If you’re the type of person that gets invited to a lot of functions, you have to have the wardrobe to go with it. However, if socializing is your specialty and fashion isn’t, then we have some help for you. Read on to find out the proper attire to wear to any occasion.

Cocktail: Cocktail parties are elegant affairs that typically cater to adults and take place during the evening or nighttime. They often feature a jazz or brass band. Although sophistication is a must at these events, they are not necessarily the most formal occasions. Outfits that are recommended are as follows.

Women: Women should wear shorter dresses with some amount of detail. The little black dress can be perfect for an occasion like this although you should go with a color and style that is suited to your taste and look.

Men: Men do not need to wear a full suit but can opt instead for a jacket over a button front and jeans. Ties are optional.

Lounge Events: These events are more casual. They typically take place during the daytime and can include breakfasts and brunches.

Women: Women should avoid looking overly glamorous or sexy. Think of something cute and fashionable like a short-sleeved dress or sundress.

Men: For events like these, men can forgo the suit-wearing slacks or a nice pair of jeans with a button front shirt, dressy tee or sweater.

Corporate Events: Corporate events can include fundraisers, business lunches, holiday parties and more. Here you want to look professional but add a little something that shows you want to take it out of the office.

Women: Once again, women should avoid being overly sexy or glamorous. However, anything goes from cute to sleek. Think of creating a neat look with a dress that has clean lines and comes mid-thigh or below. Pencil skirts and slacks can also make for elevated professional looks.

Men: It is best to stick with a suited look at corporate events. However, if the event isn’t too formal, you can get away with pairing your shirt and jacket with a pair of jeans. A tie may or may not be necessary.

County Club Looks

These looks aren’t specific to events that take place at country clubs but can also be perfect for vacation days, dinner at a friend’s house or a night out at a nice restaurant.

Women: Women might wear a nice, colorful t-shirt,blouse or polo shirt. Pair it with a flouncy skirt or a  pair of fitted slacks and keep accessories minimal.

Men: Men can wear a polo shirt with khaki pants accessorized with leather shoes and a belt.

Wedding: The wedding attire you choose can vary depending on the formality of the wedding. However, outfits will always be on the dressy side. Here are some basic guidelines.

Women: In general, cocktail dresses will work for just about any wedding. However, if the wedding is more casual in nature or is held during the day, women should avoid wearing sequins. They should also stay away from wearing anything overly revealing and jeans or shorts are pretty much a no go. Most of all, they should avoid wearing white or off-white.

Men: Men will need to wear a suit to a wedding. If the wedding is casual, they may be able to forgo a tie or even wear jeans with a shirt and jacket. However, more formal occasions will call for a full suit and tie…and maybe even a bow tie!

Word to the Wise

No matter what occasion you may be dressing for, it’s important to keep comfort in mind. After all, most events will go on for a few hours and if you are uncomfortable, you just won’t have a good time.

Worst of all, what good is it to wear a great outfit if you’re constantly tugging at it to get it into a comfortable position. That’s not attractive at all!

An uncomfortable outfit will especially be unwanted if you decide to jump on the dance floor. Imagine how it will be if the affair you go to has a really great band and you can’t dance all because you picked the wrong outfit. It will ruin your good time!

Now that you have some basic guidelines for what you can wear to almost any occasion, you should be ready to head out there feeling confident and looking stylish. What fashion will you sport at your next shindig?

Marissa Bergen is a freelance writer from Los Angeles, CA. Passionate about everything from fashion to natural wellness, she especially enjoys writing about music and musical entertainment. You can find much of her writing on the Brass Animals web site.

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