In this age where we can send emails and instant messaging, are construction Christmas cards still relevant? When was the last time you’ve sent Christmas greeting cards to your employees and clients? Online communication and social media messaging have become the most-used platform for sending Christmas messages and greetings nowadays, but nothing can ever beat the level of emotion when you send Christmas cards from That’s because it allows us to connect to people on an emotional level.

Sending personalized construction Christmas cards to employees and clients is a way of building or maintaining good relationships with them. It shows the effort you have in showing how much you appreciate them. It may boost their morale knowing that you cared enough to send them Christmas greeting cards.

So, while we only have 4 months left before it’s Christmas, spread the love and plan on sending Christmas greeting cards to your clients and employees. The cards don’t have to be expensive. You can create your simple greeting card, or if you don’t have the time to do so, you can order them at instead.

Why Should You Buy Construction Christmas Cards at

Sending construction Christmas cards is a way for you to show how much we appreciate your clients and employees. Tell them that you value their business by keeping in touch with them with a personalized Christmas message. Sending a Christmas card isn’t just a way to wish people a merry Christmas. It’s also an opportunity for you to start conversations which may lead to sales and growth for your business. Any talking point for you and your employees may cause the growth of your business. To do this right, you should buy the Christmas cards from Below are the reasons why:

  1. Ziti offers the largest selection of beautiful construction greeting cards. Ziti Cards offer a vast selection of construction Christmas cards, which feature original construction designs. These designs can make it easy for you to express your sincere holiday greetings and build solid relationships with your clients and employees.
  2. Ziti makes it easy for you to personalize your message. Using the online tools, the process of writing your message is easy, fun, and fast! Just select one of the many greetings available, or you can create your own. You can also choose from the selection of fonts and formatting options in composing your message. You may also add your company’s logo to build your brand. Ziti is always available to help you if you have questions with the card designs.
  3. Customer service is very friendly and reliable. As they say, customer service can make or break a company’s reputation. The good news is, Ziti Cards’ customer service is always happy to help. They are knowledgeable and take their time to assist customers. They know how to listen and are willing to work with you to ensure that your Christmas cards are printed the way you want them to be. They revise proofs as many times as necessary until you’re happy with your cards’ design.
  4. Ziti can put your idea on the front of your Christmas card. Ziti Cards offers an affordable way for you to put your ideas on the front of the construction Christmas cards. Just send them the sketches, photos, or describe what you want the card to look like, and Ziti Cards will take over from there.
  5. Ziti cares about the Christmas cards you send. Your reputation is Ziti Cards’ business. Their goal is to create beautiful, personalized construction greeting cards that you can send to your clients and employees. Not only are you able to build the bonds of friendship, but you’re also able to promote your business. If Ziti can offer easy-to-use design tools, then you’ll be able to create the Christmas greeting cards that reflect your appreciation towards your employees and clients. If this happens, you’ll come back for more. It’s a win-win for you and Ziti Cards.

Other Benefits in Buying Christmas Cards from

  1. Addressing and Mailing. Ziti can print your return address on the envelope you selected for free. Ziti can also mail your Christmas cards directly to your mailing list, or they can print the mailing addresses and then send the Christmas cards to you so you can mail them instead. To do this, upload your mailing list, and Ziti will take over from there. You don’t have to print envelopes or labels. Ziti will take care of it.
  2. Custom Artwork. If you choose Custom Artwork, you can provide the design of your choice, and Ziti Cards will print the design on your Christmas cards and envelopes. The good thing with custom artwork is that there are specialty fonts and formatting options you can use that aren’t available when ordering standard cards.

How to Order Your Construction Christmas Cards at

To order Christmas greeting cards, choose the card that you want. You may choose to personalize the Christmas cards or not. You can put your company name on most Christmas cards and print them on the outside of the card for free. You can personalize the inside of the cards with the text of your choice and your company’s logo. Once you’re all set, approve the PDF proof and then submit for checkout. You will receive your cards within 3 business days, or sooner if you choose to expedite the delivery.


Ziti isn’t just a provider of unique construction Christmas cards. It’s also known in America as the leading commercial partner. Ziti is an expert in printing production, order fulfillment, and marketing, thus, many construction companies love it.

Ziti offers a one-stop-shop which features all construction Christmas cards for construction companies. And because Ziti has a team of reliable experts, you’re confident that your clients and employees will be impressed when they receive your holiday greeting cards. What are you waiting for? Go to now and start submitting your orders.