Plastic surgery has its fair share of risk, just like any other type of surgery. In many cases, people will be unaware of these risks or try to brush them off to reassure themselves. Some will also assume that surgeries that seem minor cannot have major consequences.

But some of these risks can be very serious, and you have to be prepared in case you experience any complications. These can be cosmetic in nature or could arise from poorly performed anesthesia, for instance. No matter the scope of the procedure, you have to know all the risks involved and the recourse in case something happens. Here are some of the most common risks associated with plastic surgery.

Poor Results

The first risk is that you might not be happy with the final results. This is probably the greatest fear of people who have plastic surgery done. Either the results weren’t as good or as noticeable as they expected, or it actually ended up making them look worse.


Scarring is also another common issue with plastic surgery. In some cases, it can be controllable, but in others, it could be because the procedure was poorly performed by the surgeon. Scarring can be kept under control by having a proper diet, following the doctor’s instructions, and not smoking during recovery.

Numbness or Nerve Damage

Another very serious risk of plastic surgery is nerve damage, numbness, or facial paralysis. Nerves can suffer some damage during procedures, which can lead to partial paralysis and an inability to show expression. In other cases, it can result in a drooping of the mouth or eyes.


A hematoma is when blood starts collecting outside of the blood vessels, leading to a bruise or a protrusion. Bruises will often be swollen with a visible pocket of blood under them. Hematomas can range from benign to serious, to the point where it could hinder blood flow and lead to severe pain. In the case of severe hematomas, surgeons will usually remove any excess blood using a syringe or another tool.

What Can Be Done in Case of Complications?

There are some cases when complications are out of the doctor’s control and just part of the procedure. For instance, you cannot sue a doctor simply because you didn’t like the results. However, if you have suffered an injury as a result of the procedure, were the victim of a mistake during anaesthesia, or were misdiagnosed for another condition that could’ve to lead to complications, then you can seek compensation.

Other cases include if you weren’t taken care of properly during, before and after the procedure, plastic surgery errors, or not being given proper aftercare recommendations. In all of these cases, you could be eligible for compensation.

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Plastic surgery complications are something no one wants to have to deal with, but something which you have to consider. Make sure that you are aware of what they are, and what to do if you feel you were the victim of a poorly performed procedure.