Lip Makeup to hide a double chin

Finding and applying make-up can sometimes be a real hassle. If used appropriately, make-up can help cover flaws and most of your skin defects and conditions and leave your skin looking and feeling flawless. Skin conditions can arise from sunburns, acne, black spots, skin discolorations, wrinkles, etc. Applying No Poreblem Primer helps to improve your beauty and have you looking beautiful and classy. It can also help to boost your confidence around other people. However, primer applications can also go wrong if you don’t follow the precise instructions of applying them. There is always the chance that you make one or two mistakes that spoil your whole make up. Anyone can make such mistakes which can end up spoiling their faces or even contribute to other skin conditions. And sometimes, even the professional make-up artists fall victim to these silly mistakes.

Below is a list of some of the most common mistakes you need to avoid when applying make-up. There is no telling what the effects might be when misused. But even so, it’s best not to try and experiment.

Applying excessive foundation

As the name implies, the make-up foundation marks the starting base of almost every make-up. The foundation is the first make-up stage that other cosmetic items are applied. It works perfectly to cover most of your facial skin flaws. Thus, the need for it to come in many different colors. It is, therefore, essential that you find the perfect foundation that matches your skin tone and color perfectly.

Apply too much foundation comes with its fair share of consequences. For one, it can end up making some of the fine lines on your face be visible and make you look ages. It can also highlight wrinkles on your face and undo all the hard work you put into making your facial skin to look flawless. You should, therefore, strive to avoid applying too thick foundations. Go for the light, watery, loose foundations instead as they easily spread on your face and don’t have adverse skin effects.

Applying too much powder

This is the last make-up product that you apply on your face. People use powders to touch up and brighten the make-up that they have already applied. However, applying excessive power on your make up also comes with its share of negative effects. Too much powder can make your skin look cakey and strong which is not good. The powder can also block your skin pores and prevent the skin from ‘breathing.’ The powder can make your skin look more ‘plastic-like’ which is the opposite of what you intend. Not to mention you may also appear whitish or lighter at first before eventually ruining your make up.

Applying excess powder will only make your skin to appear painted and unnatural. It will be nothing like what you intended for it to be when applying the make-up.

Applying too much mascara

You do not want to fall victim of having too much mascara on your face. Mascara helps to highlight the lashes that frame your eyes thus making them appear longer. However, applying too much mascara especially on your lower eyelashes can attract the wrong kind of attention. If anything, it will make the fine lines and wrinkles around your eyes to be more visible. It is better to apply a minimal amount of mascara if you want to avoid such an incident happening to you.

Applying blush on the centers of your cheeks

Even the professional make-up artists fall victim to making such kinds of mistakes. Applying blush on the fleshy parts of your cheeks isn’t always a good idea. Instead, you need to apply the blush on your cheekbones. The best way you can do this is by sucking in your cheek to expose the bony part which is just underneath the fleshy side. Applying blush on the fleshy parts of your cheeks only make you look comical and funny-looking which may not be the image you intend to portray.

Using the wrong lipstick color

Nothing is as worse as getting the color of the lipstick you apply wrong. Your lipstick is what highlights your entire make-up. It is, however, still very possible to apply lipstick color that does not go with your face or the rest of your make-up. The type and color of lipstick you put on can either make your lips look too big or too slim. It is, therefore, crucial that you know and choose the lipstick color that fits your face and complements your entire make-up as well.

If you have naturally narrow lips, then darker colored lipsticks are great for you as they help to broaden your lips. The reverse is also the same for the broad or wide lips. It all depends on how your lips look like, and what you intend to pull off from the lipstick you apply.

Using dark-colored concealers to highlight your bones

Most newbies in the world of make-up tend to fall for this mistake every other time. Nothing good ever comes out of using darker colored concealers to enlighten your eyebrows. If anything, it can only make you look older than you intended. Anything that affects your eyebrows also tends to affect your eyes being as the two are so close together. Darker colored concealers can make other people perceive you as an older person as the concealers make your eyes look older than normal. You may, therefore, want to go for the lighter colored concealers and highlighters to apply on your eyebrows to look younger and more appealing. Lighter colored concealers also help contrast against your eyebrows more beautifully while complementing your eyes at the same time.

Final thoughts

We make mistakes in almost everything we do for the first couple of times. However, provided we can learn from these mistakes, we should be good. The same applies to make-up applications. You may want to be cautious and watch out for any such kinds of mistakes when applying your make-up next time. You will always slay if you manage to avoid such kinds of make-up application mistakes.