7 Reasons To Quit Alcohol For A Month!

Go Dry!

Quit alcohol for a month? Why on earth would anyone want to do that? I know,  I know. I’m asking for the impossible here, right? But, all I’m asking for is a month of no liquor! It can’t be that hard to quit alcohol for a month! (Unless you’re an alcoholic, in which case you should get help immediately!)

Reason To Quit Alcohol For A Month

1. Love Your Liver

quit alcohol for a month
Image: Huffington Post

We all already knew that this point was coming! Give your poor liver a break from all those toxins that are trying to kill it. Instead of your daily alcoholic drink, drink a lot of water to help flush all those nasty toxins out of your system!

2. More Energy

quit alcohol for a month
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Sure you’re more energetic while the buzz is still alive but, how many hours do you spend ‘sleeping it off’ in the mornings after that raging party?

Skip that drama and witness what might feel like a new life to many of you! You’ll be surprised by how energetic you feel and the amount of things that you might actually get done!

Maybe you can now fix that window that your wife has been bugging you to do for the past six months, or maybe you can start that exercise routine that you wanted to try, now that you can wake up in time for it!

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3. Stable Mood

quit alcohol for a month
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Mood swings and alcohol go together even better than peanut butter and jelly! How about you quit alcohol for a month and keep all those heated arguments and baseless accusations to the side for a month, while you get your life back on track?

If you live alone, it’s all well and good but, if you live with someone else, they will definitely appreciate this change of heart, mind and more importantly – mood!

4. Optimistic

quit alcohol for a month
Image: John Patrick Adams

The whole theory of ‘drink to drown your sorrows’ is completely wrong! Alcohol only enhances whatever you are already feeling so, if you’re drinking when you’re sad then you’re only going to feel an amplified sense of sorrow!

Let’s try something new – quit alcohol for a month and instead opt for some yummy veggies. Vegetables help boost your mood and your self-confidence, thus making you more optimistic with life!

5. Blood Sugar

quit alcohol for a month
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Alcohol increases the sugar in your blood, thus making you very, VERY ill. Depending on what you’re drinking and how much you’re drinking, alcohol can actually fluctuate the levels of sugar in your blood. And, I do not mean this in a good way!

Quit alcohol for a month to help stabilize your sugar levels and bring things back to normal!

6. Motivation For The Future

quit alcohol for a month
Image: The Self Employed

Since alcohol makes you lethargic and gives you not-so-nice mood swings, you slowly begin to lose any motivation or hope for the future.

Try quitting liquor for a month and see the uplifting change it will bring in you. You will be motivated to follow your dreams and will also have the energy and right mindset to do so!

7. Body Cleansing

quit alcohol for a month
Image: eHow Blog

Finally, with the help of all the above pointers, you will eventually clean out your body from all those toxic wastes and give it a healthy new look! Who knows, with a little bit of exercise, you might even reduce that massive beer belly that you’ve gained!

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Tips To Help You Make The Best Of It

quit alcohol for a month
Image: Moore Perspective
  1. Drink a lot of water, get all those toxins out.
  2. Eat as healthy as possible. I’m not going to ask you to diet, but try adding just those few veggies and fruits into your diet every day. And try to cut down on the oil.
  3. Exercise as often as you can. Now is the perfect time to reduce that beer belly!
  4. Keep your calendar full of healthy things. One month without binge drinking or any drinking is a must!
  5. Get yourself a partner, someone who is willing to take up this challenge with you. It’s much more fun when you have someone else around!

Reason To Quit Alcohol