Seven Things to Avoid in an Office Attire

For someone with a job, they spend about half of their day cooped up in their workplace, making sure that their go about their job in the best possible shape and spirits and looking their best while doing so. 

No matter what kind of event you attend or places you go or work at, what you wear is going to make a big difference in how people see you. When you appear in front of someone, they always end up looking you up from head to toe and size up your personality based on it. That’s why they say the first impression is the last impression- so don’t go making your first impression appear unethical in people’s eyes, especially if you are a genuinely good worker. 

Not a lot of workplaces emphasise on extreme strictness regarding what to wear at an office. But even so, there are some hidden rules of work attire that you need to abide by even if your workplace is cool with casual wear. 

When you don’t follow the rules of adequate office attire, a lot of things can go unnecessarily wrong for you. Your boss and colleagues won’t take you seriously and label you as the person who has zero sense of style and will consider you a fashion disaster. Also, aside from coming up with negative assumptions about your work performance based on what you wear, your clothing isn’t just affecting you alone. 

An office is where people come to work and leave doing the fun part of life when they leave the office. If you wear distracting clothes at your workplace, others are going to look at you more which makes it difficult for them to focus on their work. This can lead to destructive relationships within the office environment. 

If you don’t want to be the person who gets negatively accused for being a clothing freak with no sense of decorum, learn more about appropriate attires for workplaces. And to start off, we suggest that you should get to know the type of attire which you should not have worn to the office in the first place. 

  • Graphic T-shirts 

T-shirts are allowed in a lot of workplaces- but that doesn’t mean you have to get the ones that are really graphic in their appearance. 

A lot of people get t-shirts that have funny statements or pictures that can be humourous for the most of the people at the workplace- but then again not everyone has the same sense of humour as you. Whatever is written or drawn on your shirt might not have been more than just a fashion statement or a joke but certain people might find it very offensive. And since a workplace is filled with different people with diverse backgrounds, your graphic t-shirts might end up offending someone in the wrong way. 

You should wear plain t-shirts instead that can look good and nothing graphic on it will eliminate the possibilities of someone hating on you.

  • Flip-Flops

As casual as they are and as relaxing as they make you feel, flip flops are one the biggest red alerts that are definitely not meant to be worn in the work place. 

Maybe it’s because of too much bare foot skin or the appearance of the shoes itself but overall, flip flops are considered to be highly unsuitable for workplaces. Even if you wear appropriate clothes but wear a flip flop underneath, you will look unprofessional which will undeniably make people assume the same thing about your work performance. 

Don’t make people judge your work without seeing it first. Get rid of those flip-flops and instead opt for flats with a cushion instilled in it to make your feet feel comfortable yet presentable. 

  • Wrinkled Clothing

Another red alert that symbolises an unprofessional work ethic- wrinkled clothing. 

We know that work can sometimes be over bearing-especially for the newbies. You become too tired from work and sleep-then wake up the next morning and don’t have the time to iron your clothes for work later that day. 

But despite all that, you need to have a presentable appearance in the office if you want people to take you seriously and not make fun of you. Make sure you plan a time out on the weekend to iron your clothes if you are too tired to do them on working days. This way you can keep up a proper appearance without excessively tiring your body out. 

  • Oversized Dangling Jewelry 

Here comes one of the distraction factors for the work attire. We suggest that if you like working with people, avoid statement dangling accessories at all costs!

The sound of a dangling jewelry will announce your entry in the office when you haven’t even made it to the door yet. Sure these accessories can look cute but not everyone will think about that for long. The noise that emits from these jewelry pieces as you move, can divert the focus of anyone working around you. Plus, oversized jewelry will make people look at it more which again, can be very distracting. 

If you are constantly disrupting the focus of a working environment with your statement accessories, get ready to work alongside people who will be harbouring a huge grudge against you for ruining their concentration of their work. 

  • Revealing Clothing 

We talked about dangling jewelry being annoying- but revealing clothing is even worse because it distracts you the whole time even if you aren’t moving. 

Showing too much cleavage or showing off your chest hair in the office isn’t going to impress anybody. If anything, it will have the opposite effect. Sheer fabric dresses, backless tops, sleeveless tops are a big no no when it comes to office attire. When you enter the office, you shouldn’t want to make your skin the center of attention. People wouldn’t respect your choices and your open skin will make eyes more focused on your body rather than your work performance. 

If you don’t want to distract people or divert any unwanted attention towards your body, avoid wearing revealing clothes. Instead wear button down shirts, formal dresses or long tops which are also stylish and really comfortable to work in. 

  • Heavy Perfume 

Now using a perfume is important before going out. It hides away bad odor and replaces it with a pleasant scent instead. But an excessive amount of it can be seriously bad for a number of reasons. 

People love having their own signature scent and love to flaunt it to anyone around. But sometimes the perfume you are so crazy about can be really overpowering to other people- especially the ones working with you. 

Some people can get allergic reactions from being exposed to too much perfume in their surroundings. There are also others who might not be able to focus on their work because your perfume might be hindering their concentration. Just make sure to put on enough perfume so that you smell good but don’t let the scent affect your work environment.  

  • Club Clothes 

Different clothes can give off different impressions. And a club clothing appearance can trigger some of the worst assumptions of all time. 

Wearing club clothing, which are shimmery in their fabrics, to your workplace implies that you spent the night at a club or a party and didn’t make it home to change your attire for work. This will spread unwanted nasty rumours about you throughout the office. Plus, your boss or colleagues won’t believe that your work has any professionalism in it no matter how diligently you work at your job. 

Avoid wearing strapless or glitter tops that are more suited for a party than a workplace getup in order to not give off the wrong impression of your work ethics.

With the right kind of office attire, you look professional, people will judge you more on your work performance rather than anything else. Plus, you can avoid negative impressions being made about you that can last forever even if you change yourself.