Brushes Guide for Beginners
Image: Wet N Wild

A thin bristled fan brush is a must-have when you want to highlight the high points of your face. Since the fan brush is spread out and thin, it does not transfer the product to any other points of your face, except for the high peaks of your face. Therefore, leaving you highlighter on point.

6. Crease Brush

Makeup Brushes Guide for Beginners
Image: Makeup Geek

Moving on to the eyes, this is the time and age for some dramatic eye makeup. Smokey eyes and blended eye shadows are the hottest makeup trend right now and you need just the right tools for this. A crease brush is a small dense brush that allows you to apply the product on the lids cutting off at the crease.

7. Blending Brush

Makeup Brushes Guide for Beginners
Image: Nanshy

An eye shadow blending brush comes next. It blends the eyeshadow that you applied on the lid. It also helps blend two eyeshadows you may have applied to create a smokey eye. A blending brush is small, slightly rounder and fluffier than a crease brush.

8. Liner Brush

Makeup Brushes Guide for Beginners
Image: Makeup Geek

Complete your eye makeup with the perfect eyeliner! Get a perfect wing with a thin, pointed liner brush. Sometimes, liner brushes are slightly angled to help you create the perfect wing.

9. Spoolie Double Ended Brush

Makeup Brushes Guide for Beginners
Image: Bare Essentuals

Getting the eyebrows to look on fleek is no easy task. And you need the perfect tool for it. A double ended spoolie brush with an angled applicator on one end and a spoolie brush on the other is just the makeup tool you need for the job.

10. Lip Brush

Makeup Brushes Guide for Beginners
Image: Brush For You

For perfect lipstick application, it is suggested that you line your lips with a lip liner and then fill in your lips with a lip brush. Transfer lipstick from the bullet to the lip brush and apply them on your lips for flawless lipstick application. Plus there is very little scope for you to go wrong.

That is everything you need to begin your foray into makeup and buying the right makeup brushes for it! Forget all your fears with this Makeup Brushes Guide for Beginners! Get your glam on!!!

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