Who is a mother? How do we define her? You must be thinking this is the easiest and most common question of this world. Everyone knows the answer right! She is a woman, and she is the one who gave birth to you. Is this the only definition of a mother? Can we spare a minute and think who a mother is? We believe we have better clarity on her:

She is a woman who keeps you in her womb for nine months, goes through many pains, body change, and irritation and gives birth to you. She is the one person who cradles you in her arm even if you hung up her phone whenever she called. She is the one who gets hurt when you leave her food on the table to have delicious pizza or subway foods with your friend. She still loves you whenever you ignore her words in front of your friends to look cool. Even she loves you when you insult her because she has asked you to stay safe from this evil world. No matter how much you do anything wrong or ignore her, she will always love you as her child. This is what a mother is, goes through a lot even when we see her smiling and never utter a word even she is in pain.

So people of this world dedicated a day for Mother’s day. On this day more than 40+ countries honour their mother and motherhood. Though one day is not enough to show love and care for mothers. But this one day is something special. It’s her day to get loved, pampered, demand what she wants and many more. On this day we show respect, honour, love, to them. This day we remember the importance and significance of mothers in our life.

Mother’s day is celebrated every year on 2nd Sunday of May. This year mother’s day is on the 12th of May. This day is observed all over many countries with lots of love and lots of gifts for mothers. Mom deserves the best this year. Here we are sharing a list of gifts which you can give to your mom and make her feel special:

  1. Handwriting bracelet with her name etched upon the bracelet in your handwriting
  2. Bouquet with cards and Cadburys
  3. Photo collage: this can be a family photo collage or your and mom’s photo since the day you have bornt till now. A photo collage can be one of the best gifts she can have.
  4. Any bonsai tree
  5. Handcrafted items or showpieces which she can use for decorating the house. As we know most mothers love decorating home with all new handicrafts and pieces of furniture.
  6. Hand-painted a mug or a set of cutlery which she wanted to buy since a long, long time
  7. You can also gift her cookbook if she loves cooking. As far as we know every mom loves cooking and experimenting with foods.
  8. Photo necklace, a photo can be of you and your moms or family photo which she will be able to keep close to her heart.
  9. Garden stones. You get colourful stones now a day to decorate a garden or the pathway to the home. You can give her colourful rocks as a gift if gardening is her hobby. She will love it.
  10. Get some dining set to the table which will bring happiness in her face. She will be able to experiment by exchanging it with a regular set, or can take it out when guests are around.

These are a couple of gifts which you can choose from on this mother’s day. Mother’s day is just around the corner. Look for varieties; she will love it. Do not forget to wish your mom this year and pamper her.