11 Simple Nail Art Designs You Should Know

Easy Nail Art Designs

Are you worried about spending hundreds of dollars in a salon for getting the perfect nail salon design manicure? Don’t worry, we have you covered. Your nail patterns say a lot about your personality and your style. They might seem daunting to maintain, but, it’s time to skip pre designed nail tips and get ready for a whole new type of glam with a few tips, tricks and hacks, they can look effortlessly stylish, with nail art best designs. Go through our list of 11 nail art patterns and designs that every babe should know to turn heads and be glam on the go!

1. Fruity Fun

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Cash in on that summer glam with some fruity fun nail designs. This can even be a super adorable nail designs for short nails.

  • The most common of all nail art design ideas is the watermelon design. For this, use a base coat of red polish, color the tips or base green and use a bobby pin for the seeds.
  • You can also use nail art stamping plates for cute patterns, or stickers of lemons, cherries and other fruit.
  • Use scented polish to make strawberry patterns for super-hot nail designs!

Other cute nail designs include veggies like carrots, and even mangoes, apples and other treats from garden fresh goodness. 3D acrylic nail art designs and other nail art polish designs are easily available online to funk up your fingers with 3D nail painting designs.

2. Flower Power

Embrace your girly side with some gorgeous flowers on your pretty nails for an instant glow-up. Such easy nail art ideas work well even as fake nail designs where you can try detailed patterns.

  • Use lace as a stencil or check out nail stickers that you can use on nail paint as nail accessories for artificial nails.
  • If you have short nails, you can use nail tools for intricate designs.
  • Fake nails or acrylic nails look gorgeous with this technique.

New nail art designs like using actual flowers or plastic variants (3D nail art stickers) for 3D nails are catching on as new nail designs.

3. Gotta Nail ‘Em All

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Bring out your fun side and woo your man with some quirky Pokémon-inspired finger nail art or even toe nail art! Easy ideas for nail designs that you can try out include Pikachu, Bulbasaur and other adorable monsters.

  • Just experiment with different colors and stencils. You can also check nail stamping patterns with latest nail paint design.
  • Nail art ideas for beginners include alternating red and white colors on nail and using black nail design paint or just a Sharpie to make a Pokéball!

Try out these cool nail designs to capture your man’s attention and have him wrapped up around your nails all day!

4. Lovey Dovey

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What better way to show your love for your man than on your fingers? One of the best nail art designs ever that’s very personal, yet come under both and cool nail art designs is to write cute messages in your nails!

  • Be it your S.O’s name, a specific date, the names of your kids and pets or a very special something planned (try out some kinky details too!), put it in writing on your nails as new easy nail art designs.
  • This look needs very little nail art tools like nail art brushes, a Sharpie and bobby pins.

You can try this nail art at home with minimum nail art products.

5. Newspaper Chic

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Keep up with the times on your nails, with one of the best nail art designs out there as you embrace new nail styles and nail art patterns and designs. Nail decoration ideas that are popular today include getting actual printed news on your nails!

  • Apply a base coat in a light shade with a gel nail kit or an acrylic nail kit, keep a strip of newspaper on it and coat it with rubbing alcohol, to get the desired look.
  • You can also use nail art pens or nail polish pens to write gibberish or actual news items on your nails.

Other nail patterns and nail decorations similar to this include painted fingernail designs with prominent letters on them, set in newspaper fonts and Gothic styles.

6. French it Up

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French nail art designs have always been one of the most beautiful nail art designs, but they are cool nail polish designs to flaunt. French nails always look classy and everyone is always on the lookout for French manicure nail art ideas.

  • A basic French nail design has two tones, usually nude and white. Achieve that look with some scotch tape and patience.
  • Check out gel nail polish ideas for beautiful nails with different nail manicure designs and try out different combinations and hues that contrast, for gorgeous nail art polish ideas.

You can even try creative nail polish patterns on them with latest nail art designs.

7. Polka Cuteness

Nail polish trends that are super effortless and super cute include polka dots.

  • Cute nail art designs can be achieved with just bobby pins, nail paint and some creativity.
  • Varying sizes of dots make your nails look longer, and serve as simple nail art designs for beginners.
  • A tip on how to design nail art would be to sketch the design on paper and then copy it down on your nails.
  • Another easy tip on how to do nail art designs is to get cute stickers or designs of bows and incorporate them into polka designs. Hello Kitty, anyone?

Art design ideas can be incorporated into matte or shiny nails with glimmering styles of dots, with a simple lesson on how to do gel nails or how to do acrylic nails.

8. Stripes and Ombres

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Stripes make for some super easy simple nail designs to do and super gorgeous to flaunt, as they make your fingers look longer and more elegant.

  • Such nail design ideas look difficult but are super simple to do, when armed with Scotch tape and acrylic nail supplies (if fake nails are your thing).
  • Go layer by layer and let each sitting dry out before you go for the next one, and don’t forget a generous layer of a top coat to seal the deal.
  • Painted nail designs in ombre are another popular trend, and this look of airbrush nails can be bought with pre-designed nail tips on acrylic nail tips, or you can bring out your own nail ideas and show off your creative side with layers of ombre polish on a sponge, which you can put on your nails.

9. Crystal Class

Nail art rhinestones are super popular now for some added bling to sass up your outfit. Glitter nails are a great fad too. Diamonds are a girl’s best friends, and what better trend than to sport diamond nails?

  • Nail art glitter is easy to find now, and you can even transform your matte shades with some glittery goodness from eyeshadows or nail glitter.
  • Don’t forget to use a nail dryer after this look as the glitter might fall off if dried incorrectly.
  • A popular nail salon design is to bedazzle your nails with Swarovski, which is a popular prom look to sport.

10. Minimal Goddess

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Go minimal and classy with minimal looks which can be achieved with gel nail polish or even acrylic gel nails products. Check out these different nail art designs achieved even without best nail supply online.

  • Be it a single stripe, a dot, an arrow, highlighted tips or nail beds, a single differently shaded nail or beads on a single nail, minimal is the way to go for ultra-classy, rich, low maintenance nail manicure ideas.
  • This look goes great with sundresses, gowns, and even jeans and a casual tee.
  • The versatility and effortlessness that goes into this style is what has made it super popular both in the runway and in the streets of high fashion.

If you think 3D nail art supplies are not your metaphorical cup of tea, this new nail polish design is your best bet.

11. Water Mosaic Glam

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Water nail art is very popular nowadays, with a smooth marble nail art putting Van Gogh and Picasso to shame!

  • Achieve this easy look with some nail art paint, a nail art set and optionally with nail art stencils.
  • Nail art videos on YouTube and Instagram have easy tutorials for such gel nail art designs.
  • One of the most popular nail polish art designs is to put blobs of your favorite colors on water, swirl away with nail art accessories or just a toothpick or a stick, and dip your nails into it for a gorgeous, ethereal look!

Another way to funk up this look is to use foil nail art or a nail art machine for futuristic glam in place of nail polish for nail art.

BONUS – Nail Art Care

  • For the best nail designs, always apply a base coat of white to make colors pop, especially while trying out neon.
  • Apply a top coat to secure stickers and patterns.
  • Top coats also prevent your nail art designs from chipping and falling off.
  • Use approved material on your nails.
  • Conventional nail polish removers contain acetone, which damages your nails. Do not use removers too often.
  • Soak your nails in warm water before you trim them.
  • Go for spells of not using polish to give your nails some breathing space, lest they become brittle and weak.
  • Invest in a manicure pedicure kit to keep your nails healthy and young.

Remember, ladies. It’s not just nail art with nail polish. It’s Art.

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