7 Methods To Protect Yourself From Air Pollution!

Air Pollution

With the rapid modernization and rampant industrialization that the world is going through these days, keeping a tab on the amount of air pollution that is infecting the people is only increasing at an alarming rate. The days are getting hotter and more humid and the weathers are more unpredictable than ever.

People are definitely trying to be more sensitive to these changes for the health of their family and loved ones and are turning more eco-friendly. But since the rate of pollution has been rampant for quite some years now, it would be safe for people to take good care and protect themselves against the bad effects of air pollution on an individual level. Only then can they help achieve the sustainable living goals at a community level.

What is Air Pollution?

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Air pollution is caused by the release of harmful substances in the air. They are either released naturally or at most times are man-made. These substances and fine particles enter the human body through the air via the lungs and cause several health disparities. The most affected parts of the body are the lungs and the heart, as the pollutants enter the blood stream through the oxygen we breathe in.

These pollutants are released into the air via smoke, emissions from the industries and automobiles, burning of fossil fuels and several other factors.

Though not all pollution causing agents (pollutants) are harmful to the body as our human body is equipped with fighting some toxins on its own; severe or long-standing exposure to these pollutants will cause non-reparable damage to the body. Prolonged exposure to air pollutants can cause asthma, bronchitis and decreased lung function in people. It also increases the risk of underdeveloped organs, heart attacks, and even sudden deaths.

This is why it is highly essential that one protects themselves from constant exposure to air pollution and that can be achieved by making simple changes in health and lifestyle habits.


Here are some ways you can protect yourself from the harmful effects of air pollution

1. Avoid Going Out At Noon

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Generally, air pollution is at its peak in the noon when the sun is right up. So plan your outdoor activities and schedule to do them around morning or early evenings.

2. Eat Healthy

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Eating foods that are rich in anti-oxidants, especially fruits and vegetables will help you build a more stable and healthy immune system.

3. Bio-Mask

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There are times when you just cannot avoid being in a busy area or a heavily polluted area. In such a case, keep a bio-mask or a handkerchief handy and tie it over your nose and mouth. The pollutants though will not be completely obstructed from entering your system, will be filtered to a great extent hence reducing your risk of exposure.

4. Exercise

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Healthy living and exercise are very indirect contributors against healthy living in air pollution like conditions. Make sure to workout at least four times a day early in the morning to expose your lungs to clean and fresh air. It will help your lungs to function at full capacity making them stronger.

5. Air Purifier

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Your indoor spaces, like home and office, too can have a concentrated amount of pollutants in the atmosphere. To maintain and check that, you can invest and install an indoor air purifier.

6. Stay Dust-Free

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Keep your surroundings clean and dust-free because dust is a large contributor of asthma and lung related complications and is a less-known air pollutant.

7. Good Ventilation

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A well-ventilated place is better than stagnant air. The continuous air flow will decrease the concentration of air pollutants in the atmosphere

So, remember to be aware and follow these simple steps to keep yourself safe from air pollution.

7 Methods To Protect Yourself From Air Pollution