The Earliest Signs And Symptoms Of Pregnancy!

The Initial Symptoms of Pregnancy

Most women who are expecting to become pregnant usually misinterpret almost every symptom as the earliest signs of pregnancy. It begins when they miss their periods. You can actually feel the early signs of pregnancy symptoms of getting pregnant in the initial weeks of pregnancy. You might also experience them just after conception. Second-time moms remember a unique sensation like increased gas as first pregnancy symptoms.

However, several first-time moms miss these very very early signs of pregnancy. That’s of course because you can’t understand the earliest signs and symptoms of pregnancy unless you’re sure about everything. In this article, you will find out all about pregnancy.


What are the Earliest Signs of Pregnancy

Most women take weeks or even months to find out about their early signs and symptoms of pregnancy. Hence you need to know about the signs you might be pregnant.

Smells, hypersensitivity and pregnancy nausea are some of the common early pregnancy symptoms women experience in the initial stages of pregnancy. However, you also need to look at other common pregnancy symptoms which are not known to most people.

What are the Earliest Pregnancy Symptoms

Here are some of the most common signs and symptoms of early pregnancy

1. Increased Gas

The Earliest Signs And Symptoms Of Pregnancy!

It is one of the signs you might be pregnant. Being gassy doesn’t cause many problems when you’re all alone watching TV or chatting on social media. However, it becomes a problem when you are around lots of people on a regular basis, for instance, you are attending college or office.

Although no one wants to be gassy, you have to deal with this first pregnancy sign. And, you have to expect flatulence during the coming 9 months.

2. Sore Breasts

The Earliest Signs And Symptoms Of Pregnancy!

Have you recently noticed problems with your bra? Possibly, your sore boobs is one of the beginning signs of pregnancy. Tenderness of breast is one of the first symptoms of being pregnant. However, several women confuse the similar symptom of their periods with immediate signs of pregnancy.

Pain in the breast is one of the very early pregnancy symptoms as it starts expanding in the process of becoming capable of producing milk.

Pregnancy Month by Month

Here are the three pregnancy trimesters:

  • Pregnancy first trimester is from first month of pregnancy to third month
  • Pregnancy second trimester is from fourth month to sixth month
  • Pregnancy third trimester is from seventh month to baby’s birth

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What are the Early Symptoms of Pregnancy

1. Heartburn

The Earliest Signs And Symptoms Of Pregnancy!

You will notice digestive changes as one of the very early signs of conception. Have you suddenly felt a burning sensation in your chest? Don’t consider it as a usual thing you noticed after having your tea or coffee. It is probably signs of early pregnancy.

If you feel a burning sensation as soon as you bend down, then it is a heartburn sign. You can surely remove of the pain by having an antacid, however, stay away from some foods like citrus fruits.

2. Abdominal Bloating

The Earliest Signs And Symptoms Of Pregnancy!

Are you getting the unusual feeling that your clothes have snugged at the waistline? Have you gained any weight? Can you notice any problem in zipping it up because of a pregnant belly? Maybe, it is because your periods are approaching or you ate lots of fatty foods recently. If not, it might be one of the early stages of pregnancy signs.

Changes in hormones usually leave a woman feeling bloated during periods and pregnancy time. Try on one of your recently bought jeans.

3. Lower Pelvic Cramping

The Earliest Signs And Symptoms Of Pregnancy!

Pelvic cramping can be some early signs of pregnancy. If you thought that by becoming pregnant, you can say goodbye to cramps, you are wrong. It can cause light cramps in the first stage of pregnancy.

4. Fullness

The Earliest Signs And Symptoms Of Pregnancy!

The uncommon feeling “fullness” is one of the signs of being pregnant. Usually, women experience this feeling before periods too. Hence, most of the new moms miss this symptom.

5. A Missed Period

The Earliest Signs And Symptoms Of Pregnancy!

Most women are aware of the fact that a missed period can be one of the top signs of pregnancy. This is the earliest pregnancy symptom you can notice while becoming pregnant for the first time. It is one of the early signs of being pregnant. However, some of the women don’t keep track of their periods and some of their timings may also vary, making it difficult for them to come to any conclusion.

6. Food Aversions

The Earliest Signs And Symptoms Of Pregnancy!

Are you feel repelled by the smell of coffee or bologna sandwich? It is a common feeling found in most pregnant women. It can not be said with surety, however, it might be because of the ever increasing estrogen in their system. Most of your favorite foods will turn repulsive to you. It is one of the first signs your pregnant.

7. Mood Swings

The Earliest Signs And Symptoms Of Pregnancy!

Every woman during periods and pregnancy experience major mood swings. Hence, mood swings are the major signs and symptoms of early pregnancy for all the women expecting it. This usually happens because of the changes in the hormones that affect their neurotransmitters. The behavior and response may differ from person to person.

Some of them might become over emotional, others might become worried and depressed.

