4 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Have Multiple Sexual Partners!

One-Night Stands vs Aural Energy

Did you know that having multiple sexual partners can actually mess BIG-time with your aura? The next time you think of getting upfront and personal with someone, it would be wise to keep these few points in mind. What may seem like a silly one-night stand, could actually be pretty harmful to your body, whether you like it or not.

The intimacy of this level can cause the aural energy of both involved to intertwine. If you have multiple sexual partners, then this could be the cause of you saying, “I don’t feel like my normal self anymore. Why do I feel so different?”

Reasons To Not Have Multiple Sexual Partners

1. Negative Energy

multiple sexual partners
Image: Spirit Roo

Having multiple one-night stands could actually result in you absorbing a lot of negative energy and repelling positive energy. Since you do not really know much about the person you are sleeping with, you cannot really tell much about their aural energy.

To make things worse, most one-night stands are acts of depression or desperation (definitely not positive energy), which, even if you are exhibiting a positive energy, will get tied up with this negative energy.

2. Multiple Auras

multiple sexual partners
Image: Higher Perspectives

If a single one-night stand can do this much damage to you, imagine what it would be like having multiple sexual partners. Yikes!

Let’s not forget that without any proper aural cleansing, you will not only be burdened by these many various auras but, will also be intertwining these auras with anyone else you decide to be intimate with!

This is why it can be extremely dangerous for a married man/woman who is having an affair outside the marriage. Quite often the negative feelings from the mistress or lover (based on the feeling of not being enough for the person having the affair) may intertwine with their partner, and in turn, intertwine with the wife/husband.

3. Hygiene

multiple sexual partners

If the people you are intimate with are intimate with many others as well, then their auras need to be cleaned, as well as yours. If this aural hygiene is not maintained, then it could result in depression and a sense of a heavy burden.

Even if you have only one sexual partner, it is highly advised to do a personal aura cleanse at least once or twice a year. This will ensure that your energy remains hygienic and positive, and might even help boost your other half’s energy.

Keep in mind that energy cleansing is much like cleaning your body, if you do not do so regularly dirt will just keep piling upon the dirt that is already there.

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How To Clean Your Aura

Having multiple sexual partners can be a huge disaster. This is why it is important to do a proper cleansing every once in awhile. Here a few healthy ways to do so.

1. Swimming

multiple sexual partners
Image: The Bliss Project

They say that there is nothing like a vacation on the beach. This is not only calming and fun but is also a great way to clean your energy. The salts present in the ocean water draws out small psychic debris of your aura.

2. Epsom Salts Bath

multiple sexual partners
Image: Guardian Liberty Voice

In case you are unable to spend so lavishly on a vacation, you can also buy some Epsom salts and add them to your bath. This helps stimulate the flow of your energy and is also a great physical cleanser.

3. Reiki

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Image: South Hero Community Library

Reiki is an ancient form of channeling energy from one person to another. It helps stimulate your own energy and removes any blocks that may be present. It also helps clean any form of negative energy that you may have accumulated.

Warning: Make sure that you get a proper Reiki practitioner and not an amateur as it could be highly risky for both you and the practitioner.

4. Meditation

multiple sexual partners

Even the most basic form of meditation can help clean your energy. It is soothing and absorbs various forms of positive energy, while it expels all form of negative energy.

5. Creativity

multiple sexual partners
Image: Artsfon

Any form of creativity acts as a release of any negative energy that is inside you. This is why many people paint, draw, write or sing when they are hurting or feeling negative. It is a way of expressing one’s self and getting rid of any pent up negative feelings.

So make sure you think twice before being intimate with anyone!