11 Excellent Short Hairstyles for Black Women that Will 'Wow' You!

Short Hairstyles for Black Women

Ladies! Long hairstyles for black women are pretty popular, but short hair styles for black women are the trends that are catching on! Embrace the motto of “Short hair, don’t care” as we bring you the 11 most hip and happening short hairstyles for black women. Urban hairstyles are a fad today and a lot of effort goes into finding the best short natural hairstyles for black women. But don’t you worry; we have the perfect solution! We have the latest short hairstyles for black ladies in a carefully curated list so that you look bomb every day. Pump it up or play it down with short length hairstyles and black hair updos and turn heads your way!

Womens Short Hairstyles

1. Box Braids

11 Excellent Short Hairstyles for Black Women that Will 'Wow' You!

One of the most popular cute short hairstyles for black females is the box braid. Embrace your roots (and show some off too) with braid hairstyles as you flaunt your natural short tresses with box braids.      

  • Micro-braids are still in vogue with versatile accessorizing, with shells, clips, and other paraphernalia.
  • Braided hairstyles for black women complement their luscious skin tone naturally.
  • Braid styles for black women can also be used for perfecting black weave hairstyles or short shag hairstyles.
  • Show off your scalp and its contrast with black hair braids or ombre looks.
  • Black braided hairstyles may take a long time initially to style, but require very little maintenance unless you keep tugging at it.

But hey, who wouldn’t want to stop caressing your fancy micro-braids? Cornrow hairstyles are in!

2. Afros

11 Excellent Short Hairstyles for Black Women that Will 'Wow' You!

Pump up every party with your wild side as you sport a natural afro which automatically turns heads your way. This is one of the best African hairstyles as it is characteristically comfortable as one of the short curly hairstyles for black women.

  • This might seem to be high maintenance but with the perfect amount of conditioner and hairspray, this will turn out to be a breeze.
  • Afro hairstyles for ladies are one of the most trending hairstyles for African hair as short hair for black women in temperate regions, especially black African-American hairstyles are dominated by this fad.
  • If you live in humid environments, this might not be the best bet for you.

3. Slicked Back

11 Excellent Short Hairstyles for Black Women that Will 'Wow' You!

Channel your inner business mogul and power babe as you slick your hair back and show off your gorgeous forehead.

  • Black women naturally have beautiful high foreheads and prominent eyes, which makes this look perfect for them.
  • This is one black hairstyle which will never go out of style as it works well for caramel skin.
  • Load up on hair gel or serum to slick back every single strand of hair to the top, and use contour and highlights to sculpt the perfect forehead.
  • This is one of the best short hairstyles for women as it emphasizes facial features without being obtrusive.

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4. Side Bangs

11 Excellent Short Hairstyles for Black Women that Will 'Wow' You!

Appear casual and laid back, but stylish at the same time with side bangs. This timeless style is one of the popular black girl haircuts as it is easy to maintain and is one of the famous cute short haircuts of the modern age.

  • Invest in a soft conditioner and comb which make your hair look naturally soft and comely.
  • Use hairspray to secure your bangs for those windy days.
  • This hairdo makes you look young and carefree, and works well even for bad hair days.
  • It holds its place in humid conditions too, making it a dreamy hairstyle in the tropics.
  • This look can even be incorporated in cute black hairstyles for medium hair, or cute black hairstyles for long hair.
  • You can experiment with colored options in this as well.

5. Curls

11 Excellent Short Hairstyles for Black Women that Will 'Wow' You!

What else says sassy and bold other than some beautiful curls? Curls frame your face beautifully and give it perfect definition. This is one of the most perfect short black hairdos as it gives you a unique look and goes with any outfit. Curls are also one among the most adorable hairstyles for little black girls, with black short curly hairstyles replacing long black curly hairstyles.

  • From red carpets to your nearby grocery store, curls are very versatile and go with practically everything.
  • Invest in hairspray to keep your ringlets in perfect shape.
  • Based on your face type, choose close curls or wide beach-style curls, or defined ringlets.
  • Embrace one of the landmark black girl hairstyles with finesse!
  • You can also experiment with colors here to add some life to your hair and outfit.

6. Bangs

11 Excellent Short Hairstyles for Black Women that Will 'Wow' You!

Look adorable as you flawlessly pull off the girl-next-door look with cute bangs. Bangs work flawlessly as medium length hairstyles for women and add volume to your head. Most short haircuts for women and African short haircuts also go great with bangs.

  • This works well as one of the most-worn prom hairstyles for black girls and can be flaunted by the young and the old alike.
  • Bangs are perfect for straight, shiny hair as they add definition to your face and draw attention to your eyes.
  • If you have a broad forehead you want to hide, bangs are your safest and best bet.
  • If you have dandruff or a dry scalp, avoid this hairstyle as it might lead to a spotty, acne-ridden forehead.