Note: In case you are experiencing depression, don’t harm yourself, instead seek help from your loved ones or from a health care provider.

8. Frequent Urination

The Earliest Signs And Symptoms Of Pregnancy!

Just after becoming pregnant, women experience an event of a huge chain of hormonal changes and, frequently urinating is one the major signs and symptoms of early pregnancy. These events usually increase blood rate flow from your kidneys. And, as your bladder starts filling up more quickly, you have to urinate more often.

Your urge to urinate will increase with time. Blood volume will also increase during pregnancy. It will result in more fluid. Frequent urination might be one of the most infamous signs that you are pregnant.

9. Fatigue

The Earliest Signs And Symptoms Of Pregnancy!

Are you suddenly feeling tired or exhausted? It can’t be said with surety, however, pregnancy fatigue might be caused because of increasing hormone progesterone levels. It will make you feel sleepy. Morning sickness and frequent urination can also add to this sluggishness.

10. High Basal Body Temperature

The Earliest Signs And Symptoms Of Pregnancy!

You should regularly chart your basal body temperature. If you find that it has stayed elevated for over 2 weeks, then likely you are pregnant.

Pregnancy Tips

You should try to stay hydrated and ease up on too much salt. These are good habits to extra bloating. You should do this even if you are not pregnant. However, you might also want to get an online pregnancy test.

When to take Pregnancy Test?

The Earliest Signs And Symptoms Of Pregnancy!

The only time you can rely on them is one week after missing your periods. Till then, keep an eye on all pregnancy symptoms of an early pregnancy as the baby might be in developing stage. After getting a positive result, you must immediately contact a doctor for guidance and health check up.

Pregnancy Test Results

Am I pregnant? No symptoms of pregnancy? Taking an early pregnancy test is the next step. Your missed period negative pregnancy test is why you should try checking the earliest pregnancy signs week by week.

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What are the First Symptoms of Pregnancy

Here are some signs of pregnancy or rather side effects of pregnancy which you will surely start experiencing from pregnancy symptoms week 1.

  • A Backache: A backache is commonly found in pregnant women as very early symptoms of pregnancy.  They generally deal with lower back pain, around the buttocks and lower legs. You should avoid standing for long hours.
  • Constipation: It is a normal sign and symptom of pregnancy and post-pregnancy months as the body requires lots of water for breastfeeding.
  • Leg Cramps: Pregnant women usually experience cramps in the thighs, feet, and calves. You will usually deal with it at night in the later part of pregnancy months. Hence, you will stay awake because of sharp and aching pain.
  • Dizziness / Faintness: Avoid standing quickly or standing for long hours especially in the summer months. It is usually caused because of brain lacking proper blood supply. Blood generally gets pooled in the legs when you stand for long hours.
  • Fluid Retention: Particularly in the summer months, pregnant women suffer from swelling in their lower limbs.
  • Haemorrhoids / Piles: Pregnant women suffer from it because of a blend of progesterone calming the blood vessels and pressure from the maturing uterus.
  • High Blood Pressure / Hypertension: You should always keep a check on your rising blood pressure. Your blood pressure crosses normal levels because of your pregnancy. Make sure it doesn’t rise seriously high.
  • Insomnia and Varicose Veins: Some of the pregnant women might experience varicose veins in the legs, anus or vulva. You must relax during pregnancy months. Get massages, warm baths, and tea. You should also read books and watch television.
  • Low Iron: Pregnant women commonly suffer from low iron. You can feel tired and it is very important to maintain iron levels even after post-pregnancy.
  • Morning Sickness: Some pregnant women suffer mild nausea while others have to deal with regular vomiting which can be serious. It usually happens when they skip their lunch or dinner.
  • Rib Pain / Soreness: Pregnant women usually suffer from sore and tender ribs. The condition may vary from mild to extreme. They feel it generally on the right side around the lower side of the breasts. It will hurt more in a sitting position.

Weird Pregnancy Symptoms

Most women know about pregnancy facts that the chest burns. You might experience early pregnancy cramps. You will feel lightheaded or dizziness as the pregnancy symptoms at 5 weeks.

Bleeding Pregnancy

The Earliest Signs And Symptoms Of Pregnancy!

You will not have your period during pregnancy. If find yourself face-to-face with heavy bleeding during pregnancy. Call your doctor immediately. He/she will take action based on your situation.

Is Spotting during Pregnancy different from Bleeding during Pregnancy?

Spotting is close to the bleeding you have at the very starting/ending of periods. It differs as spotting is more often experienced rather than heavy bleeding. Neither are good for your pregnancy.

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Pregnancy Week by Week Calendar

Find out – When is your pregnancy due date? Ask your doctor about the expected delivery date (EDD). You can expect around 40 weeks after your last periods.

You can also track your due date using a pregnancy calculator.

*Disclaimer: The information provided may be subject to change. Please consult your doctor if you feel that you might be pregnant. The information provided might differ from person to person. The author and the website will not be responsible for any damage caused.

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