Do You Know That Nail Contouring A Real Thing?

Nail Contouring 

You’ve all heard of face contouring but, have you ever heard of nail contouring? No, I’m not kidding! Nail contouring is the art making your nails look longer and slimmer than they actually are! Every woman must have gone through a phase at some point wishing that they had the perfect “hand-model” hands and now we have a way to at least make it appear that way!

The Concept of Nail Contouring

It’s actually quite simple and easy, which only makes it even more exciting and interesting! This entire technique was the idea of a Korean-born manicurist Jin Soon Choi, who revealed this secret during the Vera Wang Spring/Summer 2017 fashion show.

The concept with nail contouring is to paint only the center of your nails, leaving the side blank. Or for an even better appearance try applying a base coat that is the same color as the side on the side of your nails.

By using bright and dark colors, one is creating the same effect on their nails that contour and highlight does for your skin.

This gives the appearance of slimmer nails and slimmer hands on the whole! It even works for those addicted nail bitters!

The nail contouring technique is much like the concept of nude nails and French manicures that use nude bases. Both concepts aim at making your nails appear longer by lengthening your nail bed.

Nail Contouring

Vera Wang SS ’17 Nail Contouring

To support the look at the Vera Wang SS ’17 fashion show, Jin Soon Choi incorporated this technique stating that it was something that she and her friends would do when they were young. Ever since then the technique has blown up world-wide on such a huge scale. Even Jin Soon Choi is quite excited at the idea of how fast it has spread!

In the Vera Wang SS ’17 fashion show, the nail polishes Risque and Doux by Jin Soon were used to create the nail contouring look.

Why We Love Nail Contouring

1. Non-Expensive

Do You Know That Nail Contouring A Real Thing

Unlike many other fashion trends followed around the world, nail contouring does not call for any unnecessary expenditure. It can be done in the comfort of your own house, with just your nail polish bottle and brush!

2. Easy To Do

Nail Contouring

It’s quite easy to do as all it requires is a single stroke of your nail polish brush upon your nails and you’re done!

3. Nail-Bitter’s and Chubby Fingered People’s Paradise


If you’re a nail bitter or if you have chubby fingers then this would be a glimpse of paradise to you! Remember that nail contouring not only makes your nails look longer but, also makes your fingers look slimmer!

Nail Contouring Goes Viral

Ever since the technique hit the eyes of the public it has gone viral! Nail artists around the world, both amateurs and professionals have been copying the style and even coming up with many different ways of putting this technique into practice.

After a quick scan on Instagram, we have narrowed down the best nail contouring designs for you!

1. Simple Technique Maroon


Instagram’s mosquerastylesyou version of nail contouring does not stray far from the original technique. She has demonstrated the original picture using the color maroon. Simple and yet, effective!


2. Shaping It Out


love.ur.nails on Instagram showed us how to use nail contouring to highlight the shape of our nails. They have used the nail contouring technique as an example and used it in a very innovative manner!

3. Mix It Up



101hair_avenue on Instagram probably thought “why use a single stripe when you can mix and match?” Their version of contouring includes a pink base with a navy blue stripe, layered with red. They have also demonstrated blue nails with a white stripe, layered with red. Highly patriotic and very cute!


Nail White Pencil

Of course, if you have no time for nail polish, not even an easy french manicure, I suggest you get your hands on the nail white pen! This is perfect for when you’re too busy but, you still need your nails to look perfect!

How To Use The Nail White Pencil

First, remember that this pencil is NOT to be used ON your nail but, UNDER in!

Simply dampen the pencil a little and rub it under your nail and rub the excess off immediately.

And you’re done!

Best Nail Whitening Pencils

  1. Sally Hansen 2-in-1 Nail White Pencil -$9.97
  2. Rimmel Nail White Pencil – $10.59
  3. Flowery Nail White Pencil – $4.49