7 Medical Uses of Mangoes That You Didn't Know!

Mangoes – King Of The Fruits!

Who does not love mangoes! Everyone gets in a crazy hoard to get their hands on this super fruit. In India, a good mango season lasts for about 3-4 months from March-April through June-July. Apart from being so delicious, did you known that a mango has amazing medicinal and nutritional properties? Here are a few Medical Uses of Mangoes!

7 Medical Uses of Mangoes:

1. Help Prevent Cancer

Medical Uses of Mangoes

One of the Medical Uses of Mangoes is that it is rich in antioxidant compounds that are known to be effective in protection against Breast Cancer, Colon Cancer, Leukemia and Prostate Cancer.

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2. Lowers Cholesterol levels

Medical Uses of Mangoes
Image: Mercola

There is so much rich fiber content in the fruit and high vitamin C content helps the body to reduce the serum cholesterol levels in the body.

3. Clear Skin

Medical Uses of Mangoes
Image: Tashiara

Mangoes help in clearing the clogged pores on the skin and facilitates in removing the pimples and acne. They are beneficial to the skin when eaten, and also if applied on the skin.

4. Improves Vision

Medical Uses of Mangoes

Another of the Medical Uses of Mangoes is that, when diced, one cup of mangoes has nearly 25% of the Vitamin A needed by our body daily. Vitamin A is the main facilitator of healthy eyesight; it prevents serious eye related problems like night blindness and dry eyes.

5. Improve Digestion

Medical Uses of Mangoes
Image: Health Stumble

Yet another of the Medical Uses of Mangoes is that the high fiber content in the fruit helps with breaking down proteins, therefore facilitating healthy digestion and elimination.

6. Tackle Heat Stroke

Medical Uses of Mangoes
Image: NPR

Drinking the raw mango juice mixed with water and sugar is a widely popular drink, especially during summer. This drink cools down the body and helps the body stay away from overheating.

7. Boost Immunity

Medical Uses of Mangoes
Image: Wellness Today

Mangoes are a rich source of Vitamins A and C and have the presence of a large variety of carotenoids in them that boost the immune system and help the body gear up for a fight with any foreign toxins.

Mango Nutritional Value

Medical Uses of Mangoes

There you go! So many Medical Uses of Mangoes, not that we needed a reason to eat them anyway! No wonder it is called the ‘King of Fruits’!