Mink magnetic lashes have been very popular recently. Both mink lashes and magnetic lashes have been trends on their own but combine the two together and you have a power couple. The mink fibers make the lashes look so amazing that they are the first choice of many lash wearers. The magnetic capabilities of mink magnetic lashes remove the need for a lash glue or adhesive so you can take the difficulty and mess out of wearing false eyelashes. But these are not the only reasons they are superior, why else are they better? Keep reading below to discover the wonderful benefits of mink magnetic eyelashes.


Because mink lashes are natural fibers, they have a look that is very natural. Because of this, you can make magnetic mink lashes look very casual or for a night out. You can achieve different looks with the same pair depending on the makeup you wear it with. You can wear it during the daytime with a subtle eye look and a sheer light lip color. At night you can amp it up a little bit with some eyeliner, a more dramatic eye look, and a dark or vibrant pop of color on your lips. In addition to the makeup you wear them with, there are so many different styles to fit your needs. You could choose a shorter and more sparse pair for the natural days and wear a longer and more glamorous pair if you are wanting a nighttime or event look. No matter the situation magnetic mink eyelashes can fit your desires.


Glue on lashes is notorious for causing irritation to the eye. Many people are sensitive to the glue, so their eyes become red and inflamed. Also, when you have to remove the glue-on lashes, you have to pull them from your lashes and then rub with soaps and removers to get the remaining glue off of your eye. With magnetic lashes, you do not have to worry about the glue or other issues. Magnetic lashes offer a no-mess solution by using magnets that will not irritate your eyes. When placed properly you should not even feel that they are there.

In addition, synthetic and other fibers cause irritation because they are not natural. Mink lashes are a natural fiber, so they are not irritating to the eye like other lash materials.


Even though magnetic mink lashes look dainty, beautiful, and wispy they are actually very durable. If you handle them with care they will stay intact and allow you to wear them multiple times. Also, because there is no glue you will not experience the build-up of glue on the lash that decreases the integrity of the lash and makes it unusable. These natural mink fibers outperform other fibers including synthetic lashes that are notorious for breaking. If you are looking for a falsie that does not break or break the bank, magnetic mink lashes should be the first place that you look at.


Once you purchase your first pair of magnetic mink lashes you will not want to go back to what you were using before. The best magnetic mink lashes are so comfortable that you barely remember that they are there. Mink lashes are very flexible because they are natural fiber. This allows them to bend and move with the natural curve of your eyes. Other synthetic fibers are more rigid which makes it uncomfortable to the wearer. The glue in traditional lashes also makes for an uncomfortable experience. Your magnetic mink lashes will give you all-day comfort that you won’t bat an eye at.

Magnetic mink lashes are superior in almost all areas of the lash game. They provide head-turning and natural looks, all-day comfort, and durability. Magnetic mink lashes are definitely the way to go.