7. Funked Up

11 Excellent Short Hairstyles for Black Women that Will 'Wow' You!

Come alive as the ultimate party chick with a Mohawk as you turn on the heat! Give off some major biker babe vibes with this look which stays true to the maxim “Business in the front, party in the back”.

  • For this African ladies haircut, you can either let the hair to the side grow and stay a specific level and focus on the hair you want to let loose, or you can buzz the hair to a bare minimum to get maximum attention on your Mohawk.
  • Experiment with rad colors and shades for that extra oomph factor, as you try latest African hairstyles.
  • This looks works best with fabric like leather, but experiment with gowns and sundresses.
  • Multiple piercings and sleek eye makeup work great with this black hairstyle.
  • This look combines the versatility of very short haircuts for black women with the added style quotient of a Mohawk.
  • African-American short hairstyles for women like Mohawks work well as black kids’ hairstyles and black ladies hairstyles.

8. Rounded Bob

11 Excellent Short Hairstyles for Black Women that Will 'Wow' You!

Look classy and chic with black bob hairstyles which beautifully frame your face.

  • This style is perfect for women with diamond or heart shaped faces as it adds shape to your face and gives it some definition.
  • Women with straight hair can opt for this black ladies hair cut as it is necessary for your tresses to fall evenly in one straight line.
  • Short hairstyles for black hair are unimaginable without cute bobs, to emphasize ladies short hairstyles for black women.
  • Invest in a quality hair straightening shampoo and a flat iron so that you can achieve a flawless bob every time.
  • This black hairstyle works well for all looks ranging from casual chic to elegant royal to powerful business mogul.

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9. Tousled

11 Excellent Short Hairstyles for Black Women that Will 'Wow' You!

Messy hair can look effortlessly beautiful if styled the right way. Even bed hair can look gorgeous with the right styling.

  • Give your hair a break from products as you embrace a natural look with ethnic hairstyles for short hair.
  • Wash your hair the previous night and load up on leave-on conditioner for a soft look to keep morning blues away, to try such black female hairstyles.
  • Brush your hair a few times with a broad-toothed comb to moisturize and condition naturally so that the oil spreads to every last strand, to maintain women’s short hairstyles for black women.
  • You can gather your tresses into a high pony and tease it, or knot it at the top to flaunt natural ebony hairstyles.
  • Experiment with accessories like clips, bands, and bows to show off your playful side with such new black hairstyles.

10. Undercuts

11 Excellent Short Hairstyles for Black Women that Will 'Wow' You!

They say your entire body is a canvas. So why not draw on it? Nothing is more art nouveau than a fancy sketch on your scalp.

  • Undercuts are becoming extremely popular as short haircuts for African-American women as more women embrace this low haircut for black ladies.
  • Style a Picasso into your hair, or go symmetrical with exotic patterns on your scalp.
  • Asymmetrical streaks of color and undercuts are greatly catching on as a happening trend on the high streets of fashion, with the women of today embracing their auras and styles and choosing African haircuts for ladies.
  • Tribal patterns, sleek lines, floral curves, arrows and even tattoo designs are in vogue today for black people short haircuts.
  • Undercuts define a strong, bold woman who knows her needs and is proud of herself in all her glory.

11. Pixie

11 Excellent Short Hairstyles for Black Women that Will 'Wow' You!

Show off your wild side with a pixie bob today! Pixie cuts are a delight to maintain as they practically take care of themselves.

  • Black women are naturally blessed with shapely scalps; what better way to show that off than with a rocking pixie cut?
  • This is one of the popular short hairstyles for women over 40 as it is super easy to maintain.
  • This is one among the very short black hairstyles, and the look can be achieved with scissors, trimmers or razors.
  • Short haircuts for black women grab eyeballs and turn heads.
  • This look works well with natural or tinted tresses.
  • You can complement your chocolate skin with a dark pixie cut or stand out with platinum blonde hair.
  • Short haircuts for African-American women are incomplete without a pixie cut at some point in time.
  • You can even go for some defense action with a military buzz cut!

Maintenance Hacks for Short Hair

Women’s short haircuts are pretty easy to maintain if you follow a few basic instructions:

  • Use a conditioner to keep African hair style tangle-free.
  • Even short hair cuts for black women are still viable to split ends. Keep trimming the edges of your hair to avoid split ends.
  • Buy a good quality hair spray to keep your hair in place, as you don’t want strays and strands to stick up at weird angles.
  • Wash your hair often, as short hair needs care too. Use natural ingredients and herbal shampoos.
  • Wash your hair at least twice a week to maintain African ladies hairstyles.
  • Use DIY hair masks to keep your hair shining and break-free.
  • Remember to wash off the hairspray before you go to bed.
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African-American short hairstyles for women have become increasingly popular on the global forum as more and more women embrace their heritage and show off their assets. Black women haircuts are appreciated and admired world over, with black people hairstyles for short hair being replicated and shown off from runways to the streets. Let us know in the comments below about which

Let us know in the comments below about which black haircuts you loved the most, and which ones you’re going to try. Flaunt those locks, ladies!