Movember and No Shave November 2016

Movember And No Shave November 2016!

Movember and No Shave November 2016 are here and this time it is bigger and better than ever before! For all those men following the beard and mustache trend, here is your calling! Not just men but, women too are now following this trend!

What is Movember?

Movember and No Shave November 2016

Movember is a movement started in Australia in the year 1999 but, has only recently caught the eyes of the people around the globe. It is a notion started to raise awareness about prostate and testicular cancer faced by men around the world. In addition to this, it also raises awareness on mental health issues that men face like depression and anxiety!

Rules of Movember

Movember and No Shave November 2016

Movember has a certain set of rules to be followed, in order for you to actually be a part of the movement.

  1. First of all, on the night of Halloween (October 31st), one must shave their face completely (except eyebrows. Duh!). This includes beard, mustache and sideburns.
  2. You are not allowed to grow a beard during this month under any circumstances! Zero facial hair under the lip. And no handlebars!

Now you might be wondering why there are ‘rules’ to such a movement. Every year one special man is crowned ‘The International Man of Movember’. Trust me this is an honor of the highest order!

Register here to enter the competition!

What is No Shave November?

Movember and No Shave November 2016

First of all, much like Movember, No Shave November also aims at raising awareness about all types of cancer. But, unlike Movember, No Shave November has zero rules and regulations, and is practiced by even girls around the world.

Most of all, whether you are growing out your beard and mustache, or skipping waxing and shaving for a month, be certain that you are doing it for the right reasons!

Furthermore, the idea of not shaving for a whole month is to save your expenditures at the hair salon and beauty parlor, and instead donate it towards research on cancer, spreading awareness and saving lives of those cancer patients who can’t afford to pay for their own medication.

Tips to Help You this Movember and No Shave November 2016

Movember and No Shave November 2016

Movember and No Shave November 2016, is going to be a bigger and tougher competition this year. Despite all the fun and games, there are many men, both young and old, and many women who are eager to begin this month of hairy adventures! Here are a few ways to help you grow out that hair in a healthy fashion!

1. Miracle of Massaging

Movember and No Shave November 2016

This Movember and No Shave November 2016, try massaging your beard and mustache with oil to help it grow thick and shiny!

2. Eucalyptus

Movember and No Shave November 2016

We now get why Movember began in Australia! Eucalyptus can work wonders with facial hair. Just grab a moisturizer with eucalyptus in it, and use it twice a day to moisturize your skin.

3. Diet

Movember and No Shave November 2016

Follow a diet that includes Vitamins like A, B, C and E, to help grow out your beard and mustache hair faster. Finally, include proteins as a major part of your diet to help speed up the growth.

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4. Folic Acid

Movember and No Shave November 2016

Try folic acid supplements, which can be bought at any drug or health store near you. Folic acid helps you maintain thick growth, giving you more hair and a bigger and better mustache and beard!

5. Beard Oil

Movember and No Shave November 2016

Most of all, the amount of men who have told me what beard oil has done for them is seriously astounding! Try using beard oil to help progress the growth of your hair and ensure good thickness!  This will help you look smart and help you style it! The perfect way to NOT look like a homeless man this month of Movember and No Shave November 2016.

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