Get That Diva-licious Selena Gomez Look!

Selena Gomez – Beauty Secrets

Selena Gomez is considered a fashion diva, having launched her own fashion line and her Instagram profile provides constant Selena Gomez beauty tips and inspiration to scores of women all over the world. Being constantly in the news for her on again off again relationship with Justin Bieber, she also has been setting trends in the fashion and beauty world.

A lot of us youngsters remember Selena Gomez as the bubbly little girl who charmed us all on the hit Disney series on television – The Wizards of Waverly Place. Who would have known that she would go on to become one of the most sought after pop artists in the world? All of 21 years old, Selena Gomez boasts of hard-core millions strong fan-base and a thriving musical career.

The best part about following Selena Gomez for inspiration is that her style is totally attainable. Her beauty secrets are no DaVinci Code and anyone who wants to copy her need to follow some basic steps to being flawlessly beautiful.

Here are some of Selena Gomez Beauty tips, strengths and the secret behind how she manages to attain them!

Selena Gomez Beauty Tips

1. Eyes That POP!

Image: Picky Wallpapers

The one secret of Selena’s flawless makeup face is that she emphasizes a lot on making her eyes pop. She has a few trusted products that she uses on a regular basis and uses to accentuate those beautiful doe eyes.

From the time she was a teenage star, Selena used the Maybelline mascara to elongate those gorgeous lashes and make them look fuller. Her favorite shade of eye shadow is the Mac Naked Blush. She also loves to play up with the eyeliners ranging from jet black to fun sunshine yellow on occasion.

She definitely makes a statement with gorgeous eye makeup looks that pop! (A definitely must–do Selena Gomez beauty tips!)

2. Luxurious Hair

Image: Celeb Mafia

Whenever you picture Selena, you picture her with luscious locks. She is a born brunette and has been true to her hair color while exposing it to very little chemical treatments.

Her trusted hair product is Ted Gibson’s hairspray which she religiously uses and carries with her everywhere she travels. Her regular hair care routine involves using hair masks on a regular basis plus deep conditioning shampoos and after wash conditioners.

Other hair products that she uses are:

1. Pantene Pro-V Airspray Strong Hold Hair Spray


2. Pantene Expert Pro-V Intense Hydration Shampoo and Conditioner


3. Pantene Pro-V Overnight Miracle Repair Serum


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3. Sleeping In A Burrito

Image: We Heart It

If you thought the steam room was the only way you could sweat your way to glowing skin, think again. Selena confessed that she wrapped herself in a burrito of sorts at a place termed as the urban sweat lodge. She dresses up in the coziest and thickest of pajamas and sweatshirts and wraps herself completely in towels. She then lies down on a bed for a duration of 45 minutes sweating the entire time.

This practice apparently led her to sweat phenomenally, thus increasing her heart rate, getting her blood to pump faster and giving her amazingly glowing skin. You have got to try this as it comes recommended especially by her!

4. Flawless Skin


It is a given that Selena Gomez has beautiful skin and is perfectly blemish-free most days. But, maintaining that needs constant care and a dedicated skincare routine.

‘Selena Gomez Beauty Tips’ swears by having a constant and a no-nonsense product that she uses all the time. The product Selena loves is from Olay. She totally recommends a daily face wash and an SPF cream by Oil of Olay. She also applies the Olay moisturizing lotion before applying her makeup for that added protection.

5. Fitness Routine and Diet

Image: Elle

Like any other young kid, Selena has a strong liking for all things junk! With age and being in the constant limelight, she has started to eat a little more consciously, limiting her calorie intake on a day. But, she still manages to stay true to her love for pasta, kit-kat bars, and snickers.

She manages to stay in shape with a mixture of cardiovascular exercises like jogging, running and a ballet-barre combination workout, known as the pop-physique workout. She balances her workout with a nutritious diet and manages to rock a killer body!

There you have it, the Selena Gomez Beauty Tips, to help you achieve that which you thought was not possible! And now, let us all take a moment here to appreciate the phenomenon that is Selena Gomez – A true Diva